Liberty Zero Depreciation Car Insurance

A car is an asset. Naturally, they depreciate over time. When one files for standard car insurance, it covers the car value after considering depreciation. Therefore, it can often come as a nasty surprise when the policyholder ends up with out-of-pocket costs. In such cases, add-on covers such as Liberty Zero Depreciation Car Insurance comes in handy that covers the cost of depreciation extensively when one files under the Own Damage (OD) section. This happens when the car incurs damage due to an accident.

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Benefits of Liberty Zero Depreciation Car Insurance

Liberty Zero Depreciation Car Insurance provides multiple benefits. The details are given below:

  • Higher Claim Value: What happens in the case of zero depreciation insurance is that the insurance provider pays for the depreciation value. Hence, the policyholder does not have to settle it out of their pockets. Therefore, the claim values can go higher. The areas in which one does not have to pay depreciation costs are:
    • Any car above the age of half a year
    • Paint
    • Rubber parts and spares
    • Plastic parts and spares
    • Nylon parts and spares
    • Fiberglass parts and spares
    • Glass parts and spares
    • Tires
    • Batteries
    • Airbags
  • Number of claims can be higher: Liberty Zero Depreciation Car Insurance has the added benefit that it allows the policyholder to claim the benefits under their zero-depreciation policy two times. In both cases, the provider covers the depreciation costs.

How to Claim Liberty Nil Depreciation Car Insurance?

Liberty Zero Depreciation Car Insurance has a seamless claim process. Please follow the steps given below:

  • Register Claim: The first step that one needs to take immediately after the accident is informing the provider and registering the claim. Liberty Zero Depreciation Car Insurance registration is simple and multi-faceted. There is a hotline number that one can call. Further, one can register under the ‘Motor Claims’ section on the provider website. This is under the general ‘Claims’ section.
  • Claim Acceptance: Once the provider notices the registered claim, they will provide a unique number associated with that claim. One can get this by email, or in most cases, a representative from the provider's side contacts the concerned person.
  • Spot Survey of the Car: In the next step, the insurance provider's surveyor will arrive at the spot to assess the damage to the car. Based on the survey, the assessor will ask for various documents to begin the process of repair.
  • Repair and Claim: This can be done in two ways
    • Cashless – Liberty Zero Depreciation Car Insurance has multiple cashless garages. If the repair happens at this location, one need not pay the charges because the provider will reimburse the garage directly.
    • Reimbursement – If the garage where one takes the car does not have a cashless facility, one must submit all relevant documents to the insurer within seven days.

Liberty Zero Depreciation Car Insurance FAQs

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