Things to Do In South Africa

A treat to the eyes, South Africa, is no less than a natural wonder. Jewelled up in the astounding beauty from the sheer number of game reserves; housing a plethora of flora and fauna to the picturesque landscape. A coveted destination amongst tourists, it is always mandated to get travel insurance before heading out. Exploring an uncharted territory comes with its qualms, from unforeseen expenses to emergencies that can land you into stretching your pockets without actually enjoying hassle-free. 

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    Any form of disruption during travel can be safeguarded by booking a travel insurance plan online that acts as a pillow to cushion risks and financial losses you might endure during an overseas trip.

    South Africa's advancement as a modern hub paired with its reasonably priced tickets is a good bargain for travellers willing to get out of their routine mold. A comprehensive international travel insurance online policy is tailor-made to suit the specificities of travellers from all age groups. South Africa Travel Insurance is easy on the pockets, and the accessibility has got tourists hooked now more than ever. 

    Advantages of South Africa Travel Insurance

    South Africa travel insurance online covers emergency expenses during the trip. This includes travel insurance that covers a myriad of options as listed below:

    • Checked-in baggage loss is covered during the trip
    • There are multiple add-ons in the form of cashless hospitalization to providing a daily allowance to the insured 
    • A dedicated sum is insured with a guarantee to finance unforeseen circumstances for trip cancellations to flight delay 
    • South Africa Travel insurance policy also offers personal accident cover that can otherwise be quite expensive to pay off in a foreign land
    • You can choose from different international travel insurance plansto South including individual travel insurance, single and multi-trip travel insurance, as well as family travel insurance.

    Fun Things to do in South Africa

    South Africa is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. The place is bestowed with incredible offerings, with classic scenery peeping from every corner of this majestic country. 

    • Surfing

    The golden beaches are a haven for surf loyalists who want to get their adrenaline rushing due to the remarkable waves that frequently roll in. South Africa is also endowed with coral reefs stretching more than 150 km that are uniquely sub-tropical.

    • White Water Rafting

    The country boasts of immense options for white water rafting, which is bliss and is as thrilling as it can be and one of the best ways to explore the outdoors. White water rafting destination at the Western Cape is the most preferred option for a weekend getaway. The South Coast of Kwazulu Natal is another great option where you can opt for varied rafting levels from a three to a four, given the intensity of the rainfall. 

    • African Safari

    The country's rich wildlife is the only clue to why taking an African Safari tops the charts of what to do in South Africa. The multiple national parks to the likes of Kruger National Park, Addo Elephant Park, to the game reserves of Kariega, Masai Mara, and Serengeti, guarantee to spot wildlife at their closest best.

    • Hiking

    The Drakensberg Mountains are a top draw for adventure lovers,  which offers plenty of activities from hiking to cycling across the highest mountain range in South Africa that spans a massive 1000 km. 

    • Delving deep into the history

    A visit to Robben Island gives a sneak peek into the times of Nelson Mandela when apartheid crippled the nation. A UNESCO World Heritage Site is where the famed Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 29 years and led to the rise of the fight for democracy.

    Best South Africa Activities for Foodies

    In the diverse nation that South Africa is, there are plenty of options to try out for first comers. Trying the local fare is among the best foodies to engage in while on their trip to South Africa. However, you must be cautious while trying out the local food since any negligence might lead to sickness, and South Africa is pricey when it comes to hospitalizations. Hence getting an international travel insurance plan online is recommended. Some of the best dishes include:

    • South African Braai

    The best of the catch being a South African Braai. Meat is the most loved pick in South African cuisine. A traditional dish is more like a barbeque in South Africa which is a hundred times better than a regular barbeque. The cultural experience is worth the hype. Most braais are actual game offerings.

    • Cape Malay Curry

    Cape Malay Curry is another dish to die for that is an amalgamation of the traditional cooking methods that went into the making of this dish known since the 17th century. The Indonesian, Indian, Dutch, and French influences shaped what it is today, a dish running high on aromas from cinnamon to saffron to chillies.

    • Chakalaka and Pap 

    A lighter dish in comparison, the Chakalaka and Pap is a go-to vegetarian affair at any South African household. A dish that is best served cold with braai meat as accompaniment. Dollops of onions, carrots, beans, tomatoes, and spices go in making this starchy dish crafted to near perfection with white corn maize.  

    • Umngqusho

    A staple dish that belongs to the Eastern region of Cape of Transkei. The hometown of Nelson Mandela, whose favorite pick was umngqusho, a combination of samp coupled with beans. Overnight soaking is followed by simmering on a low flame before it is ready to be served with salt and butter for taste. 

    South Africa is a foodie's paradise with multiple food stalls lining up the farmer's market in the Western Cape that gives a lowdown on the culinary aspect of the country. Several activities are in the offing where enthusiasts can soak in everything South African, which includes:

    • Attending a cooking class for Cape Malay at Bo-Kaap.
    • Trudging the vineyards from Stellenbosch to Franschhoek while sipping on some of the finest quality of locally brewed wine to eat out at fine dining restaurants. 
    • Visiting the curry capital called Durban. 

    Beautiful South Africa Attractions

    The rich history and melting pot of several cultures have birthed a city known as "Cape Town," the oldest establishment in South Africa. A must-visit place that seamlessly blends the old and the new while it exudes a vibrant charm and uniqueness that you cannot afford to miss. There are plenty of attractions to visit, including the likes of Table Mountain to the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront.

    • Table Mountain

    The Table Mountain is the ideal spot to witness incredible views of the sunset showcasing the skyline of Cape Town. Situated at an elevation of 1085m, the place boasts of native plants, including the Protea and the Dassies that look scenic with the red and orangish hues of the sunset. The Table Mountain Cable Way gives a bird's eye view and is worth getting on a ride.

    • Victoria and Alfred Waterfront

    The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront is where modernity has intermingled with the harbor scenes that have paved the way for entertainment to take a stronghold. The lineup of restaurants, pubs, theatres, to curio shops, is proof. The place also boasts of attractions which include the Clock Tower, South African Maritime Museum, Coastal Seal Landing, to the Chavonnes Battery.

    • Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

    A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens is a breath-taking place lying on the eastern slope of the Table Mountains. 

    Some of the other major attractions include the Blyde River Canyon, Sun City Resort, to the Durban beaches. 

    • Blyde River Canyon

    Blyde River Canyon offers the valley's best views beneath and is revered for being Africa's second-largest canyon. The place offers stunning views of the waterfalls to the geographic phenomenon that boasts of multiple species of fauna. 

    • Sun City Resort

    Sun City Resort is South Africa's answer to luxury. Situated close to Johannesburg, the place boasts four hotels, a water theme park, casinos, safari adventures, golf courses, and a cultural village representing South Africa. The place is home to 7000 crocodiles' while the Pilanesberg Game Reserve is the most frequented in South Africa.

    • Durban Beaches

    Pulsating with energy, the golden sand beaches of Durban are the cleanest. The place is lively throughout the day, making it a perfect spot for enjoying the balmy weather. 

    Planning Your South Africa Itinerary

    Traveling to an overseas destination requires a lot of planning in terms of collating information. This includes jotting down several facts, which include:

    • Information on the Embassy

    During emergencies you can contact the Embassy. This includes naturally occurring events, from natural disasters to political incidences. The cases of passport theft or loss to any other related scenario must be immediately informed to the particular consulate of the country or the Embassy whilst staying in South Africa.

    Having thorough info on the working hours, address to the contact details ensures security even while being on foreign land. 

    • Procedures for Visa Application

    A South Africa Visa is a mandate before heading out to explore the country of many wonders. The South Africa visa policies and guidelines are simple, which requires only a valid passport citing the total number of days for staying on in South Africa. The passport needs to have a validity date lasting more than 30 days from the date of departure for entering South Africa. The South Africa visa online policy also lists leaving two consecutively empty visa pages while entering South Africa. 

    There are rules and regulations that brief on the South Africa visa policies while traveling across the yellow fever zone. A South Africa visa online enlists presenting a yellow fever certificate that cites the traveler has complied with the mandatory vaccinations for entering South Africa. The South Africa visa online also requests to showcase pre-booked return tickets while entering the country. 

    • Airport Information

    Knowing the detailed list of international airports can save end moment fright that is triggered by flight cancellations or disruptions. You can check the nearest airport to book the next direct flight to save time.

    South Africa Travel Tips

    Booking a trip to South Africa can be hectic with the innumerable clauses and regulations that almost put clout to finalizations. Family trips, business outings, a trip with friends to students traveling everyone need to get their South Africa visas prepped so as their travel insurance policies. Several aspects need to be checked, including safety brackets for travelers, driving precautions, and transportation to currency exchange. 

    • Safety Bracket for Travellers 

    A travel insurance policy assists in more than one way since statistics speak South Africa can be unsafe. The high crime rate urges on being vigilant. You can buy individual travel insurance, single and multi-trip travel insurance, as well as family international travel insurance. Despite this, in case of incidents involving students, the student travel insurance policy safeguards the risks arising from theft, injuries, a passport to baggage loss, etc.

    • Driving Precautions

    Leaving valuables in a car while driving is a strict no in South Africa. Any sighting of valuables leads to the vandalization of cars along with looting of valuables. Abiding by the traffic lights and not paying heed to the hitchhikers is the best way to travel forward. 

    • Transportation

    South Africa boasts of multiple transportation modes, including minibus, taxis, airlines, and rental cars. You can opt for whichever mode you feel comfortable riding in. Being not too flashy is suggested as that can attract an unwanted crowd or scammers. 

    • Currency Exchange

    South African currency is known as South African rand, and the denominations run-up to the likes of 10, 20, 50, 100, to 200. There are coins as well that are subdivisions calculated in cents. A higher denomination of a coin known as the Krugerrand, valued at 1200 dollars per coin, comes under several regulations by the government.

    A vacation or work, South Africa boasts of every reason to board your next flight and immerse into the experiences that this southernmost tip of the African continent has on offer. The right travel insurance plan offers adequate coverage even amid adversity.