Raheja QBE Car Insurance Premium Calculator

The Raheja QBE Car Insurance Premium Calculator is a valuable and essential tool that can make your life much easier. Every person indeed has their requirements while buying a car insurance policy. It assists in calculating the car premium that one has to pay for the car and compares various insurance policies offered by the insurance company. The amount which you pay for the car insurance premium is also based on personal details, car details, previous policy details, etc. The calculator works basis on your information and provides the right policy quotes.

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Benefits of Raheja QBE Car Insurance Premium Calculator

The Raheja QBE Car Insurance comes with numerous benefits. It can make your process to buy an insurance policy easy as all the calculations are made digitally. Let’s have a look at the benefits of this calculator

  • Analyse Various Options: If you use the Raheja QBE Car Insurance Premium Calculator, you get a chance to view various plans by the insurance company. This helps in making a good choice for your car insurance renewal
  • Quick to Compare: The Raheja QBE Car Insurance Premium Calculator allows to quickly compare the various insurance plans made available by the company. 
  • Fast and Easy: As the Raheja QBE Car Insurance Premium Calculator is available online, you just have to fill in your details from your computer or mobile screen. This becomes fast and easy for making the process smooth and quick. 
  • Yours is the Last Decision: When you use Raheja QBE Car Insurance Premium Calculator, you are offered with various options, which can be used for comparing and selecting the best policy for your car. One can compare the available plans and can buy the most suitable and affordable one in one click. 

How to Use Raheja QBE Car Insurance Premium Calculator?

The Raheja QBE Car Insurance Premium Calculator is available on its official website. You can use it by clicking on its homepage and choose the tab ‘Insurance Premium Calculator’, enter your basic details and car details, and the estimated car insurance premium calculator will be visible on your screen. Based on your needs, the calculator will suggest a few plans. You can buy as per your budget.

Factors Affecting Raheja QBE Car Insurance Premium Calculation

There are a few factors that affect the car insurance premiums. Based on them, the insurance company calculates the premium.

  • Age: Young drivers are more vulnerable to accidentals than the experienced one. So, the insurance premiums would be higher as per the age of the driver.
  • Make & Model: An expensive car model leads to higher premium considering the maintenance associated.
  • Claim History: You claim history also impacts. One with frequent claim record will draw a higher premium than the one with lower claim ratio.

Registration Zone: Car insurance premiums for less risky areas are comparatively lower than the high risk-prone zones.

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Note: This is your car’s recommended IDV as per IRDAI’s depreciation guidelines.asdfsad However, insurance companies allow you to modify this IDV within a certain range (this range varies from insurer to insurer). Higher the IDV, higher the premium you pay.

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