Things to Do in Vietnam

If you are planning to visit Vietnam and curious about to know the various attractions the country offers, this article is for you. Also, get some travelling tips on why it is necessary to consider travel insurance Vietnam here!

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    Vietnam: The Country of Beaches and Sand Dunes!

    Vietnam is an ideal travel destination for the adventurous traveler with its amazing mix of cultural diversity and natural highlights. Attractions in Vietnam are galore right from breathtaking natural landscapes, pristine islands, quaint villages to colonial structures, museums, and ancient citadels. The sceneries range from jagged peaks viewed from winding mountains leading down to paddy fields in every shade of green.

    Along with planning your itinerary and procuring a Vietnam visa, you must also buy a travel insurance policy to protect you from any unexpected contingencies. Most insurance companies provide international travel insurance policies that protect you from medical and non-medical emergencies while travelling abroad for business or leisure. It is prudent to purchase overseas travel insurance as it takes care of any travel related emergencies and unforeseen expenses while you find your way in a foreign country. Without international travel insurance, any medical or other costs incurred during your trip can burn a hole in your pocket besides disrupting your travel plans.

    This article talks about the top things to do and see in Vietnam and the main reasons you must opt for travel insurance for Vietnam.

    Fun Things to Do in Vietnam

    Whenever in Vietnam, you must have a concise yet sufficient list of popular things that are the real treat to your eyes. Here you go:

    1. Go Cruising or Kayaking in Ha Long Bay: Also known as “descending dragons”, the Ha long Bay’s plush green islands give the place a unique charm. You can either choose to cruise in an antique Chinese boat or go kayaking in the Bay area. You can spot thousands of limestone islands within this picturesque bay. If you are up for adventure, you can explore the many mammoth caves and caverns in the bay. A UNESCO world heritage sight, the Ha Long Bay is a 4 hour drive from downtown Hanoi.
    2. Crawl Your Way through the Cu Chi Tunnel: Check out this spectacular underground tunnel constructed during the French-American war for troops to hide and escape. You can crawl through the tunnels to experience the thrill and get a feel of the war times. This extensive tunnel stretches up to 250 km and offers an unforgettable experience to the travelers. You can either access the tunnels through the Ben Dinh village or the Ben Duoc village.
    3. Go for a Day Hike or Trek in the Staggering Mountains of Sapa: Sapa is synonymous with green fields and jagged mountain peaks. The rice field countryside is one of Vietnam’s most beautiful rural destinations. You can trek along the Hoang Lien Mountains and enjoy the breathtaking views of the green countryside and staggering mountains.   You can choose to hike between the quaint villages and take a whiff of the diverse mix of people and cultures.
    4. Shop till You Drop at Hoi an: The picturesque town of Hoi an is well-known for its silk weavers, tailors and artisans. You can go on a shopping spree in this town for dresses, silk scarves, souvenirs and so on. You can find busy streets with skillful tailors working on customized apparel, wooden shop houses, French-colonial houses, restaurants, cafes and old canals.

    While you plan and look forward to all the fun activities in Vietnam, do not forget to shop for an international travel insurance policy online to secure yourself and your belongings on your trip. Travel insurance offers you the peace of mind while travelling without having to worry about any unforeseen medical expenses, baggage delays or trip cancellation expenses.

    Most insurance companies offer overseas travel insurance policies online that protect you against medical and non-medical emergencies. All insurance policies online are easy to purchase, offer comprehensive coverage with no medical test requirement.

    Best Vietnam Activities for Foodies

    Vietnamese food is popular all over the world. Food lovers can try the most popular Vietnamese dishes such as spring rolls and bread rolls with the basic ingredients like rice noodles, vegetables, and herbs. If you are visiting northern Vietnam, you find Chinese influence in the food such as soy sauce while fish sauce is popular in other parts. You can also find the French influence in the food including black pepper, coconut milk, hot chili, limes, lemon grass, potato and asparagus.

    There is a wide choice of places to eat in Vietnamese cities. You can either opt for fine dining or budget meals and you will get good quality food. Upscale restaurants in main cities offer excellent ambience and eclectic menus including seafood.  On the other hand, you can also enjoy local cuisine in roadside stalls that mainly offer the quintessential Vietnamese delicacy called pho or noodle soup that you can customize with the flavor of your choice.

    You can find cheap and delicious snacks in food markets in popular cities in Vietnam apart from small restaurants that specialize in noodles. If you are a foodie, visit Hanoi to experience the wide range of Vietnamese cuisine in the eatery of your choice.     

    Best Beautiful Vietnam Attractions

    1. Experience the Beauty of the Scenic Mekong Delta: Mekong Delta is where scenic meets rustic charm. Experience the rural country landscape in this alluring tourist attraction in Vietnam. Cruising across this picturesque delta creek is the most popular activity in South Vietnam. While sailing in a traditional Vietnamese boat, you can view lush paddy fields, mangroves, floating markets amongst other interesting sights for travelers to enjoy.
    2. Visit the Historical Exhibits of Hoa Lo Prison: The Hoa Lo prison is where political prisoners were kept during the American war. Also known as Hanoi Hilton, this commonly frequented tourist spot in Vietnam houses all items related to the Vietnamese struggle during wars. This prison turned museum is a photographers’ and historians’ delight.
    3. Enjoy a Musical Evening at Saigon Opera House: Include a visit to the Saigon Opera House in your itinerary if you are a music lover. A former assembly house of South Vietnam, this structure is an exceptional display of French Colonial design. Visit the Saigon Opera House and watch one of the spectacular shows to make it a memorable experience.
    4. Be a Part of the Happening Night Life of Ho Chi Minh City: Let your hair down and revel in the sizzling night life of Ho Chi Minh city. Bustling pubs, bands, DJ’s, swanky restaurants and eclectic food, the city has it all. Relax with some wine and fine music in Ho Chi Minh, the commercial and buzzing hub of Vietnam. Enjoy the cosmopolitan scene of the city in the night while you explore the cultural heritage by the day. Whether it is the HCMC museum or the Notre Dame Cathedral or district of Da Kao or the War remnants museum, the city is a must visit for history enthusiasts.
    5. Visit the heart of Vietnam – Hue Imperial City: Discover the Hue Imperial city, one of Vietnam’s most historic towns. Sitting on the banks of the Perfume River is an Imperial enclosure with walls that extend up to 2.5 km. While you are here, it is worth checking out Ngo Mon Gate, the Dien residence, the Hall of Mandarins and several other stunning historic sites. Taking a day cruise by a riverboat on the Perfume River is the best way to check out this place.
      While you enjoy exploring Vietnam, ensure the safety of all important travel documents such as passport, visa and international travel insurance documents. You can purchase the overseas travel insurance policy at the time of booking your Vietnam trip. In the event a claim arises during the trip, re-imbursement of the sum assured is quite simple. You need to inform your overseas travel insurance provider when you need medical assistance, and the medical team will ensure that your claim is filed, and you are re-imbursed on time.
    6. Visit the Dramatic World Heritage Spot – Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park: The Phong Nha Bang national park is the ideal place to visit if you like caves and caverns. This World heritage site is a stunning mountain formation surrounded by gigantic caverns that display stunning stalactites and stalagmites. The most popular destination in this park is the Paradise cave which runs for over 31 km under the ground. The yawning caverns and the Tu Lan Cave are spectacular here with a cave systems river. Another popular destination of this park is the Phong Nha caves that can be reached by boat.

    Planning Your Vietnam Itinerary    

    The main steps in planning your Vietnam itinerary are booking your flight tickets, booking your hotels, procuring your Vietnam visa and purchasing a comprehensive travel insurance policy.

    Benefits of International Travel Insurance

    Good international travel insurance offers coverage against medical expenses, trip delays, cancellations, and so on. Insurance companies offer different variants of travel insurance that are tailored to the policyholder’s needs. Some of the common features of overseas travel insurance plans are coverage for loss of baggage and cashless hospitalization without medical tests for insured over 80 years. Some of the benefits of international travel insurance are:

    • Coverage provided in case of emergency medical treatment and assistance while traveling
    • Coverage of pre and post hospitalization expenses during medical contingencies
    • Coverage of the trip cost in case of partial or entire trip cancellation due to personal or professional reasons
    • Coverage of the entire amount due to loss or delay of baggage
    • Legal liability coverage arising due to damage from a third-party
    • Coverage of fees needed to re-apply for loss of important travel documents
    • Compensation due to injury or death of the insured during travel
    • Monetary assistance in case the insured loses his travel funds due to robbery or theft

    Vietnam Travel Tips 

    Some of the things you must remember while traveling to Vietnam are:

    • The official currency of Vietnam is the Vietnamese Dong.
    • Vietnamese visa rules keep fluctuating, so it is best to apply for a visa after checking the latest rules on the website.
    • If you intend to use a motorbike for travel, it is best to procure a license from your home country as your travel insurance does not cover motorbike accidents.
    • Transportation is quite simple in Vietnam, and you can avail of bus, boat, or train once you know the schedules.
    • There are different types of travel insurance policies online you can avail of for your trip to Vietnam. They are:
    • Single Trip Insurance that covers the insured for one overseas trip only. The policy validity terminates once the trip ends.
    • Multi-trip insurance covers the insured for multiple trips taken in a year. This policy is ideal for people who travel frequently on business.
    • Family travel insurance is ideal for families who are taking overseas trips together. All members can use the policy sum assured either on an individual or family floater basis. Most family travel insurance policies cover the insured, his spouse and 2 children.
    • Student travel insurance policy online is designed for students traveling abroad to study. This insurance policy offers coverage for study interruptions, sponsor protection and compassionate visit.
    • Senior Citizen travel insurance policy offers coverage to people above the age of 60 years who are traveling abroad.
    • Group travel insurance is designed for people who are travelling in a group to a foreign country. Most insurance companies provide this policy to a group of at least 10 people. Such an insurance policy is generally taken by companies, educational institutions, tour organizers and so on.
    • Corporate travel insurance is custom made for corporate travelers that is meant for business travelers and comes with a validity of 1 year.
    • Medical travel insurance that offers coverage for the insured person traveling abroad against all medical emergencies. This policy covers expenses for treatment of illnesses, accidents or injury. Most international medical travel insurance policies offer coverage for hospitalization, daycare expenses, medical evaluation and repatriation.

    Travel Safe!

    Outdoor lovers, hikers, and bikers can sink their teeth into the numerous national parks, while the rural landscape offers astonishing views and big cities brim with contemporary life depicting the rich Vietnamese culture. With its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, the country attracts millions of visitors all year long. With so many things to see and do, planning your trip to Vietnam will be fun as well as challenging.

    Enjoy your Vietnamese vacation safely, explore the country at your own pace confidently with the best international travel insurance policy from India that will have your back throughout the trip.