Travel Insurance for Luxembourg from India

Also known as the Gibraltar of the North, Luxembourg is the second smallest European country. However, this small country is packed with wealth in every aspect and is any tourist's paradise. Read on for everything you need to know about Luxembourg and its mandatory travel insurance.

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* Price shown is for a 15 day trip to UK with a 1 lakh dollar coverage for an adult of age 25 years

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Plans include Covid-19 global coverage

Plans include Covid-19 global coverage

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Accidental & sickness expenses

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Covers Loss of check-in Baggage

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Get Trip Cancellation benefits

* Price shown is for a 15 day trip to UK with a 1 lakh dollar coverage for an adult of age 25 years

Luxembourg Travel Insurance

With an area of 2,586 km² Luxembourg is a very small nation. However, it would be foolish to underestimate the treasures it holds. The country is extremely wealthy and has a very expensive cost of living and healthcare.

Luxembourg is part of the border-free Schengen Zone and hence has a different visa procedure for non-Schengen visitors, including Indians. Buying Luxembourg travel insurance is among the first on the checklist when you start planning the trip. Without buying this Schengen travel insurance plan, your visa procedure will not proceed.

Other than meeting this requirement, travel insurance for Luxembourg will offer benefits like cashless hospitalisation, cover for loss of baggage, burglary cover for home, emergency hotel extension, personal accident cover and a lot more.

Luxembourg City Sunset Top View

Fast Facts About Luxembourg

Categories Specification
Capital Luxembourg City
International Airports Luxembourg Airport
Time Zone Luxembourg (GMT+2)
Best Time to Visit May to September
Languages Spoken Luxembourgish, French, German, English, Portuguese

Key Benefits of Travel Insurance for Luxembourg

Take a look at different benefits of Luxembourg travel insurance:

  • Medical Emergencies: Covers a variety of medical expenses with cashless hospitalisation facilities in network hospitals. The insurer will also cover the costs of evacuation & repatriation if the situation arises.
  • Wide Coverage: Different travel insurance companies in India offer travel insurance for Luxembourg for a wide age group so that they can visit the country stress-free.
  • Baggage Delay & Baggage Loss: Trip insurance also protects you from any loss caused due to delay, damage or loss of checked-in baggage.
  • Trip Cancellation & Interruption: In case of any reason the trip is cancelled, the insurer will reimburse you for the losses as per the policy terms.
  • Personal Accident: The insurer will cover the insured for accidental disability or death. 
  • Third-Person Liability: The policy will protect you from any legal liabilities that you are accidentally liable for damaging a person's property or causing them harm.

However, these benefits will vary from insurer to insurer. Make sure to compare different plans on before buying one!

Why Do You Need Travel Insurance from India to Luxembourg?

Having travel insurance plan for Luxembourg is not a mere formality; the insurance plan is going to save the tourists from any exorbitant expenses in case they are in an emergency. Luxembourg is among the wealthiest countries in the world, with a high cost of living and healthcare.

Other than costly flight tickets, accommodation and money required to explore this country, an emergency forcing you to dip into your savings is bound to ruin your trip.

For this reason, every visitor including an Indian national needs to have travel insurance from India to Luxembourg. This will ensure overall protection and ease of mind while exploring this beautiful country.

Luxembourg Tourist Places

Luxembourg Tourists Places

There are many reasons to visit Luxembourg — the country is a mini microcosm of everything amazing in other European countries. This mediaeval country has impressive trails, with many international trails connecting it with neighbouring countries. Take a look at some of the best attractions in Luxembourg:

The Old Quarter

Also called "d'Stad", there is no better place to start your Luxembourg trip than the capital's historic Old Quarter. Once an impregnable fortress, it now has beautiful parks and has been laid with stunning gardens with cobbled pavements and charming ancient buildings. 

Luxembourg City's Old Quarter is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its ancient fortifications. Tourists will also come across many important landmarks including the Adolphe Bridge.

Walls of the Corniche

Also known for being the most beautiful balcony in Europe, these walls are among the best places to visit in Luxembourg. The walls are famous for the view of the beautiful valley and old town, which they tower over. 

The Grund has several buildings including a church and the ancient Neumunster Abbey. Some top attractions here include a convent, the Hospice St. Jean dating back to 1309 and the 17th-century organ dating back to 1720.


On the bank of Sûre lies Echternach, a beautiful town known for its surrounding woods, waterfalls, and several footpaths leading to stunning rock formations, a lake and lovely viewpoints.

Visitors from everywhere visit Echternach for its age-old dancing procession on White Tuesday. The town has ancient ramparts and old aristocratic homes that have preserved their mediaeval charm. The top attraction here is the Benedictine Abbey, the most significant basilica in Luxembourg.

The town also hosts its international music fest from May to June and has various boutique shops, galleries and options for fine dining.

Place Guillaume II

Among the best open spaces in Luxembourg City, Palace Guillaume II used to be a convent and has become a site for public gatherings. It also has the beautiful Town Hall and holds the city's iconic weekly market, known for its plants and local produce.

Tourists can explore the nearby landmarks including the House of Raville dating back to the 16th-century, the old barracks of Vauban and more.

Upper Sûre Natural Park

Naturpark Uewersauer is a popular destination in Luxembourg for water sports, ecotourism, wildlife and leisure activities. The natural park consists of narrow valleys, plateaus and the lake Upper Sûre. Tourists can visit this place via guided walking tours or on their own. 

Key highlights here include the solar-powered boat tours, a museum dedicated to the local area and the biennial Water Art Festival which attracts several musicians from all over the world. Nearby is the spectacular village Esch-sur-Sûre which was built in AD 927 and has several ruined manor houses, open throughout the year.

Visa Information for Luxembourg

Like all other Schengen states, visiting Luxembourg requires a Schengen visa for Luxembourg. Both long term and short term stay visas are available to visitors who want to travel to Luxembourg. 

As stated before, all Schengen nations need non-EU visitors to have valid travel medical insurance with coverage up to EUR 30,000. Those going for tourism purposes can stay in Luxembourg for 90 days on a short-stay visa. 

Depending on the purpose of your visit, you can select one of the following visas:

  • Tourist visa
  • Airport transit visa
  • Visitor visa
  • Medical visa
  • Study visa
  • Business visa
  • Work visa
  • Cultural visa
  • Sports visa
  • Official visit visa

The stay duration and the number of times you can enter the Schengen country will vary with the type of visa too.

Entry Information for Indian Citizens Travelling to Luxembourg

Indians who wish to visit Luxembourg can apply for a visa depending on their purpose of visit. The standard visa fee is EUR 80 and is non-refundable. They can visit the nearest Luxembourg visa application centres after they have confirmed an appointment there.

Following documents are required for a Luxembourg visa:

  • Valid Indian passport
  • Completed visa application form
  • Passport-sized photos
  • Biometric data
  • Visa fee (waived for children below 6 years)
  • Travel medical insurance
  • Details such as the reason for visiting, proof of accommodation, financial ability to sustain trip and proof of return (usually the return ticket)
  • Legalised formal obligation letter for reference 

Additional documents may be required depending on the type of visa opted or if the consular/embassy authorities require.

Travel Documents Required While Travelling from India to Luxembourg

When travelling from India to Luxembourg, ensure to take these documents:

  • Valid passport
  • Visa for Luxembourg
  • Government-issued ID
  • Proof of certifications (wherever applicable)

Luxembourg Travel Tips

Before you finalise your plans, keep these pro tips while you're in Luxembourg:

  • Since it is a very small country, invest in a good pair of shoes as there will be a lot of walking.
  • While it is among the safest countries for tourists, carry a strong bag so that there's less possibility of snatching.
  • Beware of apartment scams, don't rely on shady websites for home exchange or couch surfing. Instead, opt for a reliable service provider.
  • If you plan on driving here, be ready for exorbitant parking fares. Parking carelessly will fetch you heavy fares.

The Indian Embassy in Luxembourg 

In case of emergencies in Luxembourg, keep these details handy:

Address 217, Chaussee de Vleurgat

1050 Brussels

Emergency Helpline  0032-476-748-575 
Telephone +32 (0)2 6409140

+32 (0)2 6451850

Fax +32 (0)2 6489638(Chancery)

+32 (0)2 6451869(Consular wing)

International Airports in Luxembourg 

While Luxembourg is well connected through train networks, buses and flights; the country only has one international airport. Luxembourg airport is the primary airport here and connects the country with other domestic airports.

Currency and Foreign Exchange 

The currency used in Luxembourg is Euro. Here is the latest exchange rate to get an estimate:

Currency Exchange Rate
INR (Indian Rupee) 82.83 = 1 Euro
USD (United States Dollar) 1.09 USD = 1 Euro

Luxembourg Travel Insurance - FAQs

  • Q1. Do I need travel insurance for Luxembourg?

    Ans: Yes. Luxembourg is a part of the Schengen territory which mandatorily requires you to have 30,000 EUR travel health coverage. However, it is suggested that you should buy trip insurance even when it's not necessary as it protects you from many untoward emergencies and high expenses.
  • Q2. How much will travel insurance for Luxembourg from India cost me?

    Ans: This depends on your age, your trip duration and if you're opting for any additional benefits. Younger travellers are seen as low risk so their travel insurance premium is lower than senior travellers. Keeping these things along with your budget in mind, you can get an idea. Better yet, use a travel insurance premium calculator to get an idea about the cost.
  • Q3. What optionals can I buy along with my Schengen travel insurance plan?

    Ans: Almost all travel insurance companies in India have started offering optionals that can be used to customise one's plan. On a nominal charge, you can buy any of the following:
    • Home burglary insurance
    • Home fire insurance
    • Adventure Sports Cover
    • Pre-existing disease cover
    • Trip Delay Cover
    • Emergency Hotel Accommodation Cover
    • Loss of Personal Belongings Cover

    However, please note that not all the insurers offer all of these add-ons.

  • Q4. How can I buy the best travel insurance plan for Luxembourg?

    Ans: This depends entirely on what best works for you. If you are young, without any health conditions, then you may opt for any standard Europe travel insurance for your trip. If you need special benefits, then opting for a planning meeting those needs will be your best option. For a better understanding of the options available in India, head to to compare different travel insurance plans and select the best one under your budget!
  • Q5. I have high blood pressure; will I still be covered under the travel insurance in case of an emergency?

    Ans: Definitely! Those with pre-existing diseases can be covered under many plans that offer this benefit. In most cases, you will have to select an insurer that offers an optional cover for pre-existing diseases. Most travel insurance companies in India provide this benefit at some extra interest.
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