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Travelling can be fun but at the same time it can become challenging as well. We generally pack our stuff with great zeal and curiosity but if we are not well prepared ahead of the travel, it can be a headache as well. So, before leaving for your eventual travel, little planning certainly helps you making your trip smoother. International travel insurance ensures you safe trip by providing lots of benefit. Overseas Travel insurance offers coverage for medical expenditure, trip cancellation or delay and more, so that any unforeseen situation does not ruin your fun.

Benefits of Travel Insurance

Travel insurance may be the last thing on your mind when you’re creating travel plans but there are many advantages of buying travel insurance, particularly if you are travelling long haul. Let’s have a close look at benefits which you can enjoy with travel insurance.

      • Emergency medical treatment and assistance: Overseas travel insurance provides cover in case of any medical assistance required while travelling. Foreign travel insurance covers pre and post hospitalization expenses along with repatriation expenses.
      • Trip cancellation and trip interruption coverage: International travel insurance provides benefit in case of whole or partial trip cancellation by providing cost of your trip. It also provides coverage if your trip terminates due to any personal or professional reason.
      • Loss of Baggage: In case of loss or delay of baggage, insurance providers compensate insured by providing full amount of the lost baggage.
      • Legal liability coverage: International travel insurance provides coverage of legal liability arising from damage to a third party. It covers legal costs in case of involvement in legal suit.
      • Loss of important travel documents: Overseas travel insurance helps in case of loss of important travel documents like passport, tickets etc. It provides fees to reapply your documents.
      • Hospital cash: It pays daily allowance to the person in case of hospitalization, either due to sickness or an accident.
      • Repatriation of remains: It covers expenses incurred in moving the insured person to his/her country of residence.
      • Hijack distress allowance: Compensation is payable in the event of hijack of the common carrier in which the insured person is travelling. Insurer will pay allowance for each day of the hijack up to the total limits specified in the policy.
      • Personal accident: If you get hurt or die during trip, insurer will pay amount to compensate you or your loved ones.
      • Emergency financial assistance: Monetary assistance is provided if the insured loses all or substantial part of his travel funds due to theft, robbery or pilferage.

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Exclusions in Overseas Travel Insurance

Just like it is not feasible to pack everything in one suitcase, similarly it is not possible to get coverage of all sorts. Here’s a list of things your policy won’t cover.

      • Pre-existing disease unless it is a life-threatening condition
      • Terrorism
      • AIDS or HIV
      • Self inflicted injury or suicide
      • Participation in criminal act
      • Treatment of nervous and mental problem
      • Participation in hazardous activities like bungee jumping, parachuting, etc.

Note: It is not the complete list of exclusions. For an exhaustive list, refer policy wordings.

Overseas Travel Insurance Coverage

Usually, foreign travel insurance is taken at the time of booking of a trip. It covers individual risks such as medical protection, financial coverage or any other loss. Travel insurance offers below coverages:

      • Student Travel cover: It provides cover to student who has gone to other country for studies.
      • Business Travel cover: It covers business traveller who has gone to attend any conference or onsite work.
      • Holidays/Leisure travel: People travelling to other country on a leisure trip are covered under travel insurance.

How to File a Claim for international travel Insurance?

Claiming travel insurance is easy and non-complicated. One should inform their overseas insurance provider at the time of medical assistance while travelling. Every insurance provider has its own medical team which will make sure that your injury or illness is a non-pre-existent. Claims not intimated to providers can be rejected. Insurance providers also ask to submit claim forms with your personal and journey details.

Know About Top Reasons For Your Travel Insurance Claim Rejection 

What makes PolicyBazaar a Preferred Insurance Comparison Portal?

Enter basic details about your trip and get custom comparison of prices and available insurance options. Helping business and leisure travelers alike in solving travel related glitches, PolicyBazaar’s global reach and proven operational abilities allow travelers to get complete peace of mind. We will help you compare and select the best international travel insurance plan with optimum premiums so that you get right protection while travelling.

5 Reasons why you should rely on our services-

      • Instant premium from a wide range of available insurance companies
      • Compare travel insurance plans of different companies
      • Our comparison results are unbiased
      • Get all information about travel insurance at free of cost
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Fly safe and Enjoy your Vacation with Travel Insurance

What is the process of claim settlement?


Claim settlement process has been segmented under below heads-

Cashless Claim Settlement


Claim Reimbursement


What if I the insured die during transit?


If the insured dies during transit, insurance company makes arrangement to transport mortal remains to India.

What does deductible imply under a travel Insurance policy? Does this mean that the amount will have to be paid by the insured?


It is a fixed amount or percentage of an insurance claim that has to be paid by an insured. This deductible can be hefty and mainly it has two parts- voluntary and compulsory excess.

  • Voluntary deductible= It is the amount prefixed by the insured to be paid at the time of claim. For instance, a person has made a claim of Rs 50,000. If the insured decides to pay Rs 10,000 out of the total claim amount, then that amount is called voluntary deductible. The voluntary deductible allows a person to avail discount on premium.
  • Compulsory deductible= This deduction is the amount which is prefixed by the insurance company. It is a specific amount which has to be paid upfront by the insured before the insurer pays the remaining claim part. Usually, compulsory deductible is fixed at a high rate to ensure that minimum claims are being made.

A deductible under a travel insurance policy means that certain part of the claim will be paid by policyholder

If I am travelling abroad for seeking medical treatment, would I be reimbursed for medical expenses?


No, you won’t get any medical expenses reimbursement. Travel insurance covers you only for accidents or sickness which happens unexpectedly and unintentionally while you are travelling abroad. In your case, it is advised to opt for overseas mediclaim policy. To choose the right health insurance plan, click here

I would be travelling for only 4 days; will I get overseas travel cover?


Usually, insurance companies offer overseas travel cover for minimum 7 days. In your cases, you will have to pay premium for a minimum 7 days, irrespective of number of days you stay overseas.

What happens if my baggage is delayed for a day but it is not lost?


Most insurance companies cover baggage delay if it remains lost for over 12 hours. Also, compensation is given to a person for emergency items like medicines and clothes. You have to submit necessary documents for the same.

What is hand baggage cover?


The hand baggage cover commences from the time the insured passes through security at the airport until the completion of trip. The compensation shall be given on the actual declaration made by the insured, provided the overall liability is restricted to the sum specified in the policy.

Are business travelers eligible to buy travel insurance?


Yes, both business and leisure travelers are eligible to buy travel insurance.

How long does it take to get the policy papers once I buy the policy online?


As soon as the insurance company receives your payment, the insurance policy will be given. The entire process doesn’t take more than 15 minutes. Moreover, this soft copy of policy works as a legal document and can be used at the time of claim too.

Can I avail cashless facility for hospitalization under travel insurance?


Yes, insurance companies offer cashless facility for hospitalization under travel insurance.

Is emergency financial assistance available under travel insurance?


Yes, emergency financial assistance is given to insured by the insurance company through its service provider. Financial emergency is a situation when a policyholder loses all his/her cash due to theft, robbery or mugging. Under this benefit, insured is given emergency cash up to the limit mentioned in the policy.

Is my visa status sufficient to get overseas travel insurance?


In most cases, your visa status would be sufficient to get overseas travel insurance.

Can I get refund under travel plan if I cut short my travel?


In case you cut short your travel, policies may or may not allow refund and this is subject to terms and conditions. Please check your policy wordings to know whether such provision is available or not.

Does travel insurance cover loss of credit card/cash?


Travel insurance doesn’t cover loss of debit/credit card, cash, cheques and bank notes.

What are the benefits available under hijack distress allowance?


If the common carrier in which an insured is travelling is hijacked, insurance company pays compensation to his/her family for fixed number of days.

What is medical evacuation?


Medical evacuation means arranging transportation to move an insured to the nearest hospital.

What is medical repatriation?


Medical repatriation means arranging transportation to move an insured to his/her country of residence following a medical emergency.

Are ambulance charges covered under the policy?


Under emergency medical expenses, charges incurred on ambulance services (to and from the hospital) are covered by insurance company.

Is loss of passport covered?


Yes, passport is covered in the insured policy. Also, expenses incurred towards the procurement of a duplicate/temporary passport are also covered under travel insurance policy.

Will claims be settled on my return to India?


Except in case of hospitalization, insurer will settle claims once the insured is back in India.

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