Shriram Zero Depreciation Car Insurance

Shriram insurance has great customer-centric car insurance plans offered to users. But there are some caveats with the car insurance. Cars are subject to depreciation and this can decrease the value of your asset quite a lot. And a regular car insurance doesn’t cover depreciation. This is why getting a zero depreciation car insurance is vital for longevity and better value retention. Thankfully Shriram car insurance has an adequate zero depreciation cover designed for it.

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Shriram Zero Depreciation Car Insurance not only helps to protect the value of the vehicle but also helps cover the expenses of the damages incurred on the car and the body parts. As is the case with a normal car insurance plan, whenever you have an accident, the company provides you with the coverage amount after deducting the depreciation side of things. With zero depreciation cover, no such issues will cover and you will get a full claim settlement.

Let’s find out more about it down below in this post:

Benefits of Shriram Zero Depreciation Car Insurance

Here are some of the major benefits of the zero depreciation plan under Shriram Insurance:

1. Higher Payout:

With the zero depreciation cover, you will be provided with higher payouts and reimbursement than a normal car insurance. Since the zero depreciation plan mitigates any loss in value arising out of depreciation, you will never have to see out a bad deal.

2. Market Reputaltion:

Shriram car insurance has a great reputation in the market. The insurer which is a venture of the Shriram Capital and Sanlam of South Africa has been the recipient of multiple awards over the years. They were awarded the Excellence in Growth Award for two consecutive years in 2011 and 2012 showcasing their good repute.

3. Affordable and the Best Coverage:

There has been a conception that zero depreciation cover tends to cost quite a lot. However, if you take a look at the Zero Depreciation cover from Shriram then you’ll find it is one of the best and affordable ones out there. Not only will it give you good protection but will also provide you with the best coverage at the minimum cost.  

4. Speedy and Hassle-free Claim Settlement:

You can get speedy and hassle-free claims from Shriram due to their customer-centric approach. With over 2000+ network garages, finding the right claim center for garage repair is often easy.

Claim Process for Shriram Zero Depreciation Car Insurance

Getting your claim processed can be a hassling task with other insurance companies. But when it comes to Shriram it's as easy as it can get. You can simply raise claims with these few steps:

1. Intimate of the Claim

Start by intimating the insurance company about the claim. Contact them and fill in the claim intimation sheet. Make sure to include details like policy number, date and location of the accident, accident time, estimated damages, and more.

2. Wait for the Acknowledgment

The customer service team of Shriram Car Insurance will review your application and provide you with a claim reference number.

3.  of the Vehicle

The next step involves an inspection of the vehicle from the insurance company. A surveyor will contact you and schedule a meeting for the inspection of the vehicle. Once inspected, the surveyor will send in his affirmation to the insurance company.

4. Processing of Claims

Your claim will be then processed and you will be provided with the claim disbursal amount.

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