Places to Visit in South Africa

South Africa, also called as the Rainbow Nation, is the most visited tourist attraction around the globe. Popular for its unspoiled beaches, weather, local culture, and rich history made its presence in the tourism sector for several decades.

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    If you are reading this, we are sure that you are searching for the reasons and places to visit South Africa. It might be easy to say that South Africa is fun to explore, but there are so many things travellers can do, which might confuse you.

    Some people visit South Africa for its famous wine, whereas some people visit sight wildlife. So, where should you go? What to explore? Putting in simple and easy words, we made a quick guide about the top 9 must-visit destinations of South Africa that you can take into account. Also, some tips on SA travel preparation, documents to look for such as South Africa Visa etc. will help you in ensuring a secured trip.

    List of Places to Visit

    South Africa is pretty wide and has numerous beautiful destinations. One thing that you must consider while planning your trip is international travel insurance. However, there is no hard and fast rule to have one, but if you cover your trip, you can avoid those unexpected expenses that may arise out of a medical emergency or other travel-related risks. Well, let’s not deviate from the topic and check the top list places to explore.

    The places we have mentioned will leave you stunned with their eternal beauty, and activities.

    • Kruger National Park
    • Cape Town
    • The Garden Route
    • Kgalagadi (Kalahari) Transfrontier Park
    • Stellenbosch
    • The Drakensberg
    • Pilanesberg National Park
    • iSimangaliso Wetland Park
    • Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve

    All these destinations have traits that are fun to explore. For a stunning experience, you can explore the unspoiled beaches and have a great experience at many picturesque sights. Without wasting any more time, let's dig deep and learn about some of the best places that you can explore.

    Kruger National Park

    A location that we can recommend without a single doubt for the true eternal beauty is, Kruger National Park. It is one of the widely popular destinations among travellers and you can get a quality wildlife safari vibe at this place. It is the oldest national park and it is also the biggest one in the country.

    Putting it into a perspective, the area of this national park is about 2,000,000 Hectares which is about 20,000 km2. You can also sight the five rare animals at this place which are lion, elephant, leopard, cape buffalo, and rhinos.

    Cape Town

    Among the list of popular cities with a breath-taking vibe, Cape Town is one of the remarkable ones. This city is surrounded by nature and you can find lots of mountains around. The best part is, you get to enjoy the sea from the unspoiled beaches. Travellers can do plenty of interesting things here and the popular ones are to visit table mountain.

    It is a flat-topped peak presiding and known for the picturesque landscaping view. People with hiking experience will love to prefer this location. Hiking to the summit is fun. If you want to make things easy as you are with your loved ones or family, then you can consider the cableway. The view from the top is vistas. This destination is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage site.

    The Garden Route

    On the country's southeast coast, you can find the Garden Route. It is a 200 kilometres long coastline route and this destination gives you the best coastal scenery to sightsee.  One more thing, the route of this destination passes through the rolling green hills. A journey on the beachy side is mesmerising to make you feel relaxed.

    The best part while exploring south Africa is, you never end with activities to do. So, getting along South Africa Visa would be the optimal choice. You can go to tidal pools, and spend the evening there. The beauty of this garden is pleasing enough to grab your attention and make you feel at home for sure.

    Kgalagadi (Kalahari) Transfrontier Park

    While the number of destination that you can explore in South Africa is pretty wide and it takes many days to fully explore a single destination adequately. However, if you plan effectively, you can enjoy a destination within one day. But, it is not the same with Kgalagadi (Kalahari) Transfrontier Park.

    This park is large and it is located in the western part of the country. You can visit the most popular Kalahari Desert and explore this destination in a great manner. How? This desert is spread in two large countries which are Botswana and South Africa. It is one of the biggest conservation places around the globe and allows you to free yourself in nature.


    Stellenbosch is the most popular place that is covered by magnificent mountains. This pleasant place comes with a wide range of adventures like off-road scooter ride and tree-top hopping and others. If you are a car lover and want to explore Stellenbosch more, you would choose open-top sports cars. Apart from this, you can also do hiking at the Jonkershoek nature reserve which is quite adventurous.

    In addition, you can also visit the township theatre restaurant that offers delicious food and beverages. In this soothing atmosphere, you can enjoy music and traditional food as well. Another beautiful place of Stellenbosch is Winelands, covered with grassland. You can reach them by bus, such kind of bus service offered 3 premier wine tastings to visitors.


    The Drakensberg is famous for its tremendous attractive scenarios of valleys and mountains. Several visitors came around the world to explore this beauty. This place includes adventures like biking ride, Aerial Cable Trails, Hiking, Horse riding etc. Make sure to get yourself reliable international travel insurance to make it an excellent vacation.

    If you are an adventurous person, then it is the right place for you. At this place, you can explore the entire beauty of Drakensberg by doing river rafting, paragliding, Rock Climbing, Snow Skiing, White Water Rafting, Zip Line, Mountain biking, Ice Biking, Hot- Air ballooning riding etc.

    Pilanesberg National Park

    This popular National Park offered a variety of adventuring activities like Hot-Air ballooning Safaris, Game drives in open safari and bush walks. Apart from this adventure, you can also choose to do mountain biking ride, quad biking ride and archery. The numbers of activities that you can do are endless here.

    Moreover, you can visit the oldest village of Pilanesberg. Mostly, the people of Africa have their tradition and have the quality of dancing. Another mesmerizing beauty of this place is the Mankwe Dam Region, which is completely made by local personals. This beautiful Dam covers with variant and bright shades which attracts thousands of visitors. If you are a wildlife photographer then must visit this place.

    iSimangaliso Wetland Park

    Translating iSimangaliso to Zulu Language, it means Miracle and Wonder, which triggers the question, why this place has such a unique name. iSimangaliso Wetland Park park is situated on the North-Eastern coast and it is the largest estuarine system in Africa. This place is connecting interwoven ecosystem and there are eight of them.

    The ecosystems connected through this destination are coral reefs, lakes, croc-filled rivers, swamplands, towering coastal dunes, and savanna. Having all the beautiful things in one place makes it an excellent destination to explore with your loved ones. You can find more than 500 species in this park, which include loggerhead turtles, rhinos, leopards, and more.

    Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve

    A place with a beautiful river, Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve, has numerous things to offer. Boat trips are widely famous and travellers usually go for white water rafting in this river. You can explore this place via scenic driving routes. If you want to get the best experience, then there is nothing better than going hiking trails. There are some extensive trails that you can follow and visit this place.

    You can consider game viewing which feels overwhelming. While sighting this nature reserve, you can look for popular species like Rhinos, hippos, crocodiles and more. To increase the fun element, there are some Panoramic viewpoints which include mainly three rondavels, and there is a suitably named god’s window.

    Putting in simple words, there is nothing as good as South Africa in term of nature travel. While mentioning these places, we haven't talked about the culture and food. But, believe us or not, the food in South Africa is still cooked with the old tradition which gives a unique texture to whatever you are eating. From vegan to non-vegetarian, there are many impressive dishes to have you a watery mouth. If you are a student and want to explore the country for higher studies, make sure to look for your student travel insurance policy before heading on a journey in South Africa.


    • Q. What’s the best time to visit South Africa?

      Ans: Travellers can do numerous things during their travel to South Africa every season. The weather in this country is stable most time of the year and each season bring new activities to do. For game viewing, you can plan a journey during the winter months (June to September). Even, you can go whale watching in the winter season. Winters are slightly chilly here but it brings you a vast number of activities to do. While learning about the culture, their traditions, festivals and other things are possible in all the seasons.

    • Q. Why tourist travel to South Africa?

      Ans: Numerous things make south Africa a wild tourist attraction. Travellers on a vacation can head to the unspoiled breath-taking beaches for a soothing experience. If you want the best food, South Africa got you covered with their superb good and old wine. The culture is rich in South Africa and has so many quirky things that you might haven't explored through the internet. The travel to South Africa is family-friendly that's why most people prefer this country in their summer vacations. Even, there is the rich history of Africans that is worth learning about.

    • Q. Do I need travel insurance for South Africa?

      Ans: Having travel insurance while travelling to a foreign country is a great choice. It doesn't matter that you are travelling to South Africa or Europe, getting international travel insurance will cover you and keep you tension-free. You can travel without any stress and it is the major reason to have health insurance. Coming back to the questions, there are no guidelines to get travel insurance while travelling to South Africa.

    • Q. What is the top destination in South Africa for a honeymoon?

      Ans: If you are travelling to South Africa for your honeymoon, then there is a long unspoiled coastline with beautiful beaches. The best part is, you can explore the culture on these beaches, have refreshing drinks and try out the delicious seafood. The top places for a honeymoon are –

      • Franschhoek
      • Queenstown
      • Elephant Coast
      • The Garden Route
      • Johannesburg

      These are all the beautiful and prettiest destination that you can explore with your spouse and spend a beautiful time. To make your honeymoon way more interesting, you can go on some adventure and try something new.

    • Q. What are the top must-do activities for international South Africa travellers?

      Ans: South Africa has all the things from adventurous sports to cool looking safari rides. As you know that South Africa is famous for its wildlife and safari. So, you should not miss that. The other things that you must consider going for are:

      • The Pristine Vineyards
      • Ride the waves
      • Swim with the sharks
      • Hot Air Balloon Rides
      • Climbing Table Mountain
      • Bungee Jumping