University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Health Insurance

Located in one of the most vibrant global cities, with talented faculty and widespread resources, University Campus of California, Los Angeles is one of the most pleasing academic destinations globally. The university is quite famous among the foreign students for the unique study environment and academic excellence.

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    University of California, LA for International Students

    UCLA has a long history of hosting international students and scholars from across the world. UCLA is quite famous for its excellence in research. It has been consistently ranked among the top institutes nationally and internationally. The university receives 19,400 applications globally, where the acceptance rate is 12%. The international students can groom up their skills with 7 academic divisions such as College of Letters & Science; Arts & Architecture; Engineering & Applied Science; Music; Nursing; Public Affairs; Theatre, Film & Television.

    University of California, LA Entry Essentials

    The Entry Essentials of Los Angeles are:

    • Visa Requirements: Foreign students travelling to Los Angeles to avail studies from University Campus of California, Los Angeles must carry F-1, J-1 or M-1 visa to enter the state.
    • Passport Requirement: Carrying a valid passport is essential to travel to any of the states of USA. A passport with a minimum validity of six months is essential to enter Los Angeles.
    • VWP and ESTA: One can also enter under Visa Waver Programme for 90 days without a formal visa. To travel with VWP, one must require ESTA approval before travelling.
    • Student Travel Insurance: Student travel insurance is one of the essential requirements a student should consider, especially those who are travelling from India or other Asian countries. Usually, foreign universities offer health insurance for every enrolled students. UCLA is no exception. But if you compare the cost of UCLA health insurance and that of a regular student travel insurance, there’ll be a huge difference due to the soaring value of USA dollar which outperforms Indian rupee. Hence, it appears affordable for a student travelling from India to cover the trip with a comprehensive student travel insurance.

    University of California, LA Admission Procedure

    Students across the borders apply to be a part of UCLA  through first-time freshmen and junior-level transfer students. The admissions are offered in three quarters-

    1. Fall Quarter (September - December)

    2. Winter Quarter (January - March)

    3. Spring Quarter (March - June)

    Essentials for Admission

    • Transcripts
    • Test scores- SAT/ACT/TOEFL/IELTS
    • Annual Income Proof (optional unless you’ve applied for an application fee waiver)
    • Social Security number, if any
    • Immigration status and visa type
    • Credit Card

    Minimum Requirement

    • Indian students must have completed X and XII state board exams, with score A1 and A2 grades or who scores above 80.
    • Aspirants enrolled in International Baccalaureate are expected to score 5 or higher on IB HL exams.
    • Fresh Baccalaureates are expected to score 10 or higher, while most competitive applicants even score more than 14 points.

    Things to Do in University of California, LA

    Apart from being the centre for world-class academic culture and famous study destination, UCLA is also a hub for cultural exploration, entertainment and athletic feats. Every year, the university witnesses half-million people coming from different parts to enjoy visual, performing and media arts and sports featuring both UCLA students and internationally renowned guest professionals. There are a lot of things even within the campus for the students to explore, such as:

              • Gardens of UCLA
              • UCLA Luskin Conference Centre
              • Centre for the Art of Performance
              • Fowler Museum at UCLA
              • Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Garden
              • Geffen Playhouse
              • UCLA Athletic Hall of Fame
              • The Hammer Museum
              • UCLA Store
              • La La Tours
              • The Little Theatre
              • CatCafe Lounge
              • Ernie Wolfe Gallery
              • LA Dancefit Studio

    Shopping Attraction for Students Near University of California, LA

    UCLA offers two great shopping options within the campus- UCLA Store or nearby Westwood Village, with a wide collection of boutique and chain stores. From UCLA apparel to posters to books and other merchandise, you’ll find it in this hotspot for shopping on campus. On the other hand, Westwood Village is a blend of shops, restaurants, and entertainment surrounding the UCLA campus. There is boutique stores and national chain like Target, offering everything the essentials you want. Some of the other options to keep your thrust into rest are:

                • Desert Hills Premium Outlets
                • Camarillo Premium Outlets
                • Ontario Mills
                • Citadel Outlets
                • South Coast Plaza
                • South Coast Plaza

    Accommodation for Students Near University of California, LA

    The University Campus of California Los Angeles offers accommodation for freshman, transfer, graduate, students with a family and non-traditional students in the campus under UCLA Housing. However, students choosing for off-campus will find lots of options in nearby areas. Westwood is a centre for many students who decide to live off-campus. As per the price is concerned, the median 1-bedroom rent is $2,660, which is quite affordable for a student with an average economic background. Usually, students look for the options that are reasonably cost, easily accessible from the campus and with all local amenities. One can also consider the apartments with 1 BHK/2BHK option located within the vicinity. To name a few:

                  • Atrium
                  • 433 Midvale
                  • 430 Kelton
                  • Rochester Apartments
                  • El Greco Lofts
                  • Cheap fraternity housing in Westwood
                  • UCLA Meyer & Renee Luskin Conference Centre Accommodations
                  • W Los Angeles-West Beverly Hills hotel
                  • Hilgard House Hotel & Suites
                  • Kimpton Hotel Palomar Los Angeles Beverly Hills

    Best Places to Eat Near University of California, LA

    The surrounding areas of the University have a range of amazing places that serve sumptuous food. Especially the Indian students will never get a chance to miss their food, as a handful of restaurants serving Indian cuisines are easily available. To name a few:

                    • Jaipur Cuisine of India
                    • The Bombay Frankie Company
                    • The Bombay Frankie Company
                    • India’s Tandoori
                    • Urban Grill
                    • Maharaja Cuisine of India
                    • Anarbagh Beverly Hills
                    • Kerckhoff Coffee House
                    • Terrace Food Court
                    • Café 451

    University of California, LA Transport Facility for Students

    The university campus is accessible through Long Beach Transit. The rides are available through monthly pass on a discounted rate of $80 for UCLA students. The free parking of these transits at Willow Station is an added benefit. BruinBus service is also there. It is a year-long bus service which has clean, wheelchair accessible, air-conditioned and environmentally conscious transits. UCLA transportation also has a tie-up with Zipcar, the carsharing service of the state, which gives access to use a vehicle and pay for the hours you use it. Apart from this, there are around 29,00 free bike parking spaces around the campus allowing the students to commute through bikes. Also, Bruin Bike share service has made it easier for the students to get around the campus.  UCLA Safe Ride is a complimentary service offered by CSO under the supervision of UCLA.

    Local Law & Etiquette to Follow in University of California, LA

    Drinking Age:

    As per the local law and university policies, no student under the age of 21 years is allowed to consume, sold or served alcohol or alcoholic drinks.

    Smoking Age:

    The minimum allowable age for smoking in Los Angeles is 21 years. However, UCLA is completely a smoking-free campus. Even smoking is banned in public places.

    University Campus of California, Los Angeles can be a good option for those who’re planning to pursue studies abroad. Given that, the aforementioned information will be useful in making you acquainted with the university culture, local law andetiquettes and things to follow while in the state

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