Yale University Student Health Insurance

Ranked as 15th by QS Global World Ranking, Yale University is among the most popular universities in the USA. Famous for its outstanding research avenues, the university welcomes hordes of students every year globally.

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Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

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    Yale University for Foreign University

    Founded in the year 1701, it is one of the oldest higher educational institutions in the USA. It is one of the nine colonial colleges that was chartered before the American Revolution. There are Yale College, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and 12 professional schools under the umbrella of Yale University. A rich educational environment with diversity in culture is witnessed in the campus. The university offers top facilities to hone your skills.

    Entry Essentials for Yale University

    The minimum entry requirement is as follows:

    • Visa Requirement: To enter Connecticut for pursuing studies from Yale University, one must own a valid visa. Mostly, to study in Yale one will require a J-1 visa which is for Research Scholar/Professor and Short Term Scholars.
    • Valid Passport: Carrying a valid passport is essential to enter any of the cities of USA. The must not expire during the stay of the traveller so one must travel with a passport with six months or more validity.
    • Visa Waiver Programme: Under the VWP scheme, one can stay the USA up to 90 days without a valid Visa. This USA launched scheme includes 38 foreign countries that facilitate every traveller with VWP facility.
    • ESTA Authorisation: To enter Connecticut under VWP, one must have ESTA approval, which urges travellers to produce particular information before they travel to their dream city.
    • Student Health Insurance: Yale University offers Yale Health Basic coverage to its students which covers the insured for acute diseases, mental health and counselling or other heath-related issues with hospitalisation facility. Under this, the unplanned expenses incurred due to a medical emergency are paid by the insurance provider. However, this policy may not sound beneficial for international students, especially one from India where you can avail travel insurance with comprehensive health coverage. This policy covers the insured while travelling or during his/her intended stay in a foreign land.

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    Admission Requirements for Yale University

    Yale University welcomes hordes of students from within and outside the country every year. To experience a hassle-free admission process, one has to be familiar with the admission requirements. The aspirants can apply three-ways:

    All applicants for the first-year admission must submit one of the following:

    • The Coalition Application with Yale-Specific Questions
    • The Common Application with Yale-Specific Questions
    • The QuestBridge National College Match Application

    Application Requirement for Yale Admission

    The students applying for UG courses will have to fulfil the below requirements:

    • $80 Application Fee or Fee Waiver
    • Recommendations from two teachers
    • Recommendation from the Counsellor and School Report (including transcript)
    • Standardized Testing Results
    • Mid-Year Report
    • Final Report

    Note: if any of the documents that are not in English, the applicant must have to provide an official English translation in addition to the original documents.

    Top Attractions for Students Near Yale University

    The nearby areas of Yale University have plenty of options to attract the tourists. There are several attractions even within the campus, among them the outstanding Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History is famous. Beautiful parks and natural areas that are worth exploring dominate the city. East Rock Park and Lighthouse Point Park offer plenty of things to do. Moreover, the Jazz festival in the summer is icing on the cake that adds to its appeal for tourists.

    Shopping Attractions for Students near Yale University

    Connecticut offers unique options to shop around.  So, whenever you are free from regular lectures, don’t miss the chance to explore the local markets and malls around the campus. You will get to explore more than 80 unique boutiques, retailers, theatres, restaurants and renowned museums to be cherished for the rest of your life. Some of them are:

    • Yale Art Gallery
    • Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History
    • Apple Store
    • Atticus Bookstore Café
    • Barbour
    • Book Trader Café
    • Campus Customs

    Accommodation for Students Near Yale University

    When in Yale University, you need not be worried about accommodation as the university offers plenty of options nearby. The Yale Housing is responsible for offering leaving spaces in and around the campus. There are Yale owned dormitories and apartments as well which are especially available for Graduate and Professional Students only. Apart from the university-owned housing facility, there are private accommodations and hotels within the close vicinity that serve comfortable stay. Some of them are:

    • Courtyard new haven
    • Visitor Center
    • New Heaven Hotel
    • New Haven Village Suites
    • La Quinta Inn & Suites

    Eating Options Near Yale University

    Your travel experience is incomplete if you don’t try the various food joints located in the nearby areas of the University.  This place is blessed with the best restaurants with scrumptious food.  Some of the good options to be tried:

    • Blue State Coffee
    • Louis' Lunch
    • Ivy Noodle
    • A-1
    • G-
    • Caseus Grilled Cheese truck
    • Miya's
    • Union League Cafe

    Yale University Transport for Students

    The campus of Yale University is easily accessible from different parts. The city transportation has made it convenient to get around the campus. One can opt for biking, walking, cycling, share rides, taxies to target the short distances. Yale shuttles are also there. Train, bus, flights, rental car, Zip cars are there for long distances. Moreover, Connecticut allows students to possess a vehicle with a home country license for one year. International Driver’s Permit (IDP) is required in case the DL is not in English or Spanish language. The IDP must be issued before the student is leaving for his/her destination.

    Local Law and Etiquette to Follow in Yale University

    Drinking Age - the USA government has set the minimum drinking age to 18 years. However, one is not allowed to purchase alcoholic beverages before attaining the age 21, of course with a valid ID proof.

    Smoking age - The minimum age to consume nicotine is 21 years. However, the university is not in favour of smoking, hence the campus is a nicotine-free zone.

    When a little knowledge about the culture of the city can make a great difference, you must consider this information before landing on your dream country.

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