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University of Oxford Student Health Insurance

University of Oxford-Overview

University of Oxford is one of the most popular universities amongst the students, especially from India. The university welcomes thousands of students every year from different parts of the globe. Saying that being selected in this ever-so-prestigious university is a big thing for the foreign students wishing to pursue their dreams here.

University of Oxford for Foreign Students

Founded in the year 1096, Oxford is the world’s second oldest university and is functional with 38 constituent colleges. There are over 24,000 students, including 11,747 undergraduates and 11,687 postgraduates. The university offers 350 graduate programmes in different categories. It is also a hub for foreign students. Last year, the university welcomes 20,000 applications worldwide for 3200 available places. Almost, 42% of total students at Oxford are international students, who embrace the culture of the university enthusiastically.

Entry Essentials for Oxford

The minimum entry requirement is as follows:

  • Visa Requirement: To attend a full-term course in Oxford, foreign students must obtain a Tier 4 student visa in their respective home countries. If one is applying for a short-term course, a Short-Term Student Visa or a Tier 4 Student Visa will be required. Visa immigration information is available on the official website of CIA. One can download the Visa application form there as well.
  • Valid Passport: A valid passport is a must to travelling to Oxford for pursuing studies. The passport must be valid for six months or beyond to justify your course of stay.
  • Visa Waiver Programme: With the initiative of USA govt. 38 countries including the UK, allow the travellers to stay without a visa up to 90 days, under Visa Waiver Programme.
  • ESTA Authorisation: To enter Oxford city under VWP, one must have ESTA approval, which urges the travellers to furnish specified information before they travel to their dream city.
  • Student Health Insurance: similar to other universities abroad, Oxford also offers health insurance for the students under its Eduhealth Scheme. The only drawback is that it only covers the university staff and their children. So, foreign students travelling from India or other parts of the country may feel left out if any medical emergency arises or have to bear the exorbitant medical bills if don’t own insurance. Moreover, we shouldn’t ignore travel related contingencies that may cost the traveller a bomb, owning student travel insurance plan can be the best bet International travel insurance comes with comprehensive health coverage as well which covers the medical expenses incurred during an emergency. However, one should be very careful while taking up a plan, as owning health insurance abroad can be way more expensive than having a travel insurance in India, which covers the insured for international locations as well.

Admission Requirements for University of Oxford

In order to secure admissions in the Oxford University, one must meet the basic requirements of admission. The application can be initiated through the UCAS application followed by an admissions test and interview. The final decision of the board will be intimated accordingly and admission is offered. For more information, one can refer to the official website and browse through the application requirement option.

Top Attractions for Students near University of Oxford

Famous as one of the educational hubs globally and travel destinations for the globetrotters, Oxford has many things on offer. Some of the best attractions that make your visit a worth are within the close vicinity of the campus. The list includes the below popular travel attractions:

  • Pitt Rivers Museum
  • Museum of the History of Science
  • Botanic Garden
  • Oxford City Center
  • Christ Church Cathedral
  • Radcliffe Square

Shopping Attractions for Students near University of Oxford

Foreign students coming from different parts of the world never feel left out as they can find anything they wish for in and around the campus. Be it books or designer wears, the campus offers everything within a close distance. Apart from the unique shopping points that make a magnificent shopping experience, the campus itself has some good options to offer.  Let’s have the best place for shopping in and around the campus:

  • Blackwell's Bookshop
  • Oxford Covered Market
  • Alice’s Shop
  • Kina Ceramics
  • Bodleian Shop
  • Ashmolean Shop
  • Oxford University Press Bookshop
  • University Museum of Natural History Shop

Hotels near University of Oxford

There is no dearth of accommodation when in Oxford, Apart from the campus hostels and accommodations; there are flats and houses on rent in and around the campus. The hotels available within the close vicinity offer the best comfort at a reasonable rate. Some options are:

  • B&B Accommodation in the campus
  • Student Halls in Oxford
  • Holiday Inn Oxford
  • The Holt Hotel

Eating Options near University of Oxford

Oxford University is surrounded with many food joints that serve delicious food. The restaurants are within the close vicinity and pocket-friendly as well. Some of the good options are:

  • Oxford Basement café
  • Rooftop Restaurant
  • Colombia Coffee Roasters
  • Moshi
  • The Duke of Cambridge
  • Demijohn

University of Oxford Transport for Students

The university campus is conveniently accessible through walk or cycle. There are bus services as well which can be available at a discounted rate. This makes easier to connect the campus quickly from any parts of the city and form the major airports, including London. Cycling is the most preferred mode of transport here. One can register his/her bike with the University Cycle Registration Scheme to provide the best security from theft. These bikes are also available on rent basis and to be hired from docking stations across the University. Moreover, the University also offers bus passes at a 10% discounted rate. In addition, train services are also available at a discounted rate for the students via Railcards.

Local Law and Etiquette to follow in University of Oxford

Drinking Age - Foreign students must have attained the age of 18 years to consume alcohol in Oxford. In addition, a valid identity proof will be required to buy alcohol.

Smoking age - The official smoking age is 18 years, however, smoking is strictly prohibited within the campus.

Foreign students from India or other parts of the world planning to pursue studies from Oxford must get familiar to the educational culture and other laws and etiquettes of the city before heading to the country to make the best of their stay within the campus.

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