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Things to do in China

Few countries can match the history and fascination of China. Those who go to China often cannot resist the temptation to revisit. There are many things you can look forward to. While you travel there, ensure to have travel insurance in place so that they can fully focus on the great offerings the place has to offer.

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Among the many things that you can look forward to are its tourist attractions and cuisines. Ensure to get the international travel insurance and China visa to get to experience the country to the fullest. Here are some of the things you can do in China:

  • If you are a fanof cute and fluffy, the first thing that you must try out is hanging out with Pandas. These animals are native to China.
  • Ever wanted to float among the clouds? The best place to experience that isthe Floating Mountains of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. Having travel insurance in China makes the entire activity more secure.
  • Visit the weekend market at Kashgar. In the most populated country on earth, visiting this place is an amazing experience.
  • If a person is visiting on a student travel insurance policy, chances are you are going to want to learn something from this old civilization. They will not come back disappointed if they get the chance to visit the archaeological sites of Mogao Caves and seetheir wall paintings.
  • Visit the Silk Route, which is one of the earliest trade routes of the world. You can take in a beautiful view of lovely mountains, beautiful lakes and vast expanses of valleys.
  • If an individual is a fan of the cold, they must go to the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival. It hosts the world’s largest ice and snow festival. There are sculptures that blow one’s breath away. Most of them are life-size and provide a spectacle at night.
  • A cruise along the Yangtze River might be the best highlight of this great country. It is the lifeline of China and its longest river.
  • And finally, how can we leave out the Great Wall of China? It is the one wonder that one must not miss out. Climbing and walking along it is an experience that one will never get anywhere else.

Best China Activities for Foodies

However, China does not only have great activities and places. It has amazing food too. Chances are that if you have already got their travel insurance and China visa, they are already aware of this. However, if you have got international travel insurance and not pinned down a country, here is a ready reckoner of the great food that might push China to the top of the list:

  • One of the staples of Chinese cuisine is the Hotpot. It contains meat and vegetables cooked in a broth. The broth can be customized as per individual choice. There are literally too many of them to put on this list.
  • No one can ignore the great pork cuisines of China, the authentic sweet and sour pork. All of them are lip-smacking.
  • If you want to experiment more with food? Try shrimps cooked in garlic. If a person is not fond of garlic, choose the fried shrimp with cashews.
  • There is no shortage of meat in China. Another classic is duck meat. Perhaps the most famous is the roasted duck around the Beijing area. It is world-famous and a firm local favourite.
  • If chicken is the meat that sets your taste buds tingling, Kung Pao chicken is the way to go. This chicken is cookedin chilli and peanuts. It has fast become one of the most popular exports around the world.
  • A vegetarian need not fret in China either. Tofu is one of the best things that you can try out. Ma po tofu is a standard preparation that comes in spicy gravy with beef and onion versions available for those who do not want to remain strictly vegetarian.
  • No tour of Chinese cuisine can be complete without listing the staples. First up, there is Fried Rice. While there are many variants, one that is particularly popular is the Yangzhou variety. It has shrimp, ham, mushroom, egg, and a variety of vegetables, which makes for a hearty meal.
  • Another staple of Chinese cuisine is Chow Mein. This is made of stir-fried noodles. Onions are fried along with some kind of meat.

Best Beautiful China Attractions

With a country as large as China, it is nigh on impossible to list all the attractions in one place. However, one must still make an effort. This article tries to highlight all the spots a prospective visitor might want to think of:

  • As previously mentioned, the Great Wall of China must top the list. It is more than 6000 km long and easily one of the largest man-made structures ever made by humankind. They cover the entire expanse of the country from east to west. The best place to visit on the wall is near Beijing.
  • Another great place to visit is the Forbidden City. It also houses the imperial palace from the Qing and Ming dynasties. The reason this city takes this name is that it was earlier off-limitsto anyone not associated with the imperial household. There are great bridges, majestic thrones, and amazing halls. The world-renowned Tiananmen Square and Temple of Heaven are nearby.
  • No trip to China will be complete without visiting the Terracotta Army in Xian. The army consists of lifelike terracotta figures that guard the imperial tombs. For example, there are 8000 guards, over 500 horses, and over 100 chariots guarding the First Emperor’s tomb.
  • If you arein the mood for calm and serenity, they can do no worse than visiting The Classical Gardens of Suzhou. There are more than 250 gardens and they rightly form part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. They were created nearly a thousand years ago.
  • If China is the cradle of the old Orient, then Hangzhou is definitely its epicentre. One can see the famous Grand Canal here. However, to find genuine quiet and calm, visit the West Lake. The entire stretch around the water body is surrounded by old buildings and beautiful trees. There are multiple ponds in this lake connected by some fine bridges.
  • Finally, China is not all about the old and the ancient. Modern China is one of the best places to admire the creativity of humans. Visit the promenade of Shanghai or the skyline of Hong Kong. Either of them is sure to tingle the sense of awe in any tourist. They convey to the world that the majesty of China is not limited to its history, but is equally worth exploring in its present.

Planning the China Itinerary

Here are some of the steps that you can take to finalize your China Itinerary:

  • Plan Online:There are multiple good options nowadays available on the internet. They pertain to flight tickets, hotels, and other amenities like translator services. Ensure that all such needs get arranged beforehand.
  • Decide Locations: As one might have figured out by reading the article till now, China has a lot to offer. Hence, without deciding which all experiences one wants to take in, it would be impossible for a person to see it properly?
  • Decide Number of Days:China is a big country. Hence, it is imperative that you keep sufficient time in hand to see it. Allocating anything less than a week will lead to a hurried trip. A standard recommendation is between six and eight days.
  • Research Other Itineraries:Since China is such a popular destination, there are many standard tour operators. Going through their itineraries might give you a better idea what they are looking for in their own package.
  • Check Visa Policies:You can check China visa policies online and apply for the visa online. Ensure to visit the official websites only, as there are a lot of agents who might be sitting there to swindle.

Note also that while the visas are valid across China, there might be particular ports of entries for immigration. Most major cities allow it; Shanghai and Beijing are chief among them.

  • Decide Date of Travel:Another thing that is vitally important to carefully choose is the season of travel. For example, if you want to see snow sculptures, winter is the correct season. However, if the purpose of travelling is a boat cruise, then quite clearly spring might be a better time.
  • Choose Who to Travel with:While group tours may save individual money, it may also constrain them from exploring the country the way they want to. Hence, in many instances, the recommendation can tilt towards private tours.
  • Choose the Right Travel Insurance:Buy China travel insurance plan online that best suits the needs. Travelling to a country as big as China is always recommended with travel insurance cover.

Insurance gives peace of mind. Therefore, when you are enjoying the various sights that China has to offer, they are not encumbered by any other worries.

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China Travel Tips

Once you have planned your itinerary, you need to be aware of the various things when you land in China. Here are some of the travel tips:

  • Visa: Do not then forget to carry your passport and visa. Without these essential documents, you cannot enter the country. In such a case, the trip will be over even before it has begun.
  • Cash:Most places in China still go by the old principle of taking cash for any transaction. Therefore, there can be many times when a card is of scant use. The currency one uses in China is the Yuan. Ensure to carry a sufficient amount for the entire trip.
  • Toiletries:Ensure to carry soap, napkins, loo rolls, and sanitizer. This is not a slight on the country. However, considering how big the country is, these facilities might not always be readily available. Hence, it is always better to have some spare time.
  • Hotels:Ensure that all hotel bookings are done in advance. Plan online to avoid any hassles. Furthermore, Chinese hotels always prioritize customer service and know how to treat their guests.
  • Language:Most people in China speak in Mandarin. Hence, try to brush up on a few basic words that one might need. Further, you can download an application that can auto-translate. However, for trips and expeditions, always hire a translator.
  • Water:Much like in other countries in Asia, tap water is separate from drinking water. Hence, even if tap water is readily available, it is not fit for consumption. Always stock some bottled water on the side.
  • Transport:After landing in China, ensure to get rail passes. It is the most convenient way to travel. Further, the train services are in-time and the on-board services are great value for money. Trains also save the hassle of having to interact with a driver who may not speak in a language other than Mandarin. Choose a taxi only when trains are unavailable.
  • Insurance:Finally, one of the most critical components in any travel is travel insurance. While no one wishes trouble, but trips can be uncertain. To save time you can buy an online travel policy before you board the flight.

If you are planning to travel to China and looking for travel insurance online, you can seek assistance from our insurance experts at Policybazaar. For more details, you can write to us at or call us at 1800-708-8787.

STANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY. For more details on risk factors, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale.

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*Price shown is for a 30 day trip to Thailand with 1 lakh dollar coverage for an adult of age 25 years

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