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One of the most prized possessions are cars with which people have fun roaming around places. However, they are also vulnerable to various attacks and damages.

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Third-party rates expected to increase* soon. Renew today!

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Cars wrecked in an accident or stolen are covered by zero depreciation, eliminating the need to consider depreciation value each year. However, only new automobile cars up to a maximum age of 5 years are eligible for zero depreciation cover. 

Even if the car owner has full coverage, the insurance company usually subtracts depreciation from the true statement to arrive at the ultimate pay-out number during a claim. 

United India Zero Depreciation Car Insurance Cover

With a Zero Depreciation Insurance cover, the insurer does not consider the fact that the automobile may have depreciated throughout its insurance period. Alternatively, if there is a loss or damage caused by an accident or theft, the insured can recover the whole amount without taking into account depreciation. However, one can only make two claims in a policy term.

United India Zero Depreciation Car Insurance Policy Benefits

There are many Zero Depreciation car insurance benefits for the policyholders. Here is a list of benefits for you:

  • Zero Depreciation claim amount is always greater than the claim amount without this facility.
  • In the event of substantial damage or loss, the insured is relieved of out-of-pocket expenditures as the majority of expenses are either reimbursed or settled at the time of repair without regard to depreciation.
  • Addition of Zero Depreciation cover to existing car insurance provides a significant amount of value. The total coverage is significant as compared to its low premiums.
  • The policy offers user security in the event of a mishap or theft.

United India Zero Depreciation Car Insurance Claim Process

  • The policyholder should contact the UIIC office or branch closest to them. The insurance provider will next conduct a survey of the car in question. As a result, if a serious accident occurs, such as fire or violent attacks, the car must be left at the scene.
  • If there is an accident, one needs to visit the doctor for bodily injuries and file a police report.
  • The third party needs to be sent to the nearest hospital for treatment. In the terrible event that the victim dies, notify the local police. An accident report is a must for claiming the policy.
  • Complete all procedures and send the claim form to the insurer. An FIR copy is also required.
  • There will be an inspection of the car and the location of the accident.
  • The insurance firm will visit the location and conduct a survey.
  • Once the procedures are completed, the car is sent for repair to the nearest authorized garage and the compensation (minus depreciation) is paid to the policyholder.

United India Zero Depreciation Car Insurance FAQs 

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