University of California, Berkeley Health Insurance

When it comes to studying abroad, choosing the right type of university or college matters. Given that, the University of California, Berkeley never fails to impress you with the quality of education and opportunities offered. With 184 academic departments and 350-degree programs, the university is sure-shot your next study destination!

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    University of California, Berkeley for Foreign Students

    UC Berkeley was established as a flagship campus of the University of California in the year 1868. The university has a long history of excellence both in academic and research. World News ranked it no 1public university worldwide. An extensive number of applications are received every year worldwide for various courses in UCB. As per 2018 record of fall season, 30,853 students were enrolled for the undergraduate programme, where 11,666 were registered in graduate courses. Moreover, the university is proud to have a notable number of Nobel Prize laureates from different departments. Becoming a part of this university, hence, is a dream from every study abroad aspirant.

    Entry Essentials for UC, Berkeley

    The minimum entry requirements to enter California to pursue studies from UC Berkeley are:

    • Visa Requirement: To avail studies from the University of California campus of Berkeley, international students must obtain F-1 or J-1 visa accordingly. Information related to visa immigration is available on the website of the USA Department of State and complete the formalities accordingly.
    • Valid Passport: Passport is a must while travelling to the USA, whether it is a leisure trip, business trip or study trip. Therefore, the students travelling to California must carry a passport with a validity of at least 6 months.
    • Visa Waiver Programme: VWP programme allows you to travel and stay to 38 participating countries without a visa for 90 days, under the Visa Waiver Programme. USA is also included.
    • ESTA Authorisation:VWP is only valid with an ESTA Authorisation. So, to enter USA with VWP, you’ll also require an ESTA Authorisation which requires the traveller to furnish specific information before boarding the flight.
    • Student Travel Insurance:Every foreign university offers insurance coverage, especially health insurance to its students. The University of California is no exception. All registered students are required to take health coverage under SHIP (Student Health Insurance Plan) which offers comprehensive medical coverage. However, if we consider the perspectives of foreign students, especially one from India like you, buying student travel insurance can be within your means than buying health insurance abroad. Due to the difference in currency, a student may end up paying a huge for availing health insurance in California. Moreover, you shouldn’t discount the travel-related contingencies that could cost you a bomb. Here’s why you should consider student travel insurance

    UC Berkeley Health Insurance Vs Student Travel Insurance (as per the cost associated)

    Coverage UC Berkeley Health Insurance Student Travel Insurance
    Dental coverage 70% coverage after a copayment of $25% $500
    Ambulance Cover Nil $250
    Deductible $300 $100
    Personal Accident Cover NA $50000
    Mental Health $20 copayment applied $1000

    *Comparison data culled from UC Berkeley Student Health Plan brochure and TATA AIG Student Guard Plan brochure

    Admission Requirements for University of California, Berkeley

    Admissions in University Campus Berkeley are offered through Freshman and Transfer Admission Requirement, where admission is granted on eligibility. The minimum requirement for Freshman admission is:

    • A-G subject course requirements
    • 0 GPA in A-G courses taken in the 10th and 11th-grade years. 3.4 GPA is required for non-residents
    • SAT or ACT score

    Requirements for International Students

    Apart from the basic admission requirements, international students have to meet the other requirements mentioned on the website. The important documents required are:

    • 10+2 pass certificate
    • TOEFL or IELTS score
    • Financial document
    • Non-immigrant Information Form (NIF)

    Selection Process

     The selection is usually done based on a holistic review of the application and academics of the students throughout. Being among the more competitive universities, the selection process may vary from college to college.

    Norms on Transcripts

    Under the UC Application Process, the University Campus of Berkeley or other UC campus doesn’t ask the students to submit transcripts or portfolios or other related documents. However, they are expected to self-report their respective transcripts.

    Top Attractions for Students Near University of California, Berkeley

    Quite famous for its Bohemian spirit, Berkeley leaves no stone unturned to impress the tourists and students across the globe. The sprawling campus of UC Berkeley stands superciliously in a hilltop location. It is the birthplace of the ‘Free Speech Movement’ and the traitor hippie culture. Besides being an educational centre, UC Berkeley is a hug for entertainment. The busting Sproul Plaza continues to be the centre of attraction for every student. The parks and botanical gardens around the campus offer stunning panoramic views to cheer for a lifetime. Here’s is your list of top attractions around the campus:

    • Botanical Garden at UC Berkeley
    • Berkeley Marina
    • Davis Campus of the University of California
    • Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem Museum of Art
    • UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden
    • Tilden Park
    • Berkeley Rose Garden at Codornices Park
    • Theatre and Music Performances
    • Indian Rock Park
    • Sather Tower and the U.C. Berkeley Campus
    • Telegraph Avenue

    Shopping Attractions for Students near UC Berkeley  

    Among the other attractions, the campus is bestowed with a handful shopping options to go crazy with. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift or something unique for yourself, Berkeley has it all. Stroll through Solano Avenue, Fourth Street, North Shattuck, Downtown Berkeley, the Lorin District, the Elmwood District or Telegraph Avenue to feel the ecstasy of unique shopping. Here’re the places to explore during your stay in UC Berkeley:

    • Fourth Street
    • Monterey Market
    • Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive
    • Moe's Books
    • The Bone Room
    • Sur La Table
    • Amphora Nueva
    • Alembique Apothecary
    • Glassybaby
    • North Berkeley Farmers' Market
    • Ethnic Arts

    Where to Eat Near University of California, Berkeley

    The University Campus Berkeley has many things for the food lovers to fall in love with. Even when Berkeley restaurant is not stellar, it’s quite famous for offering good value with few frills. This place is a perfect blend of quality and affordability, which make it a spot for serious eating. From vegetarian cinnamon buns to tofu soft or from  Indian street food to farm-to-table dining, Berkeley's got something for every craving. When in UC Berkeley, you should try some of the superb eating joints around the campus:

    • Strada, Au Coquelet, Local 123, Philz: Cafes to hang out
    • Cheeseboard Collective, Arinell, Gioia: Serve delicious Pizzas
    • Triple Rock, True Burger: Burgers’ point to do well in a pinch
    • Gregoire, Cheese n Stuff, The Local Butcher, Sunrise Deli, Genova Deli: Sandwiches served are must try
    • Hamro Aangan, House of Curries: Famous for Indo-Pakistani cuisines
    • Racha Cafe on Telegraph, Lucky House: good-go-tos for Thai foods
    • Spices, Shanghai Cafe, China Village: Quite famous among the Chinese food lovers
    • Everett & Jones: Try BBQs

    Living Options Near University of California, Berkeley

    Apart from offering on-campus accommodation, UC campus of Berkeley offers off-campus accommodation as well. The university-owned housing options include Residence Halls (Unit 1, Unit 2, Unit 3, Clark Kerr, Foothill, Theme Programs, Blackwell and Stern). There is Family Student Housing famous as University Village is another great option to enjoy your stay. Located 3.5 miles away from the campus, it contains 974 one/two/three-bedroom apartments and two-bedroom townhouses. The starting range is near about $1,875-1,970. Some of the other apartment options in the vicinity are:

    • Varsity Berkeley
    • Parker
    • Hearst Apartments
    • Student Housing steps from UCB
    • San Francisco - Panoramic Residences
    • The Berk on College - Quad Room

    University of California, Berkeley Transport for Students

    Public Transit is one convenient way to get to the UC Berkeley Campus for students, faculty and staff. There are Student Easy Card on a Clipper Card to travel free on all AC Transits. One of the great transport options to get around Berkeley campus is Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART). Moreover, the Amtrak San Joaquins connects UC Berkeley to the other parts of California. It makes it convenient for the students, faculty, staff, and visitors to travel over 220 destinations throughout the state. There are special discounts of 15% for students aged 13-25, in case travel bookings are done three days prior.

    Local Law and Etiquette to follow in University of California, Berkeley

    Drinking Age:

    The minimum legal age to consume alcohol in California is 21 years and consumption below the age is an offence. Moreover, to buy alcohol a valid ID is required. It is illegal to buy alcoholic beverages between 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. The UC campus of Berkeley strictly support a campus with no access to alcohol hence provides prevention and support services to lower the misuse of alcoholic beverages. It provides rehabilitation for those who misuse alcohol.

    Smoking Age:

    To consume or buy tobacco products, one has to attain the age of 21 years. Anyone who is below the age of 21 and sells or buy tobacco could be found guilty.

    International students from India or other parts of the globe planning to travel to California should get familiar with the culture, admission process or local laws and etiquettes to make the best of their stay in University of California, Berkeley.

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