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The number of Indian students migrating abroad for higher education is rising every year. Studying abroad is an advantageous prospect but involves a lot of risk as well. Medical expenses and cost of hospitalization in foreign currency can be destructive to your pocket. Also, there can be other uncertainties like accidents or loss of passport. A student travel insurance plan provides you a complete bailout from all the heavy expenses associated with such eventualities.

Why should you buy student travel insurance?

If you are a student studying abroad and living alone, there might be possibilities for things to go wrong and you would also require a support or a back-up to tackle the situation. A travel policy would cover you for all such contingencies for just a snatch of the cost you would otherwise need to incur.


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What does your policy cover?

Here is a list of a few covers you get in any plan:

    • Expenses incurred on medical emergencies when in abroad, for example, sudden illness, injury, or death
    • Expenses made for evacuation to India due to medical emergencies
    • Transportation expenses for sending the insured’s mortal remains back home or expenses incurred for the burial abroad due to untimely death
    • Dental surgery due to an injury while on the trip
    • Accidental injury to any body part while travelling or when abroad
    • Compensation in case of permanent disablement or death due to an accident, while travelling in a common carrier as a passenger.
    • Cost incurred on obtaining a new or duplicate passport in case the passport gets lost
    • Loss due to checked-in baggage misplaced by a common carrier
    • Amount spent to buy return tickets for a family member travelling to see you, the insured, in case of hospitalization for more than 7 days.
    • Amount paid to the concerned authority to obtain bail in case of apprehension by any judicial authorities due to a bailable offence, while abroad.
    • Reimbursement of a semester’s fee if your education gets hampered due any medical issue.
    • Reimbursement of tuition fees, in case of death of the person (due to an injury) sponsoring the expense of your education.

What all doesn’t a student travel insurance policy cover?

Every insurance policy has certain situations that are out-of-cover.

      • Your policy will not cover expenses incurred due to a pre-existing medical ailment, unless the insured is in a serious condition.
      • Expenses incurred due to any of the following situation:
        • Suicide; injuries or illnesses due to self-infliction
        • Any kind of mental disorder
        • Depression, stress, or anxiety
        • Any Venereal disease
        • Alcohol or drug abuse
        • HIV/AIDS
      • Expenses incurred in a situation when you are
        • Traveling and your doctor has advised you not to do so.
        • Taking or registered for a specified medical treatment.
        • Travelling abroad to get treatment for a medical problem.
        • Suffering from a terminal disease.
      • Theft, damage or loss of passport due to carelessness and negligence, or not reported to the local police authorities
      • Partial damage or loss of checked-in baggage (only complete loss or damage is covered)
      • Any situation arising due to war or nuclear threat in the country you are travelling to

Facts you should know about student travel insurance

Negligence towards matters and fact related to insurance can lead you to an inadequate insurance plan. Listed below are a few facts that you should know about student travel insurance

1. Eligibility

You are eligible to enter a student travel insurance plan at the age of 16. However, a person above 35 years of age cannot buy student travel insurance.

2. Compulsory Clause

In most of the foreign universities it is mandatory for students to buy a health insurance cover. Some universities may also decline the admission application in case the student is not insured.

3. Cheaper Premiums

Premiums for the student travel insurance plans are cheaper in case of policies bought from domestic insurance providers. The premiums are lesser by as much as nearly 1/3rd of the premiums payable for the policies offered by insurers in universities abroad.

4. Substitutes

Student medical insurance is provided at very cheap rates and much low premium by the Indian insurance companies. It is advisable to choose a plan that can substitute the health covers provided by the university, but can offer a better coverage. This can save you a lot of amount.

5. Mandatory Risk Covers

Due to the urban lifestyle in the western countries, many universities have made it compulsory for students to have coverage against specific risks like drug dependency, mental and nervous disorders, alcoholism, and other expenses related to inter-collegiate sport injuries, pregnancy, mammography, cancer screening, and childcare benefits

6. Waiver of Premiums

If you, as a student, have availed health insurance plan from an Indian insure, then you can claim a refund from the foreign university as the premium is already included in the fees paid to the university.

7. Easy Extensions

You can continuously stay covered for the entire term of your academic course by opting for an auto-renewal of policy. You can also simplify the same with the help of online renewal and advance extension of policy.

8. Pregnancy Clause

Any expense related to pregnancy and childbirth is not covered. However, the expenses incurred due to any unforeseen emergency, save the insured person's/child's life in case of acute complications are covered. Coverage would be provided only if the insured person has not completed 38 years of age and 30 weeks of pregnancy.

9. Study Interruption Cover

If you have opted for study interruption cover and you are hospitalized for a consecutive month or more due to illness, injury, or medical repatriation, then you will get a reimbursement of the tuition fee that has been paid for that period. Also the same implies, if your sponsor or an immediate family member expires, leading to discontinuation of your studies.


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What does PolicyBazaar do for you?

Buying student travel insurance from PolicyBazaar can offer following benefits:

        • Make an ideal choice by comparing various insurance quotes.
        • Choose the plan according to your specific requirement.
        • Complete transparency of information.
        • Compare and analyze the features and USPs of various plans simultaneously.
        • Buy the most efficient product in the least amount of time.
        • Quick and convenient insurance shopping.
        • Safety, mental peace, guarantee, end-to-end assistance.

Focused at providing students with a cover against financial losses arising due to medical issues and illness-related eventualities, student travel insurance plans give financial security to students in a foreign country.

You can also opt for other benefits with your travel insurance policy to fortify the cover and make your policy a comprehensive one. These riders include provision for bail bond, reimbursement of tuition fee under sponsor protection, compensation on loss of passport and a lot more.

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