Mahindra Car Insurance

Mahindra car insurance refers to the motor insurance plans that covers private cars and SUV or sports utility vehicles manufactured by Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. under the Mahindra Group. It protects a Mahindra car from any unpredictable accidental damages or losses, third party claims and other kinds of risks. Thus, Mahindra insurance is a car insurance policy that safeguards cars created by Mahindra & Mahindra, who is known for being India’s largest utility vehicle manufacturer.

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There are two types of car insurance plans offered by Mahindra insurance – comprehensive plan and third party liability plan. As the name suggests, a comprehensive plan provides complete coverage to the Mahindra car against any third party liability claims as well as any own damage risks caused due to contingencies, such as fire, accidents, natural calamities, manmade disasters, etc. On the other hand, a third party liability plan provides protection against third party accidental claims resulting out of causing property damages or bodily injuries to a third party person.

5 Best Mahindra Car Models With (Car Insurance Price)

Mahindra & Mahindra offers a wide range of SUVs and cars to its customers across the world. Here is a list of the five most popular Mahindra car models:

Mahindra XUV 500

Mahindra XUV 500 is a seven-seater SUV with a cheetah-inspired design. It comes with a 2179 CC diesel engine, which is available in manual as well as automatic transmission. Moreover, it comes with six airbags comprising of side and curtain airbags. Currently, the XUV 500 insurance price is around Rs 34,359.

Mahindra Scorpio

Mahindra Scorpio is a 7-8 seater vehicle with a diesel engine of 2179 CC. It is built with intel-hybrid technology that helps reduce fuel consumption. It gives the buyer the choice of both 5-speed as well as a 6-speed manual transmission. The present Mahindra Scorpio insurance price is around Rs 30,769.

Mahindra Bolero

Mahindra Bolero is a lower-priced SUV that comes with a seven-seater capacity and 1493 CC diesel engine. It is equipped with ABS as well as airbags and is designed to bear rough surfaces. Currently, the Mahindra Bolero insurance price is around Rs 29,266.

Mahindra KUV 100 NXT

Mahindra KUV 100 NXT is a hatchback car designed for nuclear families with a seating capacity for 5-6 people. It comes with an engine of 1198 CC in both petrol and diesel variants. Its gearbox comes with a cooling facility and its boot space can be expanded up to 473L. The present Mahindra KUV 100 NXT price is around Rs 13,217.

Mahindra TUV 300

Mahindra TUV 300 is a seven-seater SUV with a powerful 1493 CC diesel engine. It comes with a manual transmission mode with an expandable boot space of up to 384L. The current Mahindra TUV 300 insurance price is around Rs 15,165.

Disclaimer – The Mahindra car insurance prices mentioned above are for new cars and may differ based on factors, such as RTO city, car variant, age of the vehicle, etc.

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Reasons to Buy Mahindra Car Insurance

Purchasing a car insurance policy for your Mahindra car is a wise decision. Take a look at the reasons why it is beneficial to buy Mahindra insurance plans for your vehicle:

  • Protects Mahindra Car – With the help of a comprehensive Mahindra car insurance policy, you can protect your car from all kinds of risks, be it own damage or third party liabilities. Besides, it also provides personal accident cover to the owner-driver of the Mahindra vehicle.
  • Mandatory by Law – All those people who own a Mahindra car needs to have at least third party cover for their vehicle under the motor laws of India. Vehicles without a valid third party car insurance policy are not allowed to run on public roads.
  • Cashless Garages – If you have a car insurance policy for your Mahindra vehicle, you will be able to avail cashless repair facility. This is because Mahindra Scorpio car insurance comes with a wide network of cashless garages in the country where policyholders can get their Mahindra car repaired on a cashless basis as the payment will be made by the insurer.
  • Saves Money – A Mahindra insurance plan can be purchased at a lower price as you can get a variety of discounts on your premium amount, such as automobile association membership discount, security device installation discount, No Claim Bonus (NCB), etc. Thus, you can end up saving a lot of money.
  • Instant Online Issuance – If you purchase Mahindra insurance online, you can get the policy issued almost instantly. The process is extremely fast and the policy is used as soon as you pay your policy premium online.  
  • Add-on Covers – You can buy a variety of add-on covers under Mahindra Bolero car insurance on payment of an additional premium to expand the scope of your policy coverage. Some of the add-on covers available are zero depreciation cover cost of consumables items, return to invoice, NCB protection, etc.

Inclusions of Mahindra Car Insurance

Mahindra car insurance covers your car or SUV from the following adversities:

  • Accidents – Any damages or losses caused to your Mahindra vehicle in an accident will be covered under this insurance plan.
  • Third Party Liabilities – In case you have caused accidental third party property damages or bodily injuries through your Mahindra car, your insurer will pay for the liabilities on your behalf.
  • Fire & Explosion – If your car has been damaged as a result of a fire or explosion, then your Mahindra insurance policy will cover the losses incurred.
  • Calamities – Any loss or damages caused to your Mahindra vehicle due to a natural or manmade calamity will be covered by your insurance company. Natural calamities include floods, earthquakes, cyclones, etc while manmade calamities comprise of riots, terrorism activities, strike, etc.
  • Theft – If in an unfortunate situation, your Mahindra car gets stolen one day then your insurer will compensate for the losses that you’ve incurred.
  • Personal Accident – A Mahindra car insurance policy comes with a personal accident cover that provides coverage to the owner-driver of the Mahindra car in case he gets accidentally injured while using the car.

Exclusions of Mahindra Car Insurance

There are certain exigencies which are excluded under Mahindra car insurance. Take a look:

  • Depreciation – It does not cover any losses incurred by the policyholder due to depreciation in the value of his Mahindra car.
  • Illegal Driving – Driving without a valid driving license is illegal in India. Thus, if you are caught driving a Mahindra vehicle without a valid driving license then your insurance company will not pay for the losses incurred.
  • Electrical & Mechanical Breakdown – Any loss or damages caused to your Mahindra car due to an electrical or mechanical breakdown will not be covered under this policy.
  • Drunk Driving – Driving under the influence is also forbidden in India. Thus, if you are found driving your Mahindra car in a drunken state then your insurer will not pay for any damages or losses incurred.

Add On Covers Under Mahindra Car Insurance

Mahindra insurance comes with several add-on covers that you buy on paying an extra premium amount to enhance the coverage of your policy. Following is a list of add-on covers available under Mahindra car insurance:

  • Zero Depreciation Cover – This cover will allow you to get a claim amount without deducting the depreciation value of your Mahindra car. It helps you get the entire IDV amount without considering depreciation.
  • Emergency Assistance Cover – With this add-on cover, you will be able to avail emergency roadside assistance in case your Mahindra car faces a technical or mechanical breakdown while on road. Some of the services offered include flat tyre change, minor on-site repairs, battery jump-start, towing facility, empty fuel tank assistance, etc.
  • No Claim Bonus Protection – With the help of this cover, your NCB will stay protected even if you make a claim under your Mahindra insurance policy. It keeps your NCB percentage intact and moves it to the next slab despite the claim.
  • Return to Invoice – This cover ensures that you get an Insured Declared Value or IDV equivalent to the invoice value of your Mahindra car in case of total damage claims. Without this add-on, you will get a claim amount equal to the current market value of the car which would be lesser than the invoice price of the car.
  • Key Replacement Cover – In case you have lost the keys to your Mahindra car, this cover will enable you to get the replacement key for your vehicle at the earliest.
  • Engine & Gear Box Protector – Under this cover, any damages or losses suffered by the engine and gearbox of your Mahindra car will be covered under the insurance policy. Besides, it also includes the cost of compression tests, labour costs, engine cylinder re-boring and machine charges.
  • Loss of Use/ Downtime Protection – This cover provides cash allowance to the policyholder for daily conveyance in case his Mahindra car is at the garage for repair work.
  • Cost of Consumables Items – As part of this cover, the cost of all consumables items, such as nuts and bolts, used in your car is covered under your Mahindra car insurance.

How to Buy Mahindra Insurance Online?

The procedure to buy Mahindra insurance online is very easy. Follow the steps given below to buy a Mahindra car insurance policy:

  • Go to the menu bar on the page to select ‘Car Insurance’ under Motor Insurance
  • You will find a form asking for the details of your Mahindra car
  • Enter the required details, including Mahindra car model, year of registration, RTO details and city
  • Provide your personal details, such as email id and contact number
  • You will be able to view the prices for different Mahindra insurance plans
  • Choose a plan you want to buy and select any add-on covers
  • Pay the final premium price for your insurance online
  • Your Mahindra car insurance policy will be issued

Mahindra Car Insurance Renewal Process

The Mahindra insurance renewal process is fast and simple. Anybody can easily renew their Mahindra insurance online without any hassles. Take a look at the steps involved in the Mahindra Bolero insurance renewal process:

  • Visit the menu bar at the top of the page and select motor insurance
  • Login to your account
  • Choose the option of Mahindra car insurance renewal
  • Enter the previous policy details, such as your policy number
  • Submit the details
  • Select the Mahindra insurance plan you want to renew
  • Choose the add-on covers that you want to include
  • Pay the final premium amount online
  • Your Mahindra car insurance policy will be renewed

Mahindra Car Insurance Claims Process

Two types of claims can be administered under Mahindra car insurance policy – cashless claims and reimbursement claims. Cashless claims can be made if the insured Mahindra vehicle is being repaired at a network garage. Reimbursement claims are made when the car was repaired at a non-network garage of Mahindra insurance. Take a look at the claims procedure for both cashless claims and reimbursement claims:

Cashless Claims:

  • Intimate the insurance company about the mishap
  • A surveyor will assess all the damages sustained by your Mahindra car
  • Bring or get your vehicle towed to the nearest network garage
  • Fill up the claim form and submit it with other required documents
  • The car will be repaired and you will be notified once it is ready to be collected
  • The claim amount will be paid directly to the network garage

Reimbursement Claims:

  • Inform the insurance company about the incident
  • The surveyor will assess the damages and losses suffered by the car
  • Get the vehicle repaired at a non-network garage
  • After it has been repaired, pay the repair bill
  • Fill up the claim form and submit it along with other documents
  • The insurer will process the claim and payment will be made to you

Mahindra Car Insurance FAQs

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