Things to Do in Greece

Greece also has many unusual and offbeat destinations. If you are looking to spend your holidays in enchanting sea destinations, with pristine beaches, stunning blue and green water, ferries, yachts, ships, Greece is a natural choice. Besides, it has plenty of interesting and intriguing traces of European history and culture. 

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    Travelling to Greece

    So, if you have travel plans to Greece, your planning should start with getting a Greece Visa along with international travel insurance.

    Here are 4 fun places to visit during your Greece trip. However, there are many more equally interesting places to visit and things to do. Do some research and plan online to explore this beautiful land. 

    Also, prepare to get travel insurance online for a safe trip. If you are a student, you can buy student travel insurance policy. You can compare and buy from different travel insurance policies that are available online on our site.  

    Fun Things to do in Greece

    Here are some of the fun and exciting things you can do in Greece:

    Kalambaka and Meteora 

    Kalambaka is a small town in Thessaly and serves as the gateway to a more famous tourist attraction, Meteora. This small town was completely burned down in WWII. But it was rebuilt and today it has a decent tourist infrastructure. Meteora has some of the most interesting monasteries. They sit atop a huge boulder away from any human settlements. There is a lot to explore and do in and Kalambaka and Meteora.

    For example, you can do rafting in the Aspropotamos River. It’s a great place for hiking and rock climbing. You also find the Mushroom Museum and Theopetra Cave here. 

    The Oracle of Delphi

    You must have heard about the God Apollo. At Delphi, there used to be a highly sacred and influential temple. The place can easily pass off as one of the most beautiful places in Greece. The path leading to the temple was called the sacred path. There were many treasuries along the path where costly gifts given by people would be kept for the visitors to see.  

    It is in this temple that the oracle would make prophecies about people and city-state. The site represents an ancient civilization. The remnants of the temple and all other structures have been excavated and are now an important tourist attraction.

    You should visit this place to see the beauty of the surrounding areas and to know about the religion of an ancient civilization.      

    Melissani cave in Sami

    It’s a small coastal village with a spectacular lake and the famous Melissani cave. This awe-inspiring cave has a brilliant collection of hotels, studio apartments, resorts, cafes, and modern amenities for tourists. The local population is about 2000 but it’s an important tourist destination. It has a port that offers daily trips to Italy, Itachi, and Patra. The old Sami village where important archaeological discoveries were made is close to modern Sami.       

    It is famous as a summer holiday destination with a stunning green waterfront and hilly natural beauty as the backdrop. Many tourists come with private yachts and spend their time exploring and enjoying the water.   

    Navagio Beach

    This small beach with stunning blue water is an exposed cove often referred to as Navagio Beach or Smugglers Cove. A popular landmark of Zakynthos, it lies in the Ionian Islands. You can have a spectacular view of the blue water and surrounding landscape both from the top, where a viewing point has been earmarked, and the sea. 

    Here, you have a lovely beach between the rocks, cove, and shipwreck. You can reach here by boat on a day trip that can also include exploring the water nearby. Its turquoise water makes for stunning visuals. However, you may find the place crowded during the summer holiday season.        

    Best Greece Activities for Foodies 

    For all the foodies out there, Greek cuisine is something hard to ignore. It is known for its freshness and health benefits. 

    You can check out modern restaurants that offer the best Greek and European cuisine. You can book a seat in famous restaurants online. Alternatively, you can choose a food walk that will take you to different places in the city. You can explore and sample some of the finesse foods on this trail.     

    1. Food walking tour at Athens

    You can tour the Varvakios Market of Athens for 4 hours. Here you get to experience the cultural dishes of Greece. The baklava, souvlaki, koulouri, and several other recipes will leave your taste buds tingling.

    2. Wine tasting at the ancient Acropolis

    This wine tour of 1.5 hours will leave you with a better perception of the wines of Greece. You will get a golden opportunity to taste the five varieties of wine. You can also taste the fresh cheese and olives from the well-known olive farms of Greece.

    3. The Olive oil tasting and lunch at Archanes

    Archanes, a traditional village in Crete, offers you a rare chance to taste their Olive oil. The wonderful aroma and flavor of fresh olives will leave you asking for more. The freshly baked and flavored slices of bread are another attraction. Finally, you can end the tour by having the famous Greek lunch, the plateia.

    4. The Cheese and Wine Tasting Tour at Athens

    This wine tasting tour of 1.5 hours will get you the chance to taste a few of the finest-crafted wines of Greece. The famous cheese varieties such as the Fete and Naxos gruyere are available for tasting. You will be able to appreciate the sweet and buttery taste and soft and smooth texture of their traditional cheese by the end of the tour.

    These are some of the famous Greece food activities. But these are not the only ones. The private sailing food tour of Mykonos and the food tour of Naxos are a few others that are worth trying.

    Best Beautiful Greece Attractions

    Greece is famous for its historic tourist attractions. Yet, there are islands, beaches, and heritage sites worth visiting on the Greece trip. Here, we have mentioned the top 3 most beautiful places in the country to visit by people of all ages. It is an all-season tourist place for history buffs and nature lovers. Greece is a tourist-friendly nation in Europe. It has modern tourist facilities and amenities.

    However, you need to have a Greece Visa and valid travel insurance. For Greece travel insurance, you can buy it online. 

    1. Stafylo Beach

    It is a budget-friendly scenic beach in Skopelos, Greece. Its white sandy beach, chalk cliffs-fringed coast, and green seaweeds present on the sea cliffs and shore are splendid, to say the least. Snorkeling, kayaking, swimming, and beach walking are important recreational activities to enjoy once in Greece on a week-long vacation. It is the best place for honeymoon photography in Greece. The summer season is the right time to be here. It’s famous for the sun, sand, and the beach.

    2. Meteora

    Meteora looks brilliant thanks to its hills, forests, rocks, and monasteries sitting atop in a most stunning setting. It’s a great place to visit for nature lovers. The tourists willing to see all of the UNESCO heritage sites in Greece must visit here. The scenic beauty of the rolling hills makes it a must-see place in Greece. The route to this monastery will give you a 360-degree view of the surroundings. Reaching the monastery and viewing its surrounding mountain ranges can leave you calm and blissful.

    3. Monolithos Castle

    It is a medieval castle present atop a sea cliff in Rhodes. It is facing the Mediterranean Sea and it was used as a vigil fort. The sea and shoreside vistas look splendid with lush green vegetation. It is an all-season tourist attraction. For history buffs and castle chasers, coming here is full of rewards. A day trip is necessary to reach the fort and view its surrounding landscape.

    Planning your Greece Itinerary 

    Greece is a perfect destination to spend a vacation. The country has lots to offer you from its lofty mountains to over 2000 islands. It is also known for having the eleventh longest coastline in the world. Another main attraction is the archeology remnants. For archeology lovers, Greece can be a paradise.

    It is impossible to visit Greece in just 1 or 2 days. You won’t be able to even have a glimpse of Greece in such a short period! It is recommended that you come in for a vacation of at least 10 to 14 days. We have explained below a brief 10-day Itinerary for Greece.

    Meanwhile, you should keep your papers such as your Greece Visa and travel insurance ready. 

    1. Athens

    This is the bustling capital city of Greece. You can plan for a 3-day trip and cover some of the major attractions of the place. Few recommended destinations are the Acropolis of Athens and the Acropolis Museum. Here you can enjoy the rich history and culture of Athens.

    The food stores are another attraction. Do not miss out on the 4-hour tasting tour. You can taste the famous delights of Greece such as the tasty koulouri and loukoumades. If time permits, you can also try to go on a 1 day trip to Delphi. 

    Santorini is located at a distance of 340 kilometers from Athens. The best-recommended way to travel to Santorini is via flight and it takes around 50 minutes to reach the destination.

    2. Santorini

    Hiking from Fira to Oia and enjoying the picture-perfect Caldera via a boat, are few things that you can do here.

    Mykonos is located at a distance of 150 kilometers. You can travel to Mykonos via either flight or ferry. Traveling on a ferry would take around 2 hours and should be opted for only if the weather is good.

    You can stay at Athina Luxury Suites or the Volcano View Hotel, which are the two best ones in the city.

    3. Mykonos

    Enjoy the incredible beaches here or the nightlife. You can also capture the beautiful sunset.

    Crete is located at a distance of 330 kilometers from Mykonos. You can travel by either flight or ferry. Both the modes take around 3 to 4 hours to reach the destination. Thus, traveling via ferry is better as it allows you to enjoy the scenic landscape and also to breathe in some fresh air.

    Greece Travel Tips

    You must take a Greece tour once in a lifetime. Tourists of all ages visit here to see ancient historical places, scenic islands, mountains, and lakes. To make the most of your Greece trip, be aware of your visa policies and follow these 5 tips.

    1. Take Guided Athens City Tour

    Athens is the Capital of Greece. It is an excellent place for history lovers. It is advisable to hire a local guide to take you on a walking tour of the city. He will guide you to see the maximum range of attractions on a day trip. A local tourist guide is affordable for a solo and group of tourists. 

    2. Hire Boat Cruising for Island Hopping

    Greece has thousands of islands in the south. Island hopping is one of the essential recreational activities. Hiring a boat is the right way to check out the scattered islands and explore their aquatic beauty. It is advisable to book an affordable sailing cruise to see the exotic Ionians Island and the scenic Saronic Islands.

    3. Avoid Self Driving

    Greece allows tourists to do self-driving cars. However, you may not find it comfortable to drive as local drivers may keep overtaking and driving in a zigzag manner. It is a good idea to hire a local driver. Using public transportation and local taxis is the best way to move around in the country.

    4. Carry Sufficient Cash in Hand

    Greek tourist destinations may have fewer ATMs. They can be out of cash during peak tourist season. Moreover, most hotels, restaurants, and shopping places do not accept credit cards. Carrying sufficient cash is the best way to travel in Greece. It is better to ask if credit cards are accepted before entering a shop or hotel.

    5. Carry Sufficient Drinking Water on Greece Island Tour

    Drinking water is scarce in most of the islands in Greece. You should carry sufficient bottled drinking water from the mainland. You may find the water found on the island hotels and eateries somewhat salty. 

    To buy a Greece travel insurance plan you can write to us at or speak to our experts at 1800-708-8787.

    Greece is a wonderful tourist destination. It has a huge collection of historical sites, beaches and waterfronts, and options for foodies. In fact, it can be a great destination for any kind of traveler.

    When you are planning a trip to Greece, keep essential things in order like your travel insurance policy for Greece and applying for the Visa before your trip.