Things to Do in Mexico

Mexico is the best place if one wants to spend a nice, warm time with their loved ones, surrounded by ocean and rainforests. On that note, here’re the list of things you can do when in Mexico!

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    Mexico: The Land of Food & Culture!

    Mexico is a fascinating country with tropical and sandy beaches, stunning scenery, rich culture and ceaseless sunshine. When one thinks of Mexico, they can imagine themselves relaxing on a beach or playing outdoor sports or exploring the culture. Mexico has a wide variety of flora and fauna.

    But there’s more to Mexico than warm beaches. One can go deeper and discover some places that are not all ocean. If you are planning a trip to Mexico, this article is all about the list of things you can do when in this amazing country. Also, make sure you do all travel arrangements beforehand from booking tickets to applying for international travel insurance to make it a hassle-free affair.

    Fun Things to Do in Mexico

    Mexico is filled with adventure, luscious food, and stunning places. There are so many things to do in Mexico, some of which include beaches as well.

    • Take a Dip at Hierve el Agua, Oaxaca- Hierve el Agua is a waterfall site, which is formed by two cliffs. One cliff has a sight that looks as if water is flowing over the edge and one cliff has man-made pools. The view is incredible.
    • Go trekking in the Sierra Norte Mountains- Mexico has more to offer than beaches, like amazing mountain range. As one goes higher, the palm trees are replaced by pine and oak trees. The mountains also consist of some small villages, which are an ecotourism community.
    • Experience Day of the Dead- The Day of the Dead is a festival in Mexico where the people remember their loved ones who passed away. They take out time to visit the grave sites of their loved ones and decorate their graves.
    • Swim in a Cenote- A cenote is a natural swimming hole or a sinkhole which is formed from the collapse of limestone bedrock. One can go swimming in a cenote. It is also possible to go scuba-diving or even snorkeling in some cenotes, which is  completely a different experience from doing these activities in the ocean.
    • Explore the Street Art- Take a stroll through the city of Oaxaca, and one is sure to find some spectacular street art. Many cities have street art, if one searches for them. It is a fun activity for free, and also a great way to explore the city.
    • Walk the Malecon- A Malecon is an esplanade along the waterfront, and one can find several Malecon since there are many coastal cities in Mexico. You can take a stroll during the evening, to watch the sun setting over the horizon and the swaying of the palm trees. During weekends, one can even find music and dance on the streets.
    • Experience a Baby Turtle Release- One can have the most unique experience in Mexico if they experience a baby turtle release in Mexico. During this season, the sea turtles return to lay their eggs. The turtle’s season starts from May and ends in November. Mexico, Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit offer some of the best turtle release programs in the country.
    • Attend the Guelaguetza Dance Festival- The Guelaguetza Festival takes place in the city of Oaxaca. It is an indigenous cultural event in Mexico that takes place annually. The festival is of music, dance, culture and food. It is a celebration of Oaxacan culture.

    Best Mexican Activities for Foodies

    Authentic Mexican food has more to it than tacos and burritos. While they are quite famous, there are many more options to choose from. For all the foodies reading this article, one will not be disappointed in all the activities this article has for them to enjoy on their trip to Mexico.

    • Taste Mezcal- Mezcal is an alcoholic beverage, which is derived from the agave plant. One can even visit a mezcal farm, where they get to see how mezcal is made, can do a tasting and choose their favorite one.
    • Take a Street Food Tour- Who doesn’t want to try the street food of the place they are visiting? Especially in the case of Mexico, it can be quite tricky to resist the food there. If one is unsure about what to have, because of the unfamiliar names, one can always take a street food tour to learn about the dishes. Some of the best food tours can be found in Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta and Guanajuato.
    • Take Mexican Cooking Class- If one wants to learn how to make their favorite Mexican dish, there’s no better way to take a Mexican cooking class in Mexico. Each region in Mexico has its own special food, so one can take class anywhere and enjoy learning to make different Mexican dishes.
    • Try Michelada- Michelada is a bloody mary but with beer instead of vodka. It is one of the most refreshing drinks and a perfect drink to have while relaxing on a hot day.
    • Visit the Wine Region- Mexico produces some excellent wine. One can visit the wine regions of Baja and Valle de Guadalupe. One can even take part in a wine tasting tour while visiting the wine regions.

    Best Mexico Attractions

    Mexico has some of the most stunning places and scenery, most of which are tropical forests and beaches. But we’ve also covered the places if one wants to try something else:

    • Puerto Vallarta- Puerto Vallarta is a popular beach destination on Mexico’s pacific coast. It is famous for its beaches, watersports, and cruises. One can indulge in many adventurous activities like jet skiing, paragliding and much more.
    • Visit the Chichén Itzá- One of the seven wonders of the world, the Chichén Itzá attracts millions of visitors every year. While paying a visit to this site, one should not miss the sight of the Temple of Kukulkan, also known as El Castillo, which is built in honor of a Mayan feathered serpent god.
    • Visit the Ancient Fortress of Tulum- Tulum is known as the only fortified Mayan settlement on the coast. The ruins are absolutely spectacular and there are even a lot of cenotes so one can go for a dip.
    • Pay a visit to the Chapultepec Castle- Chapultepec Castle is the one and only castle in all of North America. If one loves history, this is the place to come to as it contains many artifacts and murals. One can even see the view of Mexico City from up above the hill.
    • See the Puebla tunnels- The Puebla tunnels are the system of tunnels underneath the Mexican City, which is around 500 years old. The tunnel starts from the city of Puebla and ends at Fort Loreto. It is now a museum called Secrets of Puebla. Do pay a visit here as it is marvelous and extremely exciting.
    • Historic Morelia- Morelia is a colonial-era city in Mexico. It remains unchanged for the most part. The best places to visit in this historic city are the Plaza de Armas, which is a public square that has various restaurants, cafes and shopping centers, Morelia Cathedral and Morelia Aqueduct.
    • Visit the Island of Cozumel- Cozumel is a Mexican island located in the Caribbean Sea. The Island of Cozumel is famous for its coral reefs, white beaches and stunning sunsets. One can indulge into almost all kinds of activities. Many prefer to dive in the sea to experience the island’s unique coral reefs and marine life. One might also want to visit the most famous tourist attraction, the Island Museum, which highlights the island’s history.
    • Copper Canyon- Copper Canyon is a group of canyons in the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains. These incredible canyons are famous for the scenic rail trips which lets the people explore the canyons more deeply.
    • Explore the city of Monterrey- Monterrey is the third largest city in the country which is surrounded by mountains. It has a thriving ecotourism scene. The surrounding mountains provide one with numerous endeavors like rock climbing, trekking, mountain biking and the view from the top is stupendous.
    • Chiflon Waterfalls- The Chiflon Waterfalls provides one with scenic views as the turquoise water tumbles down the rocks. The sight is breathtaking and when one is near enough, one can feel the mist of the waterfall sprayed onto them.
    • Cancun- A perfect city for beaches, night clubs and street food makes it a perfect getaway. The city also has lush jungles with several cenotes, where one can go for a dip.
    • Cabo San Lucas- Cabo San Lucas has some of the most luxurious hotels. The nightlife is a beautiful experience with loud clubs and parties. Beaches are spectacular and offer a beautiful sunset to watch, but don’t go swimming very far in the ocean as the ocean there has steep floor drop-offs.

    Planning Your Mexico Itinerary

    Everyone’s itinerary is different from others. When it comes to visiting Mexico, one can consider the below one:

    A trip of 2 weeks is ideal to visit most of the places in Mexico. Although Mexico is far too cover all the palces in the time span of 2 weeks, one can still explore the most beautiful places that Mexico has to offer. Let’s begin with the itinerary.

    • Mexico City: Day 1-3
    • Oaxaca City: Day 4-6
    • Guadalajara: Day 7-9
    • Cozumel: Day 10-12
    • Guanajuato: Day 12-14

    Travel Insurance for Mexico

    Before travelling to Mexico, one should have a Mexico visa and travel insurance, also if one is going over for a short span. The reason for having a travel insurance can be manifold:

    • Medical emergency being the foremost one where one can encounter a health emergency leading to hospitalisation. In such a case, the policy comes in handy, which will cover the treatment expenses.
    • Some travel insurance companies even offer surfing travel insurance. While surfing is a relaxing activity, it can become risky for a beginner. One might need medical assistance and surfing travel insurance will cover the costs of the treatment.
    • Some travel insurance even offer watersports cover for activities like scuba diving and jet skiing. In such a case, Travel insurance Mexico will certainly come in handy and one should always be prepared for emergencies.
    • Mexico is a popular destination where a student wishes to study economics, politics, history, Spanish language and many more. International student insurance is what a traveling student needs if they want a safe trip in Mexico. The student travel insurance policy can cover medical expenses during your stay, cost of college expenses and organized sports.

    Mexico Travel Tips

    Here are some travel tips for one to follow if one is planning to travel to Mexico. One should always remember these tips on their Mexico trip.

    • The currency used in Mexico is Mexican Peso.
    • According to the visa policy of Mexico, a traveler should carry with them an approved tourist card for entry in Mexico.
    • If one is a citizen of Japan, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom or Schengen areas, or has a permanent residence permit in any of the above countries, one does not require a visa for travel, study or business and if your stay does not exceed the duration of 180 days.
    • The language spoken in Mexico for a majority part is Spanish.
    • Be careful of car rental scams in Mexico.
    • Avoid drinking tap water in Mexico and even ice made from that source of water should be avoided. Instead, prefer drinking from sealed water bottles.
    • Credit cards are accepted in Mexico, but one should always carry pesos in case some places don’t have card payment service.
    • One might feel an earthquake while in Mexico. However, there are early warning systems that alert if a big earthquake is predicted.
    • One must carry sunscreen at all times, considering Mexico is a tropical country.
    • Don’t lose your FMM (Multiple Migratory Form) Card.
    • Learn basic Spanish so one can better understand and communicate with the Mexican citizens. Although English is also used widely in big cities.

    Here’s is all you need to know about the things to do when in Mexico. Plan your trip accordingly and make the most of your vacation.