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Bharti AXA Car Insurance Claim

In case of a road mishap or a car accident, you can be sure of assistance from Bharti AXA. The company follows a speedy and hassle-free claim procedure. You can avail cashless repair services at their registered workshops or opt for reimbursement.

The claim settlement ratio of Bharti AXA is 98.27% which reflects quite positively on the insurer’s ability to settle your claims. To help you enjoy quick settlement of your claims with Bharti AXA the steps and documents required are mentioned below-

How to File Cashless & Reimbursement Claims with Bharti AXA Car Insurance?

  • If any other vehicle was involved, Note down the registration number of the other vehicle that was involved in the crash
  • Also, take a note of the name and contact details of the witnesses (if any)
  • You can register your claim by calling them on their toll-free number -1800-103-2292. Or drop them an email at claims[@]bharti-axagi[.]co[.]in
  • A confirmation will be sent to you on your email-id once your claim is registered
  • Within 24 hours of your car insurance claim registration, a Bharti AXA Insurance representative will take you through the claim process and inform you about all the documents that are required to process your request further.
  • If any damage was caused to a third-party property, or there were any third-party bodily injuries then police FIR report is required. FIR is a prerequisite in case of theft, major accident, loss of keys, and other malicious damages.
  • After this, take your car to the recommended workshop
  • The company will assign a surveyor within 24 hours to physically inspect your car to analyze the damages
  • Furnish all the necessary documents such as Driving license, RC, KYC docs if your claim amount is more than 1 lakh rupees. Also, submit the original claim form to the surveyor for verification.
  • In the case of commercial vehicles, some other documents are also required namely- Route Permit, Fitness Certificate, Goods Receipt etc.
  • The assessor will evaluate the damage/ loss as per the Bharti AXA car insurance policy terms and condition
  • You can avail cashless repair services at any of the network workshops across India. Check the list of network garages on the insurer’s site.  
  • On  completion of the repair work, the workshop will submit the repair invoice and car will be re-inspected
  • All the payments to the network garage will be made directly by Bharti AXA on completion of the repair work.
  • If there is any balance amount as per the policy terms, you can pay it on your own to the repairer.
  • If you have got your vehicle repaired at a non-network garage then Bharti AXA will reimburse the expenses incurred to you on damage repair

How to file Accidental claims with Bharti AXA?

To register a claim for an accident-

  • Inform the insurance company on their toll-free no. 1800-103-2292
  • Submit the duly signed car insurance claim form
  • Furnish the copy of registration certificate, driving License, and a copy of car insurance policy
  • Police FIR report (if required)
  • Also, try to note down the contact details of witnesses, people involved and the registration number of the vehicle involved)
  • Repair Estimates ( in original)
  • Invoice receipt ( in case of cashless claims)
  • If you want a reimbursement then payment receipts, invoice and bills are required in original

How to file Theft Claims with Bharti AXA?

  • Immediately contact the insurance company and report the incident
  • Fill and sign the claim form along with Form 28, 29, 30 & 35 and submit it to the insurer
  • Submit the Police FIR copy
  • Also submit the Original keys, RC book, driving license copy and car insurance papers
  • No-trace-report from the police is also required in this case

How to file Third Party Car Insurance Claims with Bharti AXA?

  • To file a third-party claim, call the insurer on their toll-free number
  • Submit the duly signed and filled claim form
  • Copy of vehicle insurance, Driving License, and RC book
  • Copy of Police FIR

Listed Below Are Some of the Common Documents That Are Required

  • Car Registration Certificate
  • Download the car insurance claim form from the insurer’s site and keep along with your motor insurance documents in your car
  • DL of the car owner/driver
  • Police FIR report (to lodge claims related to property damage, theft, and bodily injuries)

If additional documents are required the insurance company will notify you regarding the same.