Things to Do in the Philippines

The Philippines is a Southeast Asian archipelago country. The Philippines archipelago has more than 7000 islands.  It's a beautiful country with white sandy beaches and beautiful blue waters. The landscape is dotted with volcanic mountains and rocky cliffs, and wet paddy fields. The natural flora and fauna of this country and its breathtaking scenic beauty make it a perfect spot for tourists. Every year thousands of tourists flock to the Philippines to enjoy the sand and surf of the different islands of this country.

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    Fun Things to Do In the Philippines

    There are many fun activities for tourists to participate in the Philippines:

    • The Greenbelt Mall in Manila is known for its large variety of good food destinations and many different international brands.
    • The Twin Lakes area of the Philippines is a perfect hangout spot for tourists because of its large variety of food stalls and local shopping opportunities.
    • ATV rides at the plain Nacpan Beach are a common activity among tourists
    • The Mt. Pulag National Park lets tourists enjoy the flora and fauna of the Philippines from very close quarters
    • Basilica del Santo Nino is a breathtaking old church of the country of Philippines that is known for its peaceful ambiance and unique architecture
    • National Museum of the Philippines also attracts a large number of visitors regularly
    • Tourists who love the thrill of gambling will find the huge casino in Resorts World Manila to be their favourite spot
    • Art in Island is a unique and innovative form of an art exhibition that attracts art lovers from all over the world to the Philippines
    • The Lapu statute speaks of the complex history of the Philippines and is a beautiful photo opportunity for visitors as well
    • The Puerto Princesa Underground River is one of the most unique natural formations in the country. This place is full of sunken caves and caverns for tourists to explore to their heart’s content
    • The myriad beaches in the Philippines also have various facilities for diving, snorkeling, and other water sports. But tourists who are planning to participate in any risky adventure sports should purchase an adequate insurance policy that will ensure that they get the best medical treatment available.

    Best Philippines Activities for Foodies

    Some of the best haunts for foodies in the Philippines are as follows:

    • Benjarong Thai Restaurant- This restaurant is known for its authentic Thai fare. Other Asian cuisines are also available. This restaurant also has a number of vegetarian dishes as well
    • The Nesting Table, Palawan- This restaurant is known for its beautiful views and tasty food. Many international cuisines are available here. The dishes are also quite healthy. Vegetarian options are also available.
    • Eng Bee Tin– This is a restaurant that serves vegan and vegetarian dishes. It serves authentic Chinese cuisine.
    • Cook Pub- This restaurant serves modern Korean food along with alcoholic beverages. This is a favourite hangout spot for tourists visiting the Mactan Island of the Philippines.
    • Baguio Craft Brewery- This is a gastro-pub located in Luzon that serves modern fusion cuisines. Good food, along with lots of unique alcoholic drinks, is the USP of this location.
    • Feria, Cebu Island- This restaurant serves Japanese and Indian dishes along with some common international dishes. Most reviews speak very positively about the dishes served here.
    • Antonio's Garden, Luzon– It is a perfect destination for health food enthusiasts as it serves vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.
    • NomNom Comfort Food- This is a beautiful little café located on Palawan Island. Most of the dishes served here cater to modern international tastes and are a blend of many different traditional flavours.
    • China Blue, Luzon- This is an ethnic Chinese restaurant that serves Asian luxury. Vegetarian options are also plenty.
    • Xin Tian Di– This is another Chinese restaurant in Luzon. Asian dishes and vegetarian meals make it a favourite among many tourists.

    Best Beautiful Philippines Attractions:

    The Philippines has multiple beautiful tourist attractions where travellers can enjoy the serene beauty of Mother Nature. Some of the most important spots to your itinerary include:

    • Coron- This place is known for its high cliffs and crystal blue waters. The place is also a favourite among tourists due to its large number of underwater corals and sunken wrecks. The Karangan Lake and the Barracuda Lake of Coron are some of the most beautiful water bodies in the world.
    • El Nido- El Nido is known for its stunning rocky caves that add another element of natural beauty to the picturesque Philippines landscape. El Nido’s signature natural feature is the huge limestone cliffs that dot its different parts.
    • Cebu City– This city is known for being the hub of art and culture of the Philippines. There are many museums and heritage sites in Cebu that highlight the history and vibrant culture of the country.
    • Boracay- Boracay is one of the most well-known islands of the Philippines and features on lists of the most beautiful islands of the world. This island of mesmerizing white sand beaches is known for its facilities like diving and snorkeling. The Puka Shell Beach of Boracay is one of the most well-known tourist spots in this area.
    • Tagaytay- This is another place in the Philippines known for its scenic beauty and pretty beaches. The Taal Volcano and the Taal Lake are located in Tagaytay.
    • Bohol- This is a particularly special location in the country known for its dense jungles. It’s a countryside town where one can see the traditional rice terraces and riverboats of the Philippines.
    • Vigan– This is a UNESCO world heritage site that still has many remnants of colonial culture and gives a glimpse into the country's history.
    • Batanes Island- this is one of the major tourist hotspots of the Philippines, famous for its beaches and museums littered across the country.
    • Manila- This is the capital of the country and one of the most famous spots for tourists. It's a testament to modern human achievement with high skyscrapers, lavish malls, and modern-day parks.
    • Mactan Island, Palawan Island- These are some of the most beautiful islands of the Philippines frequented by tourists from all over the world.
    • Donsol- Donsol is a seaside hamlet that is known for its pristine natural beauty. It’s a favourite among nature lovers and shark watchers.
    • Sagada- This is a tiny mountainous town full of caves and vibrant folk culture.
    • Moalboal- This town is a favourite among tourists because of a large number of bars and restaurants where tourists can spend time with their friends and family.

    Many tourists want to visit these beautiful locales. But a lot of tourists are intimidated by the risks of travelling abroad. There are many international travel insurance available to make travel to the Philippines safer. Travel insurance helps tourists get their money back in case of sudden delays or cancellations of their tickets or bookings. The insurance companies also help provide medical care facilities for tourists in case they encounter some medical problems while travelling. Travel insurance also protects the traveller's finances in case of accidental loss of their baggage.  

    Planning a Philippines Itinerary

    Planning trips to a foreign country require a lot of thorough research. The first step is to ensure that all visa requirements are in place. But a prerequisite for getting a visa is buying travel insurance. There are many online travel insurance plans for Philippines. There are special student travel insurance policies as well as senior citizen travel plans.  It protects tourists from financial losses in case of travel-related emergencies. In case a tourist loses his/her passport and other important documents, the travel insurance company can help him/her return home safely and re-issue another set of paperwork.

    Once the Philippines visa and the online policy for travel insurance have been purchased, tourists are ready to start buying their tickets.

    Tourists usually visit the Philippines for five to six days. This gives tourists enough time to visit all the important spots in the city and also participate in some fun activities for tourists.

    Tourists should look up all the best restaurants and hotels in the places and islands they want to visit. This will ensure that they will have the best experience that best suits their needs.

    The New Coast Hotel of Manila, the El Nido Resorts of the Lagen Island, the New Coast Hotel Manila are some of the most favoured destinations among tourists visiting the country.

    Philippines Travel Tips

    Here are some simple tips and tricks to help make a Philippines tour more enjoyable for tourists:

    • Choose the best time to visit- Summers are very hot in the Philippines, and tourists usually avoid the country during this period. The peak tourist season is the dry season between April and November. The weather during this time is pleasant enough for tourists to enjoy this tropical paradise.
    • Language- A number of languages are used across the Philippines. These include Filipino, Spanish, and numerous other dialects. It’s not possible for tourists to learn the local language before visiting the country. But some simple phrases in Filipino can help tourists navigate their way across the islands a lot more easily.
    • Keep enough cash- Travelling always comes with expected emergencies. In case of unexpected emergencies in an unknown country, it's very important to keep adequate cash in hand. This can help use public transport as well as buy basic necessities.

    Travel insurance is also very important in case of emergencies. In case of any health emergencies or loss of personal properties due to theft, tourists can send a claim to the insurance company who will provide them with emergency funds to complete a safe return home.

    • Try local food- The Philippines has a lot of influences on its cuisine. Authentic dishes are available from local stalls as well as from high-end restaurants. Tourists can explore the local flavours in a way that suits their budget.
    • Pack well– In order to properly enjoy a trip, tourists should be adept at packing well. They should carry all necessities that won’t be available in a foreign country. Missing items while on a trip can be very difficult to replace. But in case a tourist loses their luggage or their baggage gets damaged in transit, travel insurance claims compensate tourists for their losses.
    • Going shopping– Traveling always means taking back lots of local items for personal use and friends and family. There are many malls and local shopping complexes in the Philippines that showcase the local arts and crafts of the area. Shopaholics will not be disappointed in the Philippines.
    • Use public transport- public transport facilities help tourists save a lot of money. Instead of hiring private cars and taxis, tourists should use buses and metro trains to immerse themselves in the local culture. The money saved on transport can be spent on good food, great hotels, and fun activities.
    • Pick good hotels– a good place to stay can make or break a trip. The Philippines has a large number of picturesque resorts that offer beautiful views of the ocean. Tourists should pick a good resort that suits their budget and lets them enjoy good food and hospitality.
    • Make a concrete plan- a trip to any place needs to have a concrete plan to enjoy the destination thoroughly. The planning phase has to start months before the trip. It includes online plans for travel insurance, visa online application, and flight booking. Once these basic steps are completed, tourists can fix their itinerary and get started packing for the trip.

    Travelling involves spending time and money. But it can be very mentally rewarding. The only thing to keep in mind is to plan adequately and put safety nets like international travel insurance so that any untoward incident cannot throw all travel plans out of track.