Oriental Zero Depreciation Car Insurance

A Zero Depreciation Car Insurance is an add-on cover in car insurance that refers to no general depreciation deducted during the insurance period. Oriental Car Insurance offers reliable car insurance policies with a wide range of add-on covers such as Oriental Zero Depreciation Car Insurance in affordable premiums.

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Benefits of Oriental Zero Depreciation Car Insurance

Some of the benefits that make this policy worth for buying:

  • The most significant benefit of having this insurance is that the policyholder does not have to bear the depreciation cost, making him avail of higher claim amounts.
  • It adds more value to the basic car insurance coverage and makes your investment almost nil.
  • With the Zero Depreciation add-on, your claims regarding the insured parts are settled without considering the depreciation amount.
  • Including a Zero Depreciation add-on in your car insurance would not cost you much; it will give you peace of mind instead.

How to Claim Oriental Zero Depreciation Car Insurance?

Oriental General Insurance Co. Ltd. offers a less complex and customer-friendly claim settlement process. There are two types of claim processes-

  • Cashless claim                                              
  • Reimbursement claim

Cashless Claim Process

These steps need to be followed for making Cashless Claim:

  • Step 1- Inform the Company

In case of an accident, first, you need to inform the Oriental General Insurance Company Ltd. by calling 1800-118-485 or sending images of your damaged car on the company's email id.

  • Step 2- Arrange a Survey

After your claim has been registered, the company will send a Surveyor to examine the damage to your car and provide a report to the company.

  • Step 3- Avail Towing Service

 You can raise a request for towing service to the insurance company to get your car towed to the nearest garage, which is under the network of Oriental Car Insurance.

  • Step 4- Car Repairs

Some documentation and formalities will be done before the car gets repaired at the garage. The insurance company will pay the cost of repair.

  • Step 5- Payments of Deductibles

At last, you need to pay some compulsory deductibles, and if you have opted for voluntary deductibles, that too, and then you can take your car home.

 Reimbursement Claim Process

Steps to be followed during Reimbursement Claim process are:

  • Step 1- Inform the Company

 After an accident, to initiate the claim process, first inform the company by calling 1800-118-485 or send the images of your damaged car by email.

  • Step 2- Visit of Surveyor

The company will send a Surveyor to examine the damage to your car. Based on his report, you can proceed to the next step of your claim process.

  • Step 3- Avail Towing Service

In order to get your car towed to the garage, which is under Oriental General Insurance, you can request the company or arrange a towing service on your own.

  • Step 4 Payments after Car repair

After your car has been repaired, you need to make all payments and collect the bills to submit them to Oriental General Insurance Co. Ltd.

  • Step 5 Settle the Claim

You have to submit all original bills and required documents to settle the claim. The company will evaluate all documents and bills. They will reimburse the claim amount.


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