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Everything You Need to Know About HDFC Ergo Travel Insurance Plan

Nothing can be more relaxing and exciting than taking a vacation and making memories that you can cherish forever. You plan to take a break from your mundane routine and ward off all the stress arising from your hectic work life. While you are travelling abroad or within India for leisure or educational purpose, it’s important to safeguard yourself and your family members from any unforeseen circumstances that may arise.

HDFC Ergo travel insurance plans would help to protect you from any such risks and uncertainties that may arise during your trip. It would help to keep all your worries at bay and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

Based on your requirements, you can select from these two major travel insurance plans offered by HDFC Ergo-

  • Travel Insurance
  • Student Suraksha

1. HDFC Ergo Travel Insurance Plan

This is a traditional travel insurance policy that can be taken by anyone planning to travel within India or abroad. Based on the purpose of travel, you can choose from a slew of international or domestic travel insurance plans. Taking a policy ensures comprehensive protection against any unforeseen circumstances that may ruin your otherwise pleasant trip.  The main purpose is to let you enjoy your trip, without any apprehensions.

What if you happen to lose your passport or your baggage? Things may go even awry if there is an accidental injury that needs immediate medical evacuation or hospitalization on foreign soil.

Who would come to your rescue at a place where you hardly know anyone? What if any of your family members fall sick, and needs immediate medical attention? In such scenarios, overseas travel insurance policies or a domestic travel insurance plan comes in handy.

These plans keep you covered in the vent of such losses or damages caused to you or your loved ones. In fact, with a comprehensive travel insurance plan in hand, you can calm down and indulge in your vacation without any apprehensions. Whether you are going to study, travelling for business or planning a leisurely trip, HDFC Ergo travel insurance has got you covered.

Benefits of HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance Policy

Have a quick look at just some of the many features of HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance:

  • Travel plans by HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance cover medical expenses arising due to sudden illness, accidental injury including hospitalization charges or medical evacuation support. Any emergency situation that requires medical and financial support is covered under plans offered by HDFC ERGO.This would also include any expenses incurred on medical tests, in-patient & out-patient consultation or any clinical therapies if need be. Remember to check for all these inclusions in the fine prints of your policy documents.
  • This would also include any expenses incurred on medical tests, in-patient & out-patient consultation or any clinical therapies if need Remember to check for all these inclusions in the fine prints of your policy documents.
  • Usually, medical evacuation costs for foreign residents prove to be heavy on pocket. If the insured needs to be transported to his/her home country for a medical emergency or treatment in the event of any life-threatening circumstances, then your travel insurer would reimburse you for the same.
  • If the policyholder happens to be hospitalized on a trip due to sudden illness or an accidental injury, the insurer would foot in your daily hospital bills, as per the policy terms and agreement.
  • Any incidence of sudden death or permanent disability while on a trip to a foreign country, the travel insurance company would pay off the expenses as mentioned in the personal accident clause of the policy documents. In the event of any physical injury caused while using public transport like flights, trains, or busses, the loss or damage is usually covered by the travel insurance policy. As a part of your insurance plan, HDFC Ergo is liable to pay personal accident compensation in case of death or total disability arising due to any such event.
  • This would also cover you for any unfortunate incidents involving the sudden demise of the insured person, in that case, the funeral and cremation costs would also be borne by the travel insurance company. In events where emergency repatriation to the home country is required, HDFC ERGO travel insurance plans have got you covered. Here it is important to note that any or all claims are settled based on the total sum assured of the travel policy bought by you.
  • Usually, dental treatment is not covered under travel insurance policies. However, HDFC Ergo travel insurance plan provides coverage for analgesic and accidental dental aid. This would not include treatment for artificial teeth.
  • Nowadays, flight delays are common and the cost of acquiring new toiletries, clothes or medicines prove to be a costly proposition. This is where HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance Plans proves to be brilliant support. It provides coverage for financial losses arising due to flight delays over 12 hours. The plan also includes complete coverage for flight cancellations.
  • If you happen to lose any of your important travel documents, then the cost of acquiring new travel documents is covered under HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance plans. In addition, any expense arising due to loss of checked-in baggage is also covered under the plans offered by HDFC ERGO.
  • Travel plans by HDFC ERGO ensure a personal liability coverage to secure you against any financial or physical loss caused to a third party while on a trip to a foreign country. But it is important to understand that such losses are only covered if they are unintentional.
  • In the event of flight delays, cancellation, emergency hospitalization, policyholders may avail the benefit of the emergency travel fund provided by HDFC ERGO. This fund ensures generous compensation for hotel accommodation or hospitalization.
  • HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance Plans are easily availed online and you can buy one, without having to run from pillar to post.
  • Besides all its exceptional features and benefits, HDFC ERGO travel insurance provides you with seamless travel assistance round the clock.

Eligibility Criteria for HDFC Ergo Travel Insurance Plan

Have a quick rundown on the eligibility criteria; based on the policy category you have chosen-

  • The age criterion for single trip insurance is between 6 months and 70 years.
  • The age criterion for the annual multi-trip is between 18 years and 70 years.
  • If you are taking a single trip for Asia plan, then the stipulated age limit is between 6 months and 70 years. In addition, this plan doesn’t cover international trips to Japan.

Eligibility criteria are different for Family Floater Travel Insurance plans. Here’s a quick rundown of eligibility for Family Floater Travel Insurance plans by HDFC ERGO.

  • Age limit for the policyholder is restricted up to 60 years.
  • Your spouse should not be more than 60 years of age to get covered under the HDFC Ergo Family Travel Insurance plan.
  • You can get 2 dependent children also insured under HDFC ERGO Family Travel Insurance plans. The age limit for dependent children from 3 months to 21 years.

2. HDFC Ergo Student Suraksha Travel Insurance Plan

Nowadays, studying abroad is easy and accessible. A lot of students pursue higher education in international universities, and staying away from family in a foreign land can be challenging for anyone. If you too are a student or are planning to send your child to study abroad, then HDFC Ergo Student Suraksha Travel Insurance Plan is your best bet. Student Suraksha travel insurance plan is introduced by HDFC Ergo to address travel and stay concerns of these emigrant students, and offer them security against any uncertainties that may otherwise ruin their educational trip. It offers great financial, medical and legal support to these students along with any interruption which may arise in between their education.

It is a customized travel plan for students to help them pursue their higher studies in a hassle-free manner, and keep all their worries at bay. Any incidence involving loss of passport, baggage, any crucial documents or any unfortunate happenings like death or medical emergencies are covered under the policy.

Benefits of Student Suraksha Travel Insurance Plan

Listed below are just some of the many features and benefits of this plan:

  • The insurer would pay the bail amount if the insured is arrested or detained by police authorities for a bailable offence in the country or state where you are pursuing education.
  • Due to an unfortunate event while pursuing education overseas, if your studies get intermittent, then the insurer would compensate you for the financial loss.
  • In case of sudden demise (accidental death) of your sponsor, your tuition fees would be compensated by HDFC ERGO.
  • The expenses incurred due to an empathetic visit by your immediate family member are also reimbursed, as part of the travel insurance policy.
  • Any medical expenses incurred to treat any illness to the insured student, arising due to depression, intoxications such as drugs or alcohol and nervous breakdown.
  • Unlike other policies, this policy provides compensation for medical expenses for pregnant ladies. It also covers the expenses incurred on mammography, cancer screening and other medical tests, as suggested by the healthcare provider.
  • Any medical expenses incurred due to an accidental injury, sudden illness or any unfortunate event leading to the sudden death of the insured student, the family is compensated for the loss. Financial compensation is provided for the total disability of the student.
  • Any expenses incurred on emergency medical evacuation and repatriation to the home country is also borne by HDFC ERGO. The amount compensated would be based on the sum assured.
  • In case of the sudden demise of the student insured, HDFC Ergo student travel insurance policy covers the cost of repatriation of the mortal remains to his home country.
  • One of the special features of this policy is the coverage of emergency dental treatment in case of an accidental injury or severe dental pain to the insured student.
  • Student Suraksha travel insurance plan covers expenses incurred in acquiring misplaced or damaged articles in the lost baggage. Also, the inconvenience caused to loss of important documents is given a cover under the policy.
  • Deferment of checked baggage is one of the most common blunders committed by airlines. You would be compensated for the money spent on buying new medicines, toiletries, clothes and other routine articles, as a result of a delay in your checked baggage from the airline’s end.
  • You would also be reimbursed for acquiring a duplicate passport or visa if you happen to lose the original one.

Eligibility Criteria for Student Suraksha Travel Insurance Plan

  • Claimants should be a student pursuing education overseas.
  • The age limit is from 16-35 years to purchase student travel insurance policy offered by HDFC ERGO.
  • A Pre-medical check-up is not required for buying student travel plans offered by HDFC ERGO.
  • You are entitled to global coverage for 30 days in a period of 2 years.

Limitations of Student Suraksha Travel Insurance Plan

Any loss or damage caused due to any of the below-mentioned circumstances is not included under the student travel insurance plan offered by HDFC ERGO.

  • Any loss or damage due to terrorist attacks.
  • Any loss or damage arising due to domestic or global war situations.
  • Attempted Suicide.
  • Damage caused due to mental disorders or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Mental infirmities.
  • Risks arising due to life-threatening adventure sports.

Overview of the Claim Procedure

Filing the insurance claim with HDFC ERGO is convenient and simple. You can contact HDFC ERGO via their toll-free number. Their customer care personnel would take you through the claim process. You will be mailed or couriered your claim settlement form, which you need to fill in with the required information. You would also need to share your credentials with them and clarify the type of claim you want to make, along with the detailed statement of the event of a loss. Based on the nature of incidence, you would need to provide the details. If it is an emergency hospitalization, you would need to provide the bills, or if it is loss of your baggage, you need to inform the local police authorities first and then process the claim within 24hours.


We are sure now you know HDFC Ergo travel insurance plans in exhaustive detail. Based on your requirement, you can now comprehend various travel insurance plans and make an informed decision. Be it an individual trip, family trip, business or an educational trip, it’s always better to stay protected at an unknown place, and enjoy with a peaceful mind.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.