Things to do in France

France entices romantics with fairy-tale castles, picture-perfect villages, and gliding cathedrals while also impressing realists with its innovative yet contemporary style.

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    However, rather than touring, the most memorable vacation moments frequently occur when participating in local activities. These unique encounters and short adventures go beyond simply seeing a monument or museum; they capture the location's soul.

    It's not all about people-watching from a Parisian restaurant or soaking up the sun on a Riviera Beach when tourists visit France.

    With this list of the best things to do in France, one can see the nation from a different perspective and make the most of the trip. Once you have acquired France travel visa, another important part of planning your trip is buying France travel insurance. Students travelling for academic purposes can also buy Student travel insurance policy.

    Fun Things to Do in France

    Here are some of the Top-8 fun things that you can do in France:

    1. A Seine River Cruise is a great way to see the City

    Cruising through the Seine River is a lovely way to explore all of Paris' must-see attractions while relaxing. Scenic boat tours by the Louvre, Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Musée D'Orsay, and other significant structures.

    2. Bicycle tour of Bordeaux

    Bordeaux has some of France's most beautiful scenery, with vine-covered rolling hills and towering castles. Cyclists can plan their route or hire a tour operator to do it for them.

    3. Attend the Carcassonne Summer Festival

    Every year in July, the Festival de Carcassonne brings the fairy-tale medieval city of Carcassonne into the modern world. Classical music, opera, jazz, rock, and folk music, and dance and theatre are all featured in this esteemed festival, which features a broad program of performances by renowned French and international performers.

    4. Sailing at Saint-Tropez is a must-do

    Anyone can go sailing on the Mediterranean, even though this luxurious French Riviera resort is known for its harbor-packed private yachts. Breathing in the salty sea air while appreciating the deep-sea blues is a thrilling experience!

    5. Skiing in the Alps of France

    The French Alps are one of the top skiing locations in the world, with fluffy snow on bright sunny days and beautiful Alpine landscapes. This beautiful region of France is known for its charming mountain villages, rustic Alpine charm, and excellent skiing. The resort of Morzine has a variety of cozy tiny chalets and rustic lodges that are ideal for a ski vacation.

    6. Fly above Parc Andre Citroen in the world's largest hot-air balloon

    This is one of the couple things to do in France! On the Ballon de Paris, one will soar to 150 meters above one of the world's most magnificent cities, so don't forget to bring (and hold close to) the camera!

    The balloon takes off and lands on the Seine's bank at the contemporary Parc Andre Citroen.

    7. Drive a Ferrari Sports Vehicle in a Race

    If one is ready to put their foot to the metal, then here it is.

    Whoever always wanted to own (or at the very least drive) a supercar, a hot lap at one of Paris' many racetracks is about to become a reality.

    One can choose from a Ferrari 458 or 488 or opt for a package deal that includes a Lamborghini, Audi, or Porsche.

    8. Participate in the World's Most Boozy Marathon

    The Marathon du Medoc differs from other long-distance events in that local wines replace the typical refreshments of water or energy drinks. This is for visitors to enjoy combining running with a decent drink.

    Best France Activities for Foodies

    Many food-related activities will improve the France trip and help tourists create memorable memories. Every time tourists visit, they aim to stay in a different part of town to get a different perspective on the city and discover new places to visit.

    Croissants and Croque Monsieurs are as iconic as the Eiffel Tower and the Sacre-Coeur. A trip to France is not complete without sampling the cuisine that distinguishes the country.

    Here are some of the French activities for foodies to do.

    1. Wine Tasting Class or a Dinner at Chateau

    The O Chateau wine bar, strategically positioned between the 1st and 2nd arrondissements and just a 5-minute walk from the Louvre, provides various wine-related activities. Wine tasting seminars, a wine and cheese lunch, and even a multi-course wine sampling evening are all options.

    Getting to know French wines a little better in the company of other travellers and under the guidance of a highly-trained wine guide is a fun experience.

    2. Dinner and a Show at Moulin Rouge

    The Moulin Rouge is a beautiful activity for an evening in Paris, even if it is a little touristy. At the show, tourists can enjoy a complete French gourmet 3-course dinner (from three different menus), followed by some Champagne while being charmed by the lounge.

    3. Picnic at the Eiffel Tower + Market on Rue Cler

    One of Paris' most famous market streets is located in the 7th Arrondissement. Rue Cler is a street lined with market booths, cheese shops, butchers, fishmongers, and chocolate shops. It's a great spot to wander around and observe what the people are buying and partake in a bit of tasting along the way. Make a point of stopping here before heading to the Eiffel Towers to gather supplies for an Eiffel Tower picnic.

    4. A Fromagerie is a place for French Cheese

    Fromagerie Danard, in the 1st Arrondissement, is one of our favourite fromageries in the city. It's a modest, unassuming shop tucked away on a side street.

    They feature a fantastic range of cheese and charcuterie, which may be paired with their equally impressive wine list. They are pretty helpful in selecting if one doesn't know what to order.

    5. Enjoy a Gourmet Meal While Seeing the Sights of Paris

    Enjoying a gourmet dinner aboard a double-decker sightseeing bus is the best way to combine two wonderful Paris experiences into one.

    Bustronome is the name of the company that provides this entertaining and delectable experience. On Sundays, tourists can join for a 4-course lunch, 6-course dinner, or brunch. While dining on board, the bus will travel by all of Paris' most famous attractions.

    Best Beautiful France Attractions

    Some of the beautiful attractions in France that you can explore are given below:

    Provence's Camargue

    The Camargue, a marshy estuary between the Mediterranean and the two tributaries of the Rhône, feels like it belongs to another continent. Jeep rides deep into the wilderness with red salt flats, saline ponds, and wind-whipped grasses are available. One will also witness some of the Camargue's 400 bird species, including herons, as well as the Camargue's signature free-roaming white horses. One might even see flamingos if lucky.


    The entire city, to be exact. The idea of a leisurely, aimless stroll conducted solely to soak up the scenery seems utterly French, which is why the word flaneur can't be completely translated into English. And there's always something interesting to see in Paris. Take a picnic in Luxembourg Gardens with cheese and champagne, and enjoy the sunset behind the Eiffel Tower after the day.

    Normandy's Étretat Cliffs

    The pebble beach of Étretat, located along France's Alabaster Coast, is popular with sailors and surfers. The spectacular chalk cliffs and arched rock formations draw most visitors to this stretch of shoreline in Upper Normandy. Natural sculptures can be found along Étretat's 80-mile stretch, inspiring tourists and painters (most famously Claude Monet) for centuries.


    As its name suggests, Champagne-Ardenne is the cradle of bubbly and one of France's most attractive areas. Of course, there are gorgeous slopes and vineyards, but ancient castles, chateaus, and abbeys can be found in the area. Visit Troyes, the capital city, for magnificent Middle Ages churches, etc.

    The Palace of Versailles

    Louis XIV's 18th-century residency is one of the most stunning combined exhibitions of art, architecture, interior design, and landscaping in the world. It is an enduring icon of the pinnacle of luxury. It has a lavishly decorated chapel as well as a full-fledged opera theatre. Don't miss the queen's bed chambers, a work of art in excess, and the famed Hall of Mirrors, which is still in use today.

    Biarritz is located on the Basque coast

    In Basque country along the Bay of Biscay, the beaches of Biarritz are not just beautiful—they're also enormously popular with surfers because of their gentle, beginner-friendly waves. One can remember it from Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises.

    Alsace, Colmar

    With its timber-framed houses, colourful façade, and flower-lined canal, Colmar would undoubtedly please Walt Disney. Whether walking the cobblestoned alleys or enjoying a canoe journey down the water, the commune is a joy to behold. Together with Kayersberg and Strasbourg, this provincial town symbolises the beautiful Alsace region, located in northeastern France bordering Germany and Switzerland.

    Gorges du Verdon

    The Gorge du Verdon is sometimes referred to as France's "Grand Canyon." And, while it is smaller than its American counterpart, it is no less beautiful. The Alpine Verdon River, a stunning azure stream that runs into the artificial Lac de Sainte-Croix, carved out the 2,300-foot-deep valley. Hiking and horseback riding routes wind their way through the cliffs, linking small communities and providing once-in-a-lifetime views.


    Giverny is a small village on the Normandy-French border most known for being the home and garden of Claude Monet, both of which are open to the public today. With spring green shutters and ivy climbing on every surface, the pastel pink house is picture-perfect. With water lilies, weeping willows, wisterias, and the iconic green Japanese bridge, the gardens are like an impressionist picture come to life.

    Chamonix, Mont Blanc

    Because Mont Blanc and its subsidiary summits are the origins of alpinism and home to one of today's most robust mountain sports communities, it's a given that they won't bend to any mountain, anywhere. Its needle-like, Gothically-drawn skyline attracts poets and painters alike.

    Planning your France Itinerary

    France has long been one of the most popular tourist destinations globally, and for a good reason. France has something to offer every traveller, whether it is value art and architecture, fine dining, or outdoor excursions.

    When is the Ideal Time to Go?

    The best time to visit France depends on how much time you have to spend there. For most of the year, the Mediterranean coast of France is warm, but Northern France and the Atlantic coast enjoy wetter, less dependable weather. Remember that most French people vacation in-country, resulting in large crowds during France's national holidays.

    How many Days are required?

    France's geography and regional delicacies are broad enough to fit any itinerary, whether one has two days or two months. If Paris is the sole visit, then three-five days are enough. Alternatively, you can spend several weeks travelling through the country's mountains, wineries, beaches, and cities—the sky is truly the limit.

    How to Get Around France?

    Many French cities and towns are connected by a vast rail network, making train travel a cost-effective method to tour the nation. Self-driving is ideal for getting a more in-depth look at Provence, Normandy, and the Loire Valley. Domestic flights connect major cities and cover considerable distances rapidly, with most travels taking about an hour.

    In France, where to go?

    One will almost certainly arrive in Paris, a renowned city with enough museums, cultural icons, restaurants, and boulangeries to keep occupied for weeks. However, France has much more to offer visitors than its charming capital city suggests. The Loire Valley is a region in France.

    Visit the lavender fields and hilltop villages of Provence, the flashy galleries and beaches of the French Riviera, or experience some of the world's most famous wines in locations like quaint Burgundy and the castle-studded Loire Valley.

    France Travel Tips

    Loudness in public areas, for example, is frowned upon in France! Another helpful travel tip to remember in France is to get travel insurance in France. The majority of museums are closed on Tuesdays. Continue reading to learn more about these magnificent France travel ideas that will assist in enjoying a wonderful French holiday.

    1. To be courteous, learn basic French terms
    2. In all cases, keep the wallet hidden
    3. When you can, take the subways; when you can't, avoid them!
    4. Dial 112 in the event of an emergency
    5. At the hotel, don't forget to bring your passport/photo ID
    6. Adapters are necessary

    Furthermore, international travel insurance would make travelling in France easier. Moreover, it is also feasible to apply for a France Visa online.