Reliance Car Insurance Premium Calculator

Car insurance is mandatory in India as per the Motor Vehicle Act and this is the reason every Indian car owner has it. However, the price of a car insurance policy is not constant and varies with insurance providers. It is sometimes seen that for the same coverage different car insurance providers offer different prices. Therefore, if you are aware of the premium of your car insurance policy before buying it, you can make an informed decision. A car insurance premium calculator is one such online tool that enables you to calculate the premium of your car insurance policy.

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Most of car insurance providers offer their car insurance premium calculators and Reliance Car Insurance Premium Calculator is one of them. With the help of this tool, you can calculate the premium amount of your car insurance policy beforehand.

How to Use Reliance Car Insurance Premium Calculator?

With the help of the below-mentioned steps, you can use Reliance Car Insurance Premium Calculator easily:

  • In the first step, you have to fill in your car details such as the age of your car, its model, registration date, variant, city of registration, etc. To get 100% accurate results from the car insurance calculator, all the information asked should be valid.
  • After providing all the required information, click on the ‘Get Quote’ option. Clicking this will redirect you to the page from where you can select the type of car insurance plan you want.
  • You can either select the basic Third-Party Car Insurance or Comprehensive Car Insurance plan.
  • If you are changing your car insurance provider, you should provide the details of your previous car insurance plan at the time of calculating the premium of your car insurance policy with the help of the Reliance car insurance premium calculator. Details such as mode of claim, earned NCB, expiry date of previous insurance plan, etc. have to be filled here.
  • After filling in all the aforementioned details, you will be able to see the rates of premium of your car insurance policy.
  • If you opt for a comprehensive car insurance policy, you can go for different add-ons like engine protection, zero depreciation, etc. However, opting for an add-on increase the amount of premium.

Benefits of Reliance Car Insurance Premium Calculator

Now that we know what a Reliance Car Insurance Premium Calculator is and how to use it, we should also know its benefits:

  • Evaluate Your Insurance Requirements: Using a Reliance Car Insurance Premium Calculator helps you to evaluate your insurance requirements. This makes you select the best Reliance Car Insurance that covers all your car insurance needs.
  • Easy Comparison: Calculating the premium of different insurance providers by using a car insurance calculator can help you to compare different plans and providers and select the best and most suitable one.
  • Unbiased Car Insurance Policy Purchase: Since you take an informed decision after calculating the premium of your car insurance policy online beforehand, thus you take an unbiased decision. This decision is not influenced by any agent or third-party.
  • Accurate Premium Amount: By using Reliance Car Insurance Premium Calculator, you get correct information about the premium that you have to pay against your car insurance policy.

Factors that Determine Reliance Car Insurance Premium

Mentioned below are the factors that affect the premium of your car insurance policy:

  • Cubic Capacity of Your Car: The engine space of your car is measured in cubic centimeters (cc). Higher space if your car's engine, higher is its CC and higher CC cars have more premiums.
  • NCB or No Claim Bonus: No Claim Bonus or NCB is the discount that you get for claim-free years. NCB can be utilized at the time of policy renewal. So, it also determines the premium of your car insurance policy, if you are renewing it.
  • Brand and Model of Your Car: The brand and model of your car for sure decides the premium amount. The fuel capacity, engine tank, etc. as well decide the rate of premium of your car. A luxury car has a higher premium as its maintenance price is high. On the other hand, the premium of the car whose maintenance is low is also low.
  • Age of Your Car: Age is also a deciding factor when we talk about the premium of your car insurance policy. Under this, the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of your car plays a major role. IDV is the present market value of your vehicle and hence it also decides the insurance premium.
  • Area – Rural or Urban: The place of your residence also plays a major role in deciding the premium of your car insurance policy.
  • Accessories of Your Car: If you have installed accessories in your car like an anti-theft device, then the premium is also affected. Since such devices decrease the chance of car theft, thus the premium of your car insurance will be less.
  • Voluntary Deductibles: If you opt for voluntary deductibles, then the premium rate of your car insurance will go down. This is because in such a case you will pay some amount from your pocket, so the premium will automatically go down.

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