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Places to Visit in France

France is one of the most popular destinations that people wish to visit at least once in their lifetime. There are numerous sites to visit in France, and you can even spend your days in French Villages.

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It is a hub for international cuisine and best place for foodies. It is known for its wines, cheese and countless cafes.

The country has mountain ranges, farmlands and you can even sunbathe on the long coastline of France. On average, France receives over 83.7 Million Tourists every year. If you are also planning a trip to Europe, France is a must-to-visit place.

In this article, we are going to share the best places to visit in France. As a pro tip for your travel preparation, don’t forget to check for international Travel Insurance & France Visa.

List of Places to Visit in France

France is located in Western Europe, and the country shares its border with Germany, Belgium & Luxembourg. Thus, you can plan your visit to France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, and other European countries. Go ahead and check out the list of places to visit in France.

  • Paris
  • Bordeaux
  • Dordogne
  • Lyon
  • Brittany
  • Verdon Gorge
  • Loire Valley
  • French Alps
  • Marseille
  • Strasbourg
  • Luberon
  • French Rivera


The list of places to visit in France starts with Paris and your trip can't be complete without a visit to Paris. Paris is famous for its rich culture, fashion, art, lights, monuments, food, and it is also called the city of love. There are 20 districts in Paris, and each district is unique. You can visit Eiffel Tower, Versailles Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral and even Arc de Triomphe when you are in Paris.

There are famous museums in the city like Musse d'Orsay and Louvre Museum. A day tour to these places can be a fantastic idea. You can dine at the top of the Eiffel Tower, and you can also visit some of the fashion brands here.

All the top fashion brands are available here, and you can find real designer stuff without paying a bomb in taxes. You can even visit the flea markets and boutiques in Paris. You can enjoy some amazing desserts here. Travelling in Paris is relatively easy as most of the places are easily accessible through metro trains.


Bordeaux is known to be the largest wine production centre in France, and the city is responsible for bottling over 800 million bottles of some of the premium wines. The town is built upon the Garonne River, and it is also a significant port city. You can enjoy some beautiful architecture here, and the culture, as well as the nightlife of Bordeaux, is a treat to enjoy.

The city centre has over 350 historical zones, and you can walk up to most of these while you are here. You can visit medieval era churches, old bridges and a lot of other historical sites here. You can even relax in the evening on the waterfront, which remains a popular place among tourists.

There are several markets and premium designer showrooms near the waterfront. After shopping, you can spend your evening at a dine-in while enjoying the view of the river. The festival of river and festival of wine is hosted every year in June and if you are visiting France during that time, then include this place in your itinerary.


One of the most beautiful places in France is Dordogne. You can spend months here, and you are going to love it. There is a hilltop café in Dordogne, and there are many other well-preserved sites that you can enjoy.

Dordogne River runs through the town, and you can also visit the caves here to witness the pre-historic cave art. There are a lot of activities here that you can enjoy, and it offers something for everyone.


Lyon is located in the Rhone-Alps region, and this city is also famous for its culture, food and historical places. There are nine districts in Lyon, and each district has something distinct on offer. Some districts are famous for restaurants, while others are popular for traboules, ruins, churches and parks.

A visit to Vieux Lyon would be a memorable one as you can enjoy the view of cobblestone streets along with the distinct architecture there. You can also visit St. Jean Cathedral, which has an astronomical clock. This city has many souvenir shops as well so when you are in the town; you can buy gifts for people back home.

Another delight in Lyon is its monuments. You can visit this city if you are planning the trip during the Festival of Lights. You can be a part of light and sound shows during these annual events.


Another great place to explore in France is Brittany. You can visit this place and enjoy the beauty of the sea. There are many tiny villages in the area, and they are a delight to visit. The place allows you to be close to nature and there are many historical places in the area.

Verdon Gorge

Many people love to enjoy flora and fauna of the country that they are visiting. In such a case, you should not skip Verdon Gorge. This is the home to a national park, and it offers you yet another opportunity to be close to the nature. You can enjoy a hiking trip, or you can kayak here. There are some great hotels that accommodate a rejuvenating stay.

Loire Valley

When you are in France, you can't miss the wine here. It can also be an exciting experience to visit the vineyards in the country. If you are fond of countryside views, then Loire Valley will serve you what you need. This place is located in the centre of the country, and this is yet another place that you are going to love.

The way to Loire Valley is also quite impressive, and you will pass through many beautiful French Villages on your way. You can also be a part of group tours that tour you around in the city. There are luxury hotels, forts and many palaces in Loire Valley.

You can also visit fruit orchids, vineyards and flower gardens here. Many wine tasting tours are organized here, and it is certainly something that should be on your bucket list.

French Alps

If you love mountains, then you can't just miss French Alps. This mountain range offers you breathtaking views of the snow-capped peaks. Mont Blanc is a famous brand but is the highest peak in Europe, which is located in French Alps. You can enjoy lakes, waterfalls, forests and other stuff in the Alps. You can include this in your trip even if you are visiting Switzerland.

Many tourists confuse these places, but French Alps offers a different view altogether. You can enjoy mountain climbing, skiing, snowboarding, hiking and other adventure activities here, depending on which season you plan your trip in. Overall, French Alps is quite an amazing place to visit for nature lovers.


This is one of the oldest cities in Europe, and one of the largest cities in France. Marseille is located on the southeast coast of France, and it shares an ideal climate for holidays. You can enjoy visits to medieval architectural sites, roman era ruins and beaches here. This city also has two forts which are a delight to visit.

For recreational activities, you can dine in at cages located on the waterfront. The area is flooded with bars, and you can also plan a luxury yacht trip when you are in this city. Apart from this, you can visit Calanques and museums here. Spending at least 2 or 3 days in Marseille is recommended while planning your trip.


You might already be aware of the fact that France shares its border with Germany. Strasbourg is a city that is located on the border of Germany & France.  It is quite an important city in Europe as there are many important European Institutes located. To give you an insight, the city has a European Country of Human Rights and many other important building.

You can also visit Grand Ile in Strasbourg, and you can enjoy the fusion of French & German Culture. Another place of interest here is Gothic Cathedral, which also has a 300-year-old clock. There are also many theatres in the city, and you can witness some of the shows. If you would like to enjoy some nice German Beer, then this is one place that you must not miss at all.


Luberon is located in the south of France, and it is also a pretty popular destination, especially during summertime. This place is a tiny village, which got popular due to its social media appearance recently. Peter Mayle published a book about Luberon, and this is what made this place so famous. One of the mesmerizing sites in Luberon is lavender fields and the lush forests.

The scent of lavender, along with the purple flower, makes it up for an astonishing view. The streets in Luberon are quite a tourist magnet, and you can also visit the farmer market here for fresh produce. Some of the places in this area still have a middle age vive, and you will feel as if you stepped in a time machine while walking on those streets.

French Rivera

French Rivera is located on the coastal line of the Mediterranean Sea, and it is yet another place that you can't miss. It is one of the most glamorous places in France, and this place also has many unique destinations. You can visit the perched villages of Eze when you are here, and you can also visit some of the classic perfumeries here.

You can even spend a day learning to make the perfume. The city has inspired many great artists like Picasso, and you can visit the art galleries in this place if you are fond of artwork. You can enjoy watersports here, and you can include French Rivera in your itinerary no matter what time of the year you plan your trip. If you would like to enjoy water sports, it might make sense to ensure that your travel insurance covers such activities.

This was all about the places to visit in France. You can plan your trip by including the places of interest. While planning, do purchase International Travel Insurance as this covers your uncertainties during the journey.

Moreover, if you are applying for a Schengen visa than travel insurance is necessary. So, plan your trip accordingly. We hope you enjoyed reading the space, and you can check out other pages for information on other European Countries.

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  • Q. What is one thing that I should not miss while visiting France?

    Ans: We have covered most of the important sites for you in the places of visit. However, you can explore these cities to find out what each of them offers you. If you are visiting France with your kids, we recommend visiting the happiest place in the world. Yes, we are talking about Disneyland Paris, and we can assure you that you will enjoy Disneyland as much as your kids will enjoy it. Make you’re your Travel Insurance France covers your children as well during your stay in France.

  • Q. Is there a best season for the travel to France?

    Ans: You can visit France in Spring which starts in April and lasts till June. You can even visit the country during Fall, which begins in September and ends in November. We would not advise you to visit in August since many people take a vacation in August in France, and hence you may find a lot of shops to be closed. Summers are usually crowded in France, and they are also expensive. 

  • Q. What are the things that I can purchase from France?

    Ans: There are many things that you can purchase from France. You can buy perfumes, clothing, handbags, gourmet food, cheese, wine and similar stuff from France. You can even buy jewellery, watches, chocolates, macarons and beauty products. France is also famous for herbs, spices, tea and scented candles. There is a lot of stuff you can purchase from France, and it is truly a shoppers’ delight.

  • Q. Do I need a separate Visa for France?

    Ans: In most cases, you will get a visa for Europe, and you will be able to visit the countries that are a part of the European Union. It would, however, make sense to check the details with the French embassy as the conditions can vary depending on your nationality. Apart from this, you can also check if your travel insurance covers you for a visit to all the European countries you plan to visit. Lastly, if you’re travelling with a student travel insurance policy, then also you should check the same.

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