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Travel Insurance for Greece, Plans starting
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Places to Visit in Greece

Greece is one of the best destinations for tourists to travel as the land was at a time loved by Greek gods. The discovery of huge monuments and other architect buildings is a clear example of something big happened in the ancient time.

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Greece is a paradise for everyone today for its numerous islands such as Athens, Peloponnese, Cyclades and many other which are really a bliss to explore.

Greece is the best place for those who love to know about the history and the cultures of other countries. However, it is advised to plan your trip well. Nothing should pose a threat to your excitement. And you can’t deny medical emergencies that could arise during your trip.

To add, a medical emergency can leave a dent in your savings as the treatment expenses are very high in the Schengen countries like Greece. Hence, you should consider protecting your trip with Schengen travel insurance plan. Moreover, international travel insurance is a mandatory requirement for availing visa. Apart from this, there are other travel documents and guidelines including a proper itinerary to roam around the country.

List of Places to Visit in Greece

Putting all the locations in this post would make things typical for a traveller. So, we curated the top locations that one can consider while visiting this ancient country. Have a detailed quick look:

  • Athens: Modern Vibes
  • Santorini: Hues of Blue and White
  • Tsilivi: Greek Beach Town
  • Mykonos: Iconic Windmills and Seafood
  • Chania: Cobbled and Narrow Streets
  • Rethymnon: Old Venetian Town
  • Nafplion: Land of Elites
  • Corfu: Storybook Land
  • Zakynthos: Pristine Beaches
  • Naxos: The Greenest Island
  • Cape Sounion: Home to Poseidon

During your vacation, the top five names in this list are must-visit. It would be an excellent choice to start planning a couple of months before.

Athens: Modern Vibes

Athens also knowns as the capital of Greece a place of powerful civilisation and empire. there are still some structures of the 5th century, which is an attractive landmark for the tourists who want to explore the history of Athens city and the Greek culture. It is although a considered birthplace of western civilisation. Athens was the first place to discover and implement democracy. Athens is not certainly too inexpensive or too expensive. It is up to the travellers how much they can spend during the visit in Athens. As it might be fun to try new things but having international travel insurance can keep you safe and eradicate the strain of your brain about travel related-risks.

Santorini: Hues of Blue and White

Santorini is the name of an island in Greece, which is famous for its whitewashed cube-shaped buildings. These look-alike a maze beautiful sunset and Starsky can be seen through seashore of the Santorini island. Santorini is quite expensive than Athens as each year more than two million tourists get attracted towards it in summers the price for a hotel room for a one-night stay reaches up to 250$ so it is quite expensive for the low budget backpackers.

Tsilivi: Greek Beach Town

Tsilivi is the best place for the people who like to party. People who love the Greek atmosphere would love to go there as there are traditional Greek restaurants. The best time to move out to explore the city is nighttime as the nightlife of Tsilivi is wonderful. There is no shortage of beach party on the island so if you like hitting the dance floor at rescue you can visit Tsilivi. When you are preparing for Greece, it is always important to get along Greece visa and travel insurance policy to secure your trip.

Mykonos: Iconic Windmills and Seafood

Mykonos is famous for its Mediterranean cuisine, fresh seafood, and mezze dining culture. Kopanisti and Louza are the famous dishes of Mykonos island. Along with Santorini, Mykonos is also considered the most expensive island in Greece. The nightlife area and beaches are considered the most expensive areas. Hotels are expensive as well.

Chania: Cobbled and Narrow Streets

Chania is a great place for people of all ages. It has a surrounding area full of lovely beaches such as Elafonisi, Falasarna, Balos and other mountain scenery that is spectacular to the beaches. The best time to roam around the Chania island is the evening time along with the waterfront. Chania is mostly famous for its Venetian, Turkish and traditional architecture. A single person estimated monthly cost is about 804$, which is quite inexpensive than in New York. Although Chania is reasonable for buying fruits and vegetables and other animal food products. One must note that the locals in the town offer travel insurance for Greece to ensure a safe vacation. Those who don’t carry that can approach them or buy insurance online to save extra bucks.

Rethymnon: Old Venetian Town

Rethymnon is the best picturesque town, which is full of narrow alleys, large mansions and beautiful Venetian ports. There is the most popular spot to visit, known as Rethymno port, which is lined full of cafeterias and restaurants. Even the seafront is perfect for strolls. If a person is in Chania, travellers can directly visit Rethymnon through flight. It has a population of more than 30,000. The Venetian old town has the building of the 15th century's,  which are stunning examples of ancient Greek architecture. It has a stunning location of the mountain range about halfway up the island coast.

Nafplion: Land of Elites

Nafplion is one of the most charming towns in Greece situated in eastern Peloponnese. According to Greece history, this place is also known as the first capital of Greece. Nafplion is covered with numerous beautiful sites, the first one is Epidaurus & Mycenae, which is popular archaeological sites. Next is Syntagma Square, the centre attraction of Old Town, the old name of this site is Platanos square. Archaeological Museum a historical museum situated in a Venetian Mansion. Boating, Tall houses, beaches make this place more attractive and mesmerized all the time. Autumn is the right time to visit this place.

Corfu: Storybook Land

Corfu is the most beloved place by locals and attracts many tourists across the world. Summer is the precise time to visit. One of the centre attractions is its Religious and ancient monuments. Hospitality services and the overwhelming welcome of local's is hard to forget. Village visit, Corfu town visit offers a fantastic experience to the tourist. Visitors must visit the Corfu's old and new fortress. Apart from these sites, Protector of the island, Saint Spyridon church enhances its glory. The views of the Mouse Island are phenomenal and the Achilleion palace, Angelokastro is a true gem and eye-catch sites of Corfu.

Zakynthos: Pristine Beaches

Another name of Zakynthos is Zante, a pleasant island along with natural beauty. One of the attractive sites of this place is Shipwreck Beach. Another eye-catchy site is Caretta turtle, a pure glorious place. Zakynthos covers astonishing beaches, like Agios Nikolaos, Porto Zoro, Gerakas and Kalamaki. While exploring Zakynthos, you can enjoy the refreshing drinks, their seafood, and cultural dishes which are mind-blowing. For fun and adventure, you can go on a riding boat, catch fishes and more. In simple words, Zakynthos has a ton of activities to do, and it is up to you how to begin.

Naxos: The Greenest Island

Among the greatest islands of Greece, Naxos gained an intense tourist attraction based on the fact that it is the biggest and greenest island. Travellers call it the second place to heaven as the sunset and sunrise are extremely beautiful. The true beauty of nature is admirable, and there are stunning seascapes to glare at. There is a stone-paved valley with gorgeous architecture, which make this place attractive. In a short sentence, this place has numerous beautiful things that can make you explore something different. Make sure that you don’t miss the archaeological museum and you can witness several landscapes from different routes.

Cape Sounion: Home to Poseidon

Last but not the least, Cape Sounion, is popular for the temple of Poseidon. If you are heading to Greece, it will be the right choice to visit the Temple of Athena. Travellers willing to learn about history buffs and Greek literature can explore many interesting facts. We will not mention everything to give you spoilers, so it would be better to explore the location yourself.

Different places in Greece make picturesque and many more different entertainment activities for the travellers who would like to spend their vacations in the history of the ancient European civilization. However, putting the remarkable landmarks on your bucket list would make things easier to explore the real beauty. This guide on places to visit in Greece will help you plan your trip as per your budget and make wonderful memories. As a travel tip-start your preparation prior. Apply for important travel documents such as Greece Visa, international travel insurance etc. to avoid the last minute rush.

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  • Q. Is Greece Allowing Tourism?

    Ans: Greece has made a list of countries that have recovered from the current coronavirus pandemic. So, if you are from the list of countries allowed to visit Greece can opt for a Greece Visa. As if you are a student, you can buy an insurance plan to secure your travel. Make sure to check your student travel insurance policy to have a great experience during your vacation.

  • Q. Why Greece is Popular for Tourism?

    Ans: Greece becomes a popular tourist attraction in Europe due to its rich culture, history, architecture, ancient buildings and more. There are 18 UNESCO world heritage sites in this country. Other attractions for tourist are Greece’s long coastline, beaches, Islands and adventure destinations.

  • Q. What’s the perfect season to explore Greece at its best?

    Ans: April to early June is the springtime in Greece and the weather in this period is optimal for travel. If you are willing to have a great journey, you can find that the temperature in the spring season is between 16˚ to 30˚C in this season. Exploring new locations, enjoying waterparks, and sunbath at the beach seems adequate when the temperature is this optimal.

  • Q. How much Does it Cost to Travel to Greece for a week?

    Ans: You can buy holiday packages starting from $1,500 for 7 days and 6 nights per person. These plans include flight tickets, a hotel, and a guide to help you explore in a better manner. If you haven’t been to Greece before, choosing a guide will make things easier for you.

  • Q. Is Greece an excellent destination for your Honeymoon?

    Ans: Among the popular tourist attraction for honeymoon, Greece is in the top 5 places. There are excellent hotels, accommodation is great, beaches are beautiful and the picturesque landscape will keep you amazed. If you want to try something different from others, Greece will feel like the right choice.

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* Price shown is for a 30 day trip to Greece with 50,000 dollar coverage for an adult of age 25 years

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