Things to do in Germany

This article is all about the most beautiful attractions in Germany, things to explore and how to plan your travel itinerary. Read along!

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    A Trip to the Land of Poet and Thinkers-Germany!

    Germany is one of the European countries with an incredible picture-perfect landscape. The Baltic Sea and the North Sea in Northern Germany and the extensive mountain systems of the Alps in Southern Germany have significantly contributed to its beautiful setting. The numerous fairytale castles that depict royalty have always been a source of attraction for tourists. If you are planning to travel to Germany, apply for your Germany visa and travel insurance Germany on time for a safe and secure travel.

    Fun Things to Do in Germany

    In the light of COVID-19, Germany allows entry to only the vaccinated visitors. It also encourages visitors to carry Health and Travel Insurance to get risks covered. For a full-proof travel plan, one should find out about travel insurance Germany, and buy an insurance well in time. The country offers free Germany visa for tourism and business purposes for citizens of the 62 select countries. One can check information and plan online.

    Here is a list of fun places to visit and things to do in Germany:

    1. Neuschwanstein Castle

    If you are a Disney fan, you will certainly not like to miss Neuschwanstein Castle as it is the inspiration behind Disney’s Sleeping Beauty's Castle and Cinderella's Castle. Located in Hohenschwangau, this unique piece of art reflects the Romanesque Revival architectural style. With several tall towers, pinnacles, turrets, and sculptures, this castle is sure to grab your attention. Apart from enjoying the beauty of this castle, here you can go on a horse carriage ride that will take you around the castle. If you are in Germany, you should not overlook this famous destination. Before leaving, do not forget to click pictures and capture the beauty of this exceptional piece of art.

    2. Berlin Wall

    Visiting the Berlin Wall could be one of the most fun things to do on a German trip. It symbolizes how the wall separated people and families from the same country into two different countries. But the divide could not endure the human spirit to unite. Now, only the remnants of the wall are present and the place has become a popular tourist attraction. There is a museum nearby that throws light on the history of the wall. A visit to this important Berlin landmark is both funny and inspirational.

    3. Europa-Park

    This is the biggest theme park in Germany and is located in Rust. The park has several attractions, such as roller coasters, water rides, and many more. It is a perfect destination for those looking forward to enjoying some fun activities. The famous Euro Dance Festival, Ladies Only Festival, and Miss Germany Pageant festivals are held here annually.

    4. Brandenburg Gate

    This gate serves as the entry to the renowned Royal City Palace of Prussia. This gate, a symbol of peace and unity, is constructed according to the neoclassical style of architecture. On careful observation, you can appreciate the details of this piece of work. You can click pictures as well as enjoy the eye-catching landscape, which is extraordinarily beautiful during the sunset.

    5. Cologne Cathedral

    This catholic cathedral, located in Domkloster, is one of the most visited destinations of Germany. It reflects the famous Gothic architectural style, and has two tall spires with a height of 157 cm. It is the ‘tallest twin-spire church in the world’ and the ‘second tallest church in Europe’.

    6. Reichstag Building

    This building, with a remarkable architectural style, is presently the assembly for the members of the parliament, the German Bundestag. Several styles are reflected in its construction, such as the Renaissance, Postmodern, Renaissance Revival, and the Baroque Revival architectural styles. The large glass dome of this building with helical ramps all around is very attractive and it offers a 360 degrees view of the capital city of Berlin. The dome also has a shield to block the powerful sun rays.

    Famous Activities for Foodies in Germany

    Half of the fun of traveling abroad is in the culinary delights that you get to sample. If you are a foodie, Germany will not disappoint you. It offers a vast range of gastronomical options drawn from various cultures within and outside the country. There are wine and beer festivals that make traveling to Germany all more delightful. Once you have secured a Germany Visa and drawn international travel insurance, attending these exotic food festivals should not be a difficulty at all.

    Here is a brief list of foodie activities one should not miss out on a German trip. 

    1. Oktoberfest

    Germany is known for its beer culture and nothing represents it better than the Oktoberfest. This 16-day long festival in September-October every year draws millions of revelers from around the globe. Before heading for the fest, you should complete online booking of a seat in your favorite tent. The festival hosts thousands of food joints that represent the best and wildest in food culture globally. Beer is, of course, flowing as is live music from great masters as well upcoming talents.

    2. Thai Food Park Berlin

    Berlin hosts all kinds of food cultures. You can find restaurants specializing in foods from different countries. For this list, we have chosen to talk about a park where Berlin’s Thai community sets up a food court and sells authentic Thai food. The event began as an annual affair, but in view of its growing popularity, it became a monthly, then weekly, and now a daily attraction. The place is now called Thai Park. However, the food gathering is technically unofficial and therefore illegal. But it’s becoming hugely popular.

    3. Speyer Pretzel Festival

    Organized in the second week of July, the 6-day long Speyer Pretzel Festival celebrates the irresistible pretzel. This crisp biscuit in the shape of a knot is presented in endless varieties. A parade is taken out in honor of this humble but enduring culinary delight of Germany. The event sees fireworks, rides, games, live music, and races. This festival is a little over 100 years old as it began in 1910 in Speyer.

    4. Bad Dürkheim Wine Festival

    This is a 9-day long wine and sausage festival organized every year in September. Billed as the world’s largest fair of this kind, this festival has been in existence for over 600 years. It began with residents offering food to pilgrims who would come to a nearby chapel. Now, it’s more of a hedonist event marked with drinking and eating amid old-fashioned fun. You can savor over 300 different varieties of wine, one and a half feet long Bratwurst, and a large variety of dumplings.  

    Most Beautiful Germany Attractions

    From World War II memorials, Black Forest, medieval towns, stunning castles, Bavarian Alps, to the Rhine Valley, Germany has one of the most beautiful natural and cultural attractions in Western Europe. History buffs, nature lovers, corporate honchos, and ordinary people, all can have plenty to suit their tastes and needs in Germany.

    Here, we have listed the top 5 beautiful attractions to visit once during your Germany trip.

    1. The Black Forest

    Most nature lovers will never miss visiting the Rhine highland to see the beauty of the Black Forest. Reaching here by the Black Forest Railway is the best way to see its exotic forest cover. Todtnau Ski and Danube Valley in winter are covered with snow. It is a paradise for photographers. You can stay in scenic villages and feel the mist in the woods.

    2. Neuschwanstein Castle

    Germany is famous for its old castles. Yet, Neuschwanstein Castle is a mind-blowing structure set in the rolling hills, lakes, and alpine forests. It is a multistory castle. You can see the beautiful Allgau Alps from atop the castle tower viewpoint. Tourists visiting here in winter to take part in winter sports must take the best insurance policy.

    3. Rhine Valley  

    This is a UNESCO heritage site and one of the most-visited places in Germany by foreign visitors. You can see the natural beauty of this valley better if you come by car or boat. Among the major attractions include old castles, villages, pasturelands, and historical places of the medieval age. You may require a week to fully enjoy the Rhine Valley attractions.

    4. Rugen Island

    Rugen Island should pass off as one of the most beautiful aquatic attractions of Germany. The famous Jasmund National Park is on this island. Nature and wildlife lovers will enjoy being here. The main attraction of this island is its chalk cliffs on the shores. They seem like snow from a distance before you reach this island from the mainland.

    5. Zugspitze Massif

    If you wish to be at the highest point in Germany, you must visit Zugspitze Massif. The journey to this mountain is possible via rail and cable car. You can have the snow-clad mountain vistas, which are above 9000-ft. You can have 360-degree views of the Rocky Mountains from the eastern summit. Tourists interested in skiing

    How to Plan Your Germany Itinerary?

    Traveling always comes with a time cap. You have a limited time and so many places to visit and so many things to do. To help you plan your trip to Germany in a manner that you are able to use your time optimally, there are tour operators who offer 3-day, 5-day, 7-day, and similar tour packages.

    But before one hits the road and goes sightseeing, make sure they have proper travel insurance. Students should have a student travel insurance policy. One should be aware of the visa policies and check out if one needs a separate visa in case they have a visa for another EU country.

    However, if one is in Berlin, Frankfurt, or any other German city for less than 3 days, one can take a day trip to nearby important locations.

    Here are present top destinations that one can give priority to during a 3 to 7 days Germany trip.

    If one is on a 3-day visit, one should include Munich and Bavarian Alps in one’s itinerary. If one has 5 days, one can add Rothenburg and Rhine Valley. However, if one has 7 days, one can add a side trip to Salzburg and a little more of the Bavarian Alps. Here is a 7-day itinerary for you.  

    7-Day Germany Itinerary

    • After you land in Frankfurt, take a car and drive to Rhine Valley. You should spend the night in Bacharach.
    • You can spend Day 2 exploring the Rhine Valley and spend the night in Bacharach.
    • On Day 3, you should drive to Mosel Valley and Burg Eltz, and then to Baden-Baden where you also rest at night.
    • You should spend Day 4 in Baden-Baden, relaxing and enjoying the place. You should take a rest in Baden-Baden at night.
    • On Day 5, you should explore the Black Forest, and spend the night in Staufen.
    • On Day 6, you should drive to the Bavarian Alps and spend the night at Reutte or Füssen.
    • You can spend the final day of your trip visiting more of the same region, particularly Neuschwanstein and other castles. From here, you can return to Berlin by air, train, bus, or car.

    How Important Travel Insurance is?

    It is necessary to have international travel insurance while visiting Germany. Travel emergencies can occur anytime without notice. Travel insurance comes in handy in covering medical and non-medical emergencies while en route.

    Also, students who are travelling to Germany for study purpose should consider buying student travel insurance. Even most of the universities abroad mandatorily require student travel plan. One can check with the terms for Germany as well and plan accordingly. For travel insurance Germany, you can approach an online insurance agency and buy a policy. This way you can compare various plans as well and buy.

    Germany Travel Tips

     Germany is a big country marked with diversity, and generalizing is not the right thing to do. However, there are certain quirks that are hard to miss or ignore. The government policies are pro-industry and pro-tourism. You should have no difficulty traveling to Germany.

    Here is a list of tips that may help you during your German trip.

    Credit Cards are not Popular

    Yes, it may sound a little bit odd but this is true. Shops, restaurants, and all other commercial establishments prefer taking cash. They don’t even have POS devices to carry out any card-based transactions. So, you should always carry enough cash when you are going shopping. You should also keep some change. They may be needed as well

    Pay to Use Restroom

    Yes, using the restroom is never free in Germany even in restaurants, shopping malls, and McDonald’s. Usually, restrooms in commercial establishments such as a shopping mall give you a coupon worth the money paid at the restroom. You can use the coupon to buy things in the respective commercial establishment.

    Sundays are Closed

    People in Germany use their Sunday for rest. As a result, most of the shops, offices, and even restaurants closed on Sunday. However, you can find a few of them open. But it can never be like you want something and you go out to buy it. You will have to think and find out where you can find a certain thing on a Sunday.    

    This is all you need to know about how to plan your Germany trip. Though, it is not an exclusive list, we’ve tried covering the most important aspects you should consider, starting for a proper itinerary to important travel documents. If this guide helps you plan your trip, do share your comments below.