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Mexico is officially called as United Mexican State and is known for its diverse culture. It has everything from beautiful beaches, rich cultural scenes to a vibrant nightlife. Situated in the southern part of North America.

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    By area, Mexico is the 13th largest country in the world and with its crowded beaches, the country leads to quite colonial towns whereas resort cities open gateways to amazing jungles.

    The country’s majestic mountains go down to remote deserts. The capital city of Mexico is known as Mexico City and is a historic center and the largest metropolis with beautiful museums.

    According to World Tourism Organization, Mexico is one of the most visited countries in the world and it is the second most visited country among the Americas, after the United States. This country has a decent number of UNESCO World Heritage sites and this list includes colonial cities, ancient ruins, and some nature reserves. In addition to this, it has several works of modern private and public architecture. 

    As per the aforementioned information, Mexico is one of the must-visit destinations for many travel enthusiasts. However, the tourists can be subject to many unforeseen issues during their travel to Mexico, which can lead to financial loss. Fraud and pick-pocketing are some of the common scenarios in Mexico. Besides, there is always a chance of getting sick due to changes in weather and meeting with an accident. Therefore, staying well prepared for such instances while traveling is always recommended. 

    Even though there is no legal requirement of having a travel insurance policy for traveling to Mexico by foreign nationals or Indians, but it is advised to carry a travel insurance policy for Mexico. This is to ensure financial help in case of any medical, travel-related, or medical emergency. 

    Fast Facts about Mexico


    Mexico City


    Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic


    62% Mestizo, 7.0% Amerindian, and 31% Others


    Christianity 88.9%, Catholicism 77.7%, Other Christian 11.2% , No Religion 10.6%, Others 0.2%, Unspecified 0.3% 


    126 million


    Tropical climate with the dry and rainy season. There is little fluctuation in temperature from season to season. The temperature in all the areas of Mexico ranges between 50 degrees F to 70 degrees F.

    Entry Essentials to Mexico

    All foreign nationals wishing to enter Mexico should obtain a visa unless they are citizens of one of the 68 visa exempt countries or one of the three countries that are eligible for the Electronic Authorization System. Since India does not lie on any of these lists, so Indians must apply for a Mexican visa before entering this country.  

    People who wish to travel to Mexico to visit his/her friends/family or traveling should apply for a Tourist visa. Similarly, those who are planning to stay in Mexico to study or work must apply for Mexico Temporary visa. Mexico Temporary visa is further divided into – Mexico Work visa, Mexico Student visa, and Mexico Family Visa. People who want to live in Mexico permanently must apply for Mexico Permanent Resident Visa. However, one does not need to have a Transit visa while transiting from this country. 

    Types of Mexico Visa for Indians

    Broadly, an Indian who is applying for a Mexican visa can apply under any of the three below mentioned visa types. These visa types are as per the duration of stay of a person. 

    • Mexico Tourist Visa: This type of visa is issued for a short stay of a maximum of 180 days. Generally, this type of visa is applied by the tourists who want to enter Mexico for business, tourism, or some other purpose that does not require employment.
    • Mexico Temporary Visa: This type of visa is issued to foreigners who wish to move to Mexico for a duration longer than six months and less than four years. Therefore, temporary visa for Mexico can further be divided into these three types:
    • Mexico Work Visa
    • Mexico Student Visa
    • Mexico Family Visa
    • Mexico Permanent Resident Visa: This type of visa can be applied by those who want to live in this country permanently. 

    Documents Required for Mexico Visa

    All applicants for a Mexico visa need to submit some documents at the time of applying. Take a look at the list of these documents required for various types of Mexico visa:

      • Documents for Tourist Visa:
        • Duly filled Mexico visa application form
        • A passport that is valid for at least six months from the date of travel
        • Two passport size photographs
        • A cover letter that states the purpose of traveling to Mexico
        • Accommodation proof
        • Proof of return ticket
        • A bank statement that has information of previous six months wherein sign and seal of the bank is mandatory
        • Papers of income tax for the last three years
        • Salary slip of previous three months
        • Copy of passport’s 1st page and 2md page
      • Documents for Business Visa:
        • Duly filled online application
        • Two passport size photographs 
    • A cover letter that mentions the details of the applicant and his/her purpose in applying for the Mexico business visa
    • Return ticket
    • Bank statements of previous six months
    • Visiting card
    • Income tax papers for last three years
    • Salary slips of last three months
    • Letter from the chamber of commerce 
    • On an A4 sheet name of the applicant and fingerprints of both his/her index fingers. The applicant must have to write right-hand finger and left-hand finger under their fingerprints. 
    • Documents for Student Visa:
    • The applicant must download the application form and fill it duly.
    • The applicant should have a valid passport and a copy of its first and last pages and all the pages on which the stamps are present. It is advised to have copies of all the pages.
    • Passport size photograph with white background
    • Educational institute’s original letterhead sheet that addresses to the Consulate General of Mexico, San Diego wherein the details of the applicant like his/her full name, a degree that he/she wants to pursue, area of study, name of the course that is accepted, course's duration, and complete cost that is likely to occur. It is mandatory that the letter is signed by the Official Representative and there has to be data for identification of the educational institute issuing this letter. 
    • Documents proving economic solvency for ensuring that there will be sufficient funds for carrying out the course and other expenses of the applicant.
    • Copies of bank statements of the last three months wherein the full name and address of the bank are mentioned.
    • Proof that the applicant has a steady income of at least USD 400/ month
    • Proof of applicant’s investments and savings
    • Proof that he/she has received a scholarship
    • If an applicant is a minor, his/her birth certificate and his/her legal guardian's or parents' IDs are required.
    • Student visa application fee.
    • Documents for Work Visa:
    • Original passport 
    • Passport’s first and last page’s copy
    • Application form duly filled and signed
    • Legal stay evidence, if the applicant has nationality of another country
    • Authorization letter issued by the National Immigration Institute
    • Letter of employment issued by the employer in Mexico
    • The cover letter provided by the employer stating the purpose of the applicant
    • Passport size photograph
    • Documents for Permanent Resident Visa:
    • General:
    • Visa application on double-sided paper
    • Original passport with copy of its first page
    • Visa application processing fee
    • Passport size photo with white background and no glasses
    • Proof of legal stay in the country
    • Economic Solvency:
    • Pensioners/ Retired:
    • Investment proof or bank account statement wherein average monthly balance is equivalent to USD 85,000 (for 12 months)
    • Monthly income proof from pension wherein the amount must of USD 2,200 (for six months)
    • Family Ties to a Mexican or a Foreigner Permanent Resident:
    • Permanent Resident Card:
    • Daughter or Son (minors), birth certificate of the child
    • Parents (minors), birth certificate of applicants
    • Sister or Brother, birth certificate of both:
    • The applicant and 
    • The permanent resident (minors)
    • Spouse's child or common-law partner or equivalent
    • Should provide that the applicant is a child or adolescent who is unmarried
    • Applicant certificate
    • Original and copy of the permanent resident card
    • With Mexican:
    • Document giving the proof of Mexican nationality
    • Sister or brother (minor), birth certificate of both, the applicant and his/her Mexican sister/ brother
    • Child of the common-law partner or spouse or equivalent, applicant’s birth certificate, common-law certificate, or marriage certificate

    Mexico Visa Procedure

    An Indian citizen can apply for a Mexican visa by following the below-mentioned steps:

    • Step 1: The applicant should arrange all the documents according to his/her visa type. There are different types of visas and the document requirements may vary. 
    • Step 2: The applicant should book an appointment with the Mexican embassy through and there he/she should provide the relevant details such as country, language, meeting date, etc. All the required details and procedures are mentioned there.
    • Step 3: The applicant has to pay the Visa fee, which has to be done before the document submission and after booking an appointment at the below-mentioned bank accounts:
      • For Cash Payment:

    HDFC Bank

    C-17, Anand Niketan

    Benito Juarez Marg,

    New Delhi – 110021

    Name: Consular Section Embassy of Mexico

    Account Number: 50200040168760

    • For Electronic Transfer:

    RBL Bank

    23 Basant Lok Market,

    Vasant Vihar,

    New Delhi, 110057

    Name: Consular-Embassy of Mexico

    Account Number – 409001450300

    IFSC Code: RATN0000182

    Note: In both types of visa application fee payment, one can include his/her passport number as a reference. 

    • Step 4: When one has booked an appointment through MEXITEL, he/she will receive a confirmation letter in his/her email id. One must carry this appointment letter with other relevant documents and receipt of the visa application fee on the day of his/her appointment. 
    • Step 5: On approval of the Visa application, time in Visa processing takes approximately two working days. One has to collect his/her passport in person.

    In case of any query, an applicant can contact the Embassy of Mexico directly


    Working Hours

    Contact Number


    Embassy of Mexico

    Monday to Friday

    9 AM to 6 PM

    +91 (11)2411-7180

    Embassy of Mexico,

    C-8, Benito Juarez Marg, Block C, Anand Niketan, New Delhi – 110021

    Mexico Travel Insurance

    Even though Mexico is a safe country, but still one should take care while traveling to any foreign land as no place is risk-free. To start with pick-pocketing is one of the common problems that tourists encounter in Mexico. In addition to this, the climate of Mexico is somewhat different than India, so a traveler may fall sick because of sudden weather changes. 

    The best way to deal with these unpredictable situations is to have a Mexico travel insurance policy. Valid travel insurance for Mexico can provide vast coverage against various unforeseen adversities that a traveler can face during his/her travel to this country that leads to financial loss. Whether one is traveling to Mexico for work, studies, or fun, he/she should insure his/her journey with a travel insurance policy for Mexico. 

    Mexico travel insurance provides coverage against travel-related, medical, as well as other types of adversities that he/she may face during his/her travel to Mexico. Some of the insurance plans include an emergency medical facility, personal accident cover, loss or delay in check-in baggage, missed connecting flight, loss of passport, etc. facilities. 

    Indian insurance companies offer a variety of travel insurance plans and a person traveling to Mexico can choose a plan as per his/her requirements or suitability. Some of these plans are:

    • International Travel Insurance
    • Family Travel Insurance
    • Student Travel Insurance
    • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance
    • Corporate Travel Insurance
    • Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

    Best Time to Visit Mexico

    The best time to visit Mexico is between December to April, which is during the dry season. This is the time when there is no rain in Mexico. The best months to visit are December and February. 

    Transportation in Mexico

    Mexico is the third largest and second populous country of entire Latin America. The country has an extensive network of transportation for meeting the requirements of its economy. So, if one is planning to use public transport during his/her trip to Mexico, then he/she can use any of the below-mentioned modes of transport. However, one should not forget to carry his/her travel insurance policy while traveling with any of the public transportation modes in Mexico:

    • Car: The network of roadways is extensive and most of its area is covered by it. One can easily drive from one place to another by hiring a car. The expressways or rods with toll are known as ‘autopistas de cuota' whereas non-toll roads are called 'carreteras libres’. 
    • Metro: The capital city of Mexico has a well-laid metro rail network. The Monterrey Metro and Mexico City Metro and light rail systems are operating in Guadalajara (Guadalajara Light Rail System) and Mexico City (Xochimilco Light Rail). 
    • Air: One can travel to Mexico by air as the country has an extensive network of airports with modern amenities. Flying domestically and from international locations is safe and easy in Mexico as all the airports are most advanced in entire Latin America.
    • Seaports: Mexico has 10 river ports and 76 seaports. The four major seaports that are concentrating around 60% of merchandise traffic in Mexico are Veracruz, Altamira in the Gulf of Mexico, and Lazaro Cardenas, and Manzanillo in the Pacific Ocean. 

    International Airports in Mexico



    Benito Juarez Airport

    Mexico City

    Cancun Airport


    Miguel Hidalgo Y Costilla Guadalajara


    General Mariano Escobedo International Airport

    Apodaca, Monterrey Metropolitan Area

    General Abelardo L. Rodríguez International Airport


    Los Cabos International Airport

    San Jose del Cabo

    Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport

    Puerto Vallarta resort

    Manuel Crescencio Rejón International Airport


    Guanajuato International Airport

    Silao city

    Bachigualato Federal International Airport

    Culiacan and Navolato

    General Roberto Fierro Villalobos International Airport

    Chihuahua city

    Abraham González International Airport

    Ciudad Juarez

    Ángel Albino Corzo International Airport

    Tuxtla Gutiérrez

    General Heriberto Jara International Airport

    Veracruz city

    Even though travelers to Mexico are not required to have travel insurance, however, it is suggested to opt for one as it safeguards one from various untoward situations related to travel by air like flight delays, baggage loss, etc. 

    Mexico Weather

    Mexico is one of the largest countries in the world so it has different types of climate, however, the north of the country receives lesser precipitation than the country's south. In this way, the country has two main seasons, which are 

    • Rainy: May to Mid-October
    • Dry: Mid-October to April

    Top Tourist Spots in Mexico

    Mexico is a long favorite vacation place for tourists across the world. The stunning scenic beauty, mesmerizing sandy beaches, and rich culture make it one of the best places to visit. Some of the top places that a traveler should visit in Mexico are:

    • Cancun and Mayan Riviera
    • Puerto Vallarta
    • Los Cabos Corridor and Cabo San Lucas
    • Copper Canyon: The Grand Canyon of Mexico
    • Mexico City’s Historic Center
    • Chichen Itza: The Mayan Metropolis
    • Guanajuato
    • Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo
    • The Ancient Fortress of Tulum
    • Cozumel: Island Life
    • Guadalajara
    • Merida: Yucatan’s White City
    • Oaxaca
    • Historic Morelia
    • Riviera Nayarit

    Eating Out in Mexico

    Eating around Mexico is a real treat for tourists. Whether one wants to have late-night Tacos in small towns or want to have multi-course meals at Mexico City’s top restaurant, everything is delicious, Mexican food has variety as it uses herbs abundant use of chilies and herbs. Some of the dining options in Mexico are:

    • Taquerias: These are taco stands that specialize in filled tacos. 
    • Mercados: These are the produced markets that have attached food stalls.
    • Comedores: These are budget canteen-type restaurants that serve simple meals.
    • Fondas: These are small mostly family-run restaurants with options of fast foods and economical meals.
    • Restaurantes: From simple restaurants that serve regional dishes to fancy dining out options that offer multi-course meals come under this. 

    Things to Do in Mexico

    People generally think that Mexico is for staying in a beautiful resort with sea-view, but it is more than that. From going on trekking in the Sierra Norte Mountains to visiting beautiful historic sites of Mayan culture. There are so many things to do in Mexico. 

    Those who want to visit a different type of church should go to Iglesia de San Juan Chamula. Unlike regular Church, it does not have benches to sit, instead, one has to sit on pine needles that are spread out on the floor. 

    While most of us think that tequila is one of the most popular drinks of Mexico, they can be wrong, here, the alcohol of choice is mezcal. This drink is derived from the agave plant and those who are traveling to Mexico should try this drink. 

    The swimming lowers should not leave-taking a dip and dive at Hierve el Agua. On the other hand, cheering wrestlers at various Lucha Libre matches is another fun activity that one must try here in Mexico.

    Indian Embassy Information in Mexico

    In case of any problem during his/her stay in Mexico, an Indian traveler can contact Indian Embassy in Mexico.


    Working Hours

    Contact Number


    Embassy of India, Mexico City

    Monday to Friday - 9 am to 5:30 pm

    5531-1002/ 1050/ 4636/ 6638

    Musset 325, Col. Polanco, Mexico City - 11550