Things to do in New Zealand

There is nothing more satisfying for a traveller than a fulfilling tourism experience. A traveller would always want to pack the maximum memories of cuisines, activities, sceneries, and blissful time spent on their trip in their satchel. Naturally, New Zealand is no exception to the kind of experience a traveller seeks.

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    At the same time, it is also essential to safeguard the trip from unanticipated difficulties.  Let money not be a stopping factor in your travel experience. To cover the risk you can opt for different types of international travel insurance plans for New Zealand and can easily cover any risk that may arise during your trip.  

    Fun Things to Do In New Zealand  

    If you are wondering what are the kinds of things you can do in New Zealand and what should you not miss, then you can check out these "once in a lifetime" adventure options there:

    • If you love adventure you should not miss skydiving at Ashburton. There is also a glider ride at Omarama or a helicopter ride facility at Queenstown.
    • During a winter trip, you can visit Canterbury for a unique snow skiing experience. Visitors can also see the astounding Antarctic snow centre at Christchurch.
    • A thalassophile should opt for drives, cruises, kayak safari or a simple swimming escapade in the Akaroa harbour, as they say, "swim with the dolphins and penguins in New Zealand".  
    • Moreover, you can choose to go fishing, boat riding or swimming in the lake of Wanaka.
    • You  can do an ethnic tour of the Maori tribesmen's village, it is one of the couple things to do in New Zealand
    • Depending upon the season, the tourists can also participate in various festivals of the country, like the Winter festivals at Queensland, Lantern festivals of Auckland, Jazz festival of Tauranga, Wellington's Cuba Street festival and many more.
    • Apart from this, Quad biking, river rafting, single biking, Beach hopping, trekking at valleys and Whale watching are the most important fun activities in New- Zealand that most honeymooners prefer to do.

    But fun activities always come with unforeseen medical risks that one needs to take into account. It is always better to consider an international travel insurance policy to cover the risks. Just like your New Zealand Visa, insurance is equally important these days, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are a student then you can buy student travel insurance policy to secure your trip.

    Best New Zealand Activities for Foodies  

    An epicurean will always seek a food haven. In New Zealand, one can find diverse cuisines. If you are a foodie, then you indulge yourself in the following food activities:

    1. Regional cuisines:

    Ethno-cultural food – In various Maori tours, the tourists can enjoy the traditional Maori dish, Hangi and Kumara.

    Local food outlets - Local dishes also involve various kinds of seafood like the lobsters, oysters, crayfish, kina, Kiwi burgers, Jaffas, Pavlova, Lemon & Paeroa, small fish fritters & omelette, Manuka honey, Paua, Lamb roast, Hokey pokey ice cream, fish & chips, savoury chips, Southland cheese rolls and Wine.

    2. Food festivals- "From time to time" food festivals also surprise the foodie. Some noteworthy food festivals include;

    • Southland Oyster food festival
    • Food and Wine Festival, Hawke’s Bay, Marlborough and Canterbury
    • Gourmet Food Festival in Central Otago
    • Winetopia, Auckland
    • Wildfood festival, West Coast
    • Oceans festival, Coromandel
    • Wellington on a plate
    • Toast festival, Wairarapa

    3. Food tours– Food tours involve a regional travel package with any of the above inclusions. They may be Culinary tours, gourmet tours, market tours, wine and beer tours.

    New places and new food specifically might incur some possible clinical emergencies. A traveller must safeguard themselves from such mishaps. Naturally, this calls for an adequate travel insurance coverage that you can get online as well.

    Best Beautiful New Zealand Attractions

    In New- Zealand, no one can refrain from enjoying the shining coastlines, coral reefs, along untarnished water bodies. Explore the exotic wildlife or hitchhike through the sceneries.

    Not only that, but you may also wish to visit the architectural marvels like the Opera house, the beautiful churches and so many more. Well, you can choose to engage yourself in the following activities:

    • Aesthetic tour- Nature lovers can certainly not miss the Botanic Garden at Christchurch. Pristine garden with the beautiful view of the River Avon is the main attraction here. One can enjoy a soul pleasing bath at the thermal springs of Hanmer as well. Aesthetic tours are incomplete without wildlife, especially something like “Whale watching” at Kaikoura beach.  There is also a famous National Park at Arthur’s Pass and Abel Tasman National Park, on that note.
    • Beach hopping is also a famous attraction at Abel Tasman National Park and Mine Bay.
    • Trekking– Wanaka Lake Region is also famous for trekking. Apart from that, the Arthur’s Pass offers a wonderful mountaineering experience amidst the mountain treks and waterfalls. You can also explore the astonishing rock formations at Castle Hill.
    • Ethnic tour– Cultural tours in New Zealand can be made at the Maori Village. One can witness Maori tribesmen culture and cuisines. In fact, the Maori rock carvings can also be seen at Mine Bay. A cultural tour can also be made at Hobbiton, the real-life set destination of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.
    • Hiking– You can enjoy a picturesque hiking experience in many ways. They are;
    • Striking bike ride across Central Otago
    • Road trips and car rentals across East Coast, South Island
    • Cycling along Gibbston Valley, Queenstown
    • Road trips to Plymouth and Taranaki
    • Guided safaris in Urupukapuka Island

    Apart from these, National Park Visits, Museums, Galleries, Government, buildings, monuments, complexes, theme parks, amusement parks and many more also remain the special attraction of tourists. These above-mentioned vacation tours can encounter various perils like; operational difficulties, losing important belongings apart from medical emergencies. Specifically for international travellers, issues like catastrophes, wars, pandemics or terrorism pose the greatest dangers like every foreign voyage.

    Even if anybody selects the policies online, it is very important to check with the passport and embassy offices regarding the visa policies, applying for visa online, travel insurance New Zealand, and online plan for travels and tours.

    Planning your New Zealand itinerary

    Before randomly picking up a travel package, one must understand the basic geographical dimension of New Zealand.  New Zealand comprises North Island and South Island, separated by the Cook Strait. Based on this geographical division, one may choose the tourism package. Secondarily comes the type of places to visit, number of places to visit, flight charges, transport charges, luxury means, rentals, food & stay, activities, adventure trips, amusements, duration of stay and miscellaneous expenses. Apart from these aforesaid, planning an itinerary in New Zealand involves the following measures:

    • Every single town or city in New Zealand has its information site. A tourist can log in to the same and get a good repository of maps, brochures, every possible detail about the location, specific travel instructions and transport knowledge.
    • Planning the tour according to the seasons of New Zealand- The summer season in New Zealand is best suited for coastlines and lush green forests. Naturally, winter calls for skiing lovers in Mount Ruapehu in the North and Mount Aoraki in the South and a tour to the thermal springs.
    • Practicing Sun safety as New Zealand has varying climatic diversities.
    • You must get detailed information on the local detrimental flora and fauna and the requisite protective measures. E.g., New Zealand is known for Sandfly attacks.
    • New Zealand has some strict traffic rules, and you must essentially follow the instructions and emergency numbers.
    • New Zealand is a sub-tropical country composed of islands. It is composed of rugged topography and is surrounded by water. The country is often confronted by natural hazards. You must strictly follow the Water Safety New Zealand Website before planning any trip.
    • The terrain of New Zealand is quite unforgiving. A tourist specifically needs to take some physical activity lessons before planning a trip to New Zealand.

    New Zealand Travel Tips

    Apart from the tourism packages, one may also make some personal assessments while planning for New Zealand. Some essential points that must be pondered on are:

    • You need to be specific in the destination choice like; Beaches, Mountainous places, Historical Places, Getaways, Religious places, Romantic spots, adventurous places, food tour spots, trekking places and leisure places.
    • It is always better to select a travel package that involves pleasing activities, ethnic tours and something to learn, e.g., to enjoy the local colours; a traveller can also take some lessons on the "Maori" language, the tribes of New Zealand.
    • When a tourist selects a travel package with travel insurance cover, they must specifically look for the following coverage:
    1. If the travel insurance has the flexibility to offer the facility of buying while travelling.
    2. Whether the insurance service provider provides 24X7 assistance
    • If the International travel insurance covers the maximum range of activities in the tour package.
    1. If the trip covers emergency medical costs overseas
    2. Whether the trip covers stolen stuff (terms and conditions of the policy applied).
    3. Whether the tour insurance requires activation like credit balance recharge or account recharge for the same.
    • If the tour insurance covers any valuable items during the trip and, if so, its maximum limit
    • If the tour insurance provides a cover for; staying in Airbnb, existing medical conditions or pregnancy.
    1. Exceptions applied to the travel policy like; Airline failure, war, terrorism, epidemic outbreak, catastrophe, financial failure of the airline or tourism package provider, elective medical emergency and pandemics like the recent COVID 19, travelling in international waters and being under the influence of recreational drugs if any.
    2. If the tour insurance is based on the protocols of New Zealand’s ministry of foreign affairs and Trade.
    3. Additional benefits, if any, like a personal liability of using rentals and so on.

    Post-COVID 19, a traveller is also expected to follow the strict quarantine laws of New Zealand. You can also keep track of the places in New Zealand that are involved in Quarantine free travel arrangements. The places are; Australia to New Zealand, the Cook Islands to New Zealand and Niue to New Zealand.

    On that note, one very important aspect of travel that must be given ample thought to is your insurance. The tourists must see through the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Safe Travel Website guidelines’ insurance guidelines specifically before selecting a travel insurance provider.   

    New Zealand is a place that one must think of visiting while planning a trip abroad. Having said so, one may plan the safest family tour, adventure tour, corporate tour, romantic tour and many more to New Zealand.