Things to Do in Thailand

A country like Thailand offers an array of opportunities to cherish without any limitations. If you’re planning yours then this guide will help you through the initial arrangements, travel itinerary and things to consider while planning for Thailand. Read on!

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    Thailand: The Land of White Elephants!

    Thailand, a preferred place among the Southeast Asian countries, has varying attractions that can suit all kinds of travel enthusiasts. It has well-known beaches and incredible islands. The old ruins are a reminder of Thai history and heritage. Foodies can't miss the variety of street food in Bangkok. And not to forget the Buddhist temples that symbolize peace.

    In terms of booking, there are a lot of packages available online. They may vary from one site to another in terms of prices and facilities. A trip to Thailand involves procedures that are relatable to most international trips. It must not be too much of a hassle to get a Thailand visa. Also, one must consider buying international travel plan to secure the trip. Before understanding the Thailand visa policies and travel insurance, let's go through the country's amazing things one can't miss.

    List of Things to Do in Thailand

    A plan to travel to Thailand can't be a sudden one. In a country with such eye-pleasing and exciting tourist spots, it takes time to plan adequately.

    Thailand or the kingdom of Thailand has broad historical relevance and vast cultural importance. It could be the vibe of Buddhism or the urban locations of the capital city Bangkok that can leave a traveler spellbound.

    Introducing oneself to the amazing places in Thailand will bring immense energy and excitement. There are major places that are known for their uniqueness and tourist attraction. It's indeed a loss to miss out on any of them during your trip to Thailand.

    Fun Things to Do in Thailand

    There isn't one thing in Thailand that has less fun. South, North, or Central Thailand offer amazing traveling experiences.

    • Thailand is hugely known for its natural geography and wildlife. Someone with a taste of adventure and love for the forest can't ask for more.
    • Thai massage is another popular activity that tourists indulge in. The country's inclination towards spirituality and organic treatment has gained the world's attention. Thai massage is all that one can think of to perceive a refreshing break.
    • For foodies, the streets of Bangkok have a banquet to offer. Those who visit the capital never miss refreshing their taste buds with some delicious Thai street food.
    • Travel around the city in a peculiar vehicle known in Thailand as the tuk tuk. Ride around the city in tik tuk in a reasonable fair and one can feel the vibe of the city life of Thailand.
    • Trying out some Thai cooking is a unique form to experience. The cuisines are made with extreme efforts and using a lot of ingredients. A class on Thai cooking will be a fun thing to do.
    • Visit the Songkran festival. It is popularly known as Thailand's new year. People celebrate it by spraying water guns on each other marking a start of a new year.

    Best Thailand Activities for Foodies

    Every part of Thailand has its cuisines and food categories. All of them are worth trying out and a treat to the taste buds. For those who are into exploring food, Thailand is a delight.

    Major cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai, or Hua Hin, or the tiny island ko Bullon lee can be a great experience for the foodies.

    Thailand is also known for its chocolate, seafood, and famous Thai street food. There are enough dishes, cuisine, and drinks to explore in the bustling city of Bangkok.

    Best Beautiful Thailand Attractions

    There are countless beautiful tourist spots to enjoy in Thailand. The more one explores the better the moments. Thailand is a land rich in heritage, culture, food, and spirituality.

    It doesn't matter which part of the world you are from, Thailand has special things to offer to all.

    The islands with the turquoise sea, beaches, the street food market, temples, Museums, Plazas, floating markets, Wildlife sanctuaries, and adventures like hiking and scuba diving are major attractions.

    Some beautiful Thailand attractions include:

    • Ocean World: As the name suggests, it's indeed a presentation of aquatic life. Ocean world situated in Bangkok is one of the largest aquatic parks in Southeast Asia.
    • Doi Suthep: This place is the land of natural beauty in Thailand. A place to ponder and stay in nature's touch. It's an adventure to travel through the sinuous roads along the valley.
    • Elephant Sanctuary in Phuket: Thailand is famous for its elephants and elephant sanctuaries. For animal lovers, the Elephant jungle sanctuary in Phuket will be a pleasure watching baby elephants trotting around in fun.
    • Madame Tussauds Museum: This museum is known across the world for its wax statues. People from different parts of the world visit the museum to see the precision of the wax statues that portray famous personalities.
    • Ko Phi Phi Island: A well-known island in Krabi has beautiful turquoise water which has been a location for major Hollywood films. It continues to please the tourists for its natural form. Boating through Ko Phi Phi is a captivating experience.
    • Dream World Amusement Park: This amusement park has all the rides that one wishes to experience. Dreamworld Amusement park is in Bangkok and is known for its 30 different types of rides. Travelers interested in having some thrills never miss the amusement Park.
    • Damnoen Saduak Floating Market: The southeast Asian countries are known for their floating markets. Thailand's world famous Damnoen Saduak floating market is a treat to watch as you can float around and purchase at the vendors.
    • Khao yai National Park: Khao yai national park is the fort national park in Thailand known for its rich flora and fauna. Elephants are a major highlight in the sanctuary. Haew Narok Waterfall is a famous attraction in the sanctuary, it being the tallest waterfall in Khao yai.

    These are just a gist of how fun it is to visit Thailand.

    Planning Your Thailand Itinerary

    An itinerary or a structure of your travel plan to Thailand will help in a convenient journey.

    Few things need to be kept in mind before one venture out to another country. The trip will be more organized and fun if these aspects are cleared and maintained appropriately.

    Some of them are:

    • The foremost thing is to gain as much information on the type of visa. There are separate visas offered by Thailand that suit the traveler. Going through the visa policies will allow enough time to acquire the required documents.
    • Before searching for apt tourist places in Thailand, take a look at the available travel insurance policies. Safety and security must be the priority when the journey is international. It's easy to find policy plans online. For a student, a student travel insurance policy can ensure coverage for major expenses.
    • Nowadays solo trips are very much prevailing. People love to explore themselves traveling alone in unknown lands. Thailand is a friendly country but it's better to have a guide who can stay along whenever needed.
    • Climate is another major factor to be considered. Thailand is at its best when visited during the winter months between November to March. For a cheaper expense, summer is the best time.
    • Festival times are a highlight in Thailand. The Magical lantern festival or the Loy Krathong in Pattaya is a visual experience. Other than that, the new year of Thailand, called Songkran, is a water festival. People looking forward to attending these fests make note of the seasons and months of these festivals before planning a Thailand trip.
    • Accommodation is crucial. It's very important to book accommodation in a well-rated hotel before landing. This will ensure a secured stay.

    Apart from the places, the preparation for international traveling begins with ensuring the safety and the right idea about the visa structure.  For India, one can apply for a Thailand visa online through the Thailand embassy website. It can also be availed once landed in the country.  

    Why is International Travel Insurance Important?

    Traveling comes with certain risks. It could be the cancellation of flights, medical problems, reservations, transportation, and other coverage. An ideal international travel insurance policy should help in figuring it out without much delay, or inconvenience.

    Taking an online policy can be easy and fast. One can avail of the required plans that they are looking for in terms of coverage. Picking up the right plans and policies from the right Insurance companies can bring enough benefits.

    Thailand Travel Tips

    It is not easy to manage things in an unknown country. It can be made enjoyable if certain preparations and pre-planned ideas are well executed. Taking note of some tips while wandering around 'the Land of Smiles' can make the journey smarter and secure.

    • Fully Charged Gadgets: Carrying a portable charger for travelers who are going to stay out the whole day is useful. A universal adaptor will help the cellphones to stay charged in case of any urgency.
    • Travel Insurance: Good travel insurance can be beneficial in case of any loss. It can be a sudden accident, baggage loss, or a last moment cancellation. Choosing the right travel insurance policy or a suitable insurance plan online can help in ensuring security. The procedure is different when it comes to student travel insurance, also the student visa policy varies from the usual ones.
    • Visiting Temples: The cultural nuances in a country like Thai are vast. Following the proper methods of devotion is very much needed.   For instance, it's mandatory to remove shoes while entering the temples. A proper guide or a rulebook about the temples will be a good choice.
    • Handling Cash: ATMs are available quite easily in every major city of Thailand. However, carrying enough cash can save extra costs on transactions.  Using ATMs also leads to a certain dedication followed by the regulations. Tourists generally carry enough cash to manage extra costs in situations of emergency.
    • Understanding the Culture: It's always better to do a bit of research on Thai culture. During the trip, following the customs can make the journey more pleasant and empathetic. For instance, it matters a lot how one dresses in Thailand. In temples, one cannot wear skirts or exposed clothes. Removing shoes before entering the temple premises is mandatory.

    International traveling brings in a lot of fun and excitement. The long time one spends outside their country adds up new memories in life that remain unforgettable. Thailand is undoubtedly one of such countries that will mesmerize one and all. So, if Thailand is your next destination, then keep these things in mind and prepare accordingly!