Things to Do in Australia

Ever witnessed the tropical climates and scenic beauties of the infamous "sunburnt country". Australia provides its tourists with an array of opportunities and adventures, ranging from a beautiful drive down the Harbor Bridge, Sydney to dancing with the dolphins within one of the largest bays in the world.

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    About Australia – Weather, Seasons, Culture

    One of the biggest difficulties for most tourists looking to travel to Australia is to be sure about the correct time. Weather in Australia usually depends on the state/city that one is visiting.

    The North, for example, usually follows dry and wet tropical seasons. Australia's seasons are usually the opposite of what is found in the northern hemisphere.

    The latter half of the year is when the summer starts, and it usually stays until March. Alternatively, the central half of the year is characterized by colder temperatures, dropping as low as 9 degrees Celsius in some parts of Australia.

    So, before planning a trip to Australia, one should be very particular about the places/states that they are visiting due to the diverse weather conditions across the continent.

    The “Aussie” Culture – To say that things are done a "little differently" in Australia would be an understatement. Fortunately for tourists, Aussies often consider their strangers as a companion they don't know yet. Although, majority of the population is used to the "western culture", one should not be surprised if they run into extreme tribal groups somewhere in southern Australia.

    Moreover, greetings in Australia are also a must-do. If you are a tourist visiting Australia for the first time, then you might be completely amused by the number of people who would randomly come up and ask "g'day" or "How's it going" on the streets.

    This is again a part of the welcoming and friendly Australian culture. Lastly, almost all Australians share a deep love for spending time outside. Mornings in Sydney or Perth would not be complete without people surfing, groups jogging together, or even mates enjoying a game of beach volleyball shore side.

    This is because a major part of the population is characterized by an energetic and adventurous persona that sets the Aussie crowd apart. Even events in Australia are an occasion to get together with your mates and have a fun vibe together. Sporting events bring together people from diverse parts of the continent together. Streets are often full of Aussie parades and chants, with restaurants and cafes being temporarily shut down, especially if you are staying close to the MCG.

    Fun Things to Do in Australia

    With lush mountain ranges, tempestuous yet riveting ocean tides, a diverse family of animals and picturesque landscapes, there is nothing that is not available in Australia. One can wake up to the aromatic scent of tidal waves touching their feet, spend the day snorkelling amongst a variety of lively dolphins and wales and can yet enjoy a succulent meal within the city. If you are looking for things to do in Australia, then look no further. Here are a few adventures that would help you revamp your plan online: - 

    • Nature and wilderness – Whether it's the Rocky Mountains or pink lakes, Australia offers a few of the most jaw-dropping natural attractions. So, if you are looking to disengage yourself from the world and become one again with nature, here are a few attractions that you should add to your itinerary –
      • The “Pinnacles” – Located a mere 2 hours away from Perth. The “pinnacles” are cyclopean pillars made from ground stones like “limestones” and “marbles”. Some of these prehistoric pillars stand a mammoth 5 meters tall and have an age of nearly 30,000 years! The attraction is a perfect spot for historians seeking to increase their knowledge about the tribes and history of Australia.
    • Kings’ canyon – If you are looking for a peaceful day amid the country, look no further. Take a 6-hour drive from Alice Springs and witness the archaic red walls of the Kings' canyon. The attraction spot offers a range of activities like driving a quad bike through the desert.
    • Adventure and sports – Adventure and sports are an integral part of the "Aussie culture". Whether it's beachside volleyball or early morning wakeboarding, Australia offers a treat for all the sporty tourists. Sports fans can visit the MCG to get a glimpse of the infamous Australian cricket team's legacy or visit the Great Barrier reef to experience snorkelling and cliff diving.Not adventurous enough? No problem. For the more daring demographic, one can also participate in camel races, Boxing with kangaroos and other heart-pumping experiences.
    • Events and festivals – From sporting bonanzas to lucrative art spectacles, one can experience a lot on a trip down under. Looking for an adrenaline rush? Visit the Grand Prix Formula 1 event in Melbourne. Looking to stimulate your creative juices? Take a walk down Floriade and find a million flowers blooming. Want to have a bizarre weekend filled with chill music? One can visit the Byron Bay Bluesfest or the Indigenous art fest in Queensland.

    So, whether you are looking for a fun-filled chill weekend or an intimidating and daring one, Australia offers you an array of different opportunities to let – loose and enjoy yourself.

    Prime Australian Activities for Foodies

    Above the stimulating and life-changing experiences that Australia offers, it is also home to one of the most prestigious and primal heritage. The presence of over 250 different language groups is evident in the diverse food taste that one can experience across Australia. Whilst one can find abundant fast-food chains across the suburbs, the metropolitans also offer a range of restaurants that depict the impact of globalization on the modern civilization of its country and offer a nexus between its local taste and that absorbed from other leading cuisines of the world. Here are a few activities that a foodie must consider whilst visiting Australia –

    • Eat away at Bruny Island– If you are looking to enjoy a fabulous view alongside a succulent piece of fresh fish and a soothing glass of Tassie, then look no further. Located just off the South coast of Tasmania, Bruny Island is full of different restaurants and cafes that would enable an individual to taste some of the finest seafood whilst enjoying a soothing breeze and a calming freshly brewed beer.
    • Enjoy a crack of dawn “Pho breakfast”– Undoubtedly one of the best Vietnamese delicacies. If one's getting up to have the infamous "Pho breakfast", then they are only doing so for one thing and one thing only. A hot jar of saporous broth coupled with raw onions, bean shoots, a touch of basil and perfectly cooked beef. The soup will remind you of the flavours of central Asia, whilst the early sunrise will help you stay in touch with the scenic Aussie beauties.
    • Go to Quay – Making its fifth consecutive appearance in the "top 50 world's restaurant", Quay is no longer just a fabulous restaurant. Many would argue that it's an unprecedented tourist attraction for the first time Australian visitors. The restaurant features a range of carefully mastered indulgences that would completely transpire your taste buds and give you insight into the culinary master class available in Australia.
      The restaurant is located just off the Sydney Harbor waterfront and provides a panoramic view of the iconic "Sydney Harbor Bridge" and the Sydney opera house. Thereby providing you a complete dining experience.
    • Visit the Western Australia Gourmet Escape: For an individual seeking to understand the Australian culture, the "western Australia gourmet escape" is a must-visit. The attraction couples the Northern Aussie surfing culture with fine dining experiences provided by many internationally recognized chefs. Restaurants located in this escape aim to celebrate the fresh produce available in this region, along with a couple of iconic Australian wines.

    Planning your Australian itinerary – Online plans, Australia Visa Policies and Things to Consider

    If you are looking to pay a visit to tropical Kangaroos and the rich Australian heritage, then a robust and meticulous itinerary may be the key to an adventurous yet planned trip. However, you must be completely informed about the many perils that they can encounter whilst visiting Australia. The country is prone to numerous natural anomalies. These include bushfires, dust storms and flash floods. In such circumstances, it's crucial that one plans for the safety and security of their family whilst planning such a trip.

    You can checkout various comprehensive travel insurance and student travel insurance policies online.

    On the other hand, if you want to plan an itinerary as a part of the adventure, here are some nitty – gritty's that can help you plan an economical and fun-packed itinerary –

    • Weather – Although different tourists have their interpretations of ideal The weather in Australia is seemingly pleasant and breezy in September – October. These months offer pleasantly warm days and breezy nights. These conditions are ideal for denizens looking to travel the continent searching for new adventures and exciting experiences.
    • Short itinerary options –If you are looking to travel to Australia for 10 days to 2 weeks, then you might want to plan an "east coast itinerary". The east coast itinerary features a significant part of the picturesque scenes that Australia offers.
      You can start with your adventure in Sydney. An ideal tourist spot, Sydney offers iconic global landmarks like – the Sydney Harbor Bridge, The Opera house, Bondi Beach, and if you are willing to spend some time near the shore, you can also visit "the rocks".
      Following a visit to the most iconic attractions of Sydney, you can also spend a day taking day trips within Sydney. These include a ferry around the coastline – a fantastic 3-hour ferry that is a feast for the eyes, a trip to the Blue Mountains national park and many more.
      From Sydney, you can either go to the Daintree rainforest to spend some time within the wilderness and witness a range of sparse species. Alternatively, you can also fly to Cairns to view another set of global attractions: including the world heritage site "The great barrier reef".
    • Understanding the priorities of the group you are travelling abroad with – One of the most frequent mistakes made by tourists is to “plan and do everything”. Australia offers a range of different experiences for individuals of all types. The easiest way to plan your international travel plan to Australiais to know "what you want".
      For example: If you arelooking for an adventurous time, then they might prioritize visiting the coastline over central Australia (With all its tourist attractions). Consequently, their itinerary might look completely different from an individual looking to understand the heritage and culture of Australian citizens.
    • When to go? – This is, without a doubt, one of the most basic questions that often stumps everyone. As such, Australia is an excellent place to visit all year round. However, there are some places that might be slightly more favourable based on the season.
      For example, North Australia, also known as the Darwin area, becomes extremely moist and damp in the scorching Australian summer. Therefore, tourists usually prefer to visit these areas between May and October.

    Similarly, if you are looking to go to Perth and visit the South-West part of Australia, then you might reconsider the blazing summer winds or the extremely damp winter conditions. Such areas usually provide a wonderful experience amidst the Autumn and Spring seasons.

    So, if you are an avid historian or an adventure-seeking jock, if you are a cheerful and enthusiastic communicator or a silent and thoughtful listener, Australia is the right place for you. With the right itinerary and appropriate Australia Visa and travel insurance in Australia, do not miss out on this opportunity and go and pay a visit to the land “down under”!