Future Generali Car Insurance - Future Generali Motor Insurance Plan

Future Generali Car Insurance

Future Generali is a general insurance Company that is a joint venture between a leading Indian business conglomerate, the Future Group of industries and the Generali group, which is a leading Italian based company, which is a prime leader in financial protection and wealth management. The Generali  group is the largest insurance company in Italy and is also among the most reputed and largest insurance providers in Europe. The company started its operations September 2007. The company offers a range of insurance products for its customers across all segments that includes all major insurance that a person may need. The car insurance that is offered by the company falls under the category of Motor Insurance plans offered. Car insurance plans, as mandated by the law, are offered with extra additions at the discretion of the customer who can make additions to increase the scope of coverage extended on his car.

Advantages of availing car insurance plans from Future Generali General Insurance

The organization of Future Generali focuses on quality, customer relationships and the simplification of the claims process. Today the organization is among the preferred brands in the insurance industry in the country. Car insurance is important as it protects the customer against damages that has been caused to their vehicle or a third party in case there is an accident. Future Generali is a leading choice in India for car insurance. The Future Generali Car Insurance Plan is an ideal plan for those customers looking for a simple yet scalable car insurance plan provided by a highly responsive and robust private motor insurance company. Given below are the advantages of buying car insurance plans from Future Generali:

  • Subscribing to a new car insurance plan from Future Generali or renewing an old one is a hassle-free process.
  • The company specializes in servicing of claims and their settlement in the fastest possible time. The policy plans are issued with the least amount of time spent on time and documentation. Since the process is online, the policy issuance is almost instantaneous.
  • A comprehensive car insurance plan is offered by the company which covers for both third party legal liability and own damage liability under the same plan. Moreover, a host of additional covers are also available under the plan some of which are free while an extra premium is required for others.
  • There are add-on covers available with pre-defined bundles that the customer may opt for.
  • There is a facility of cashless claim settlement across the country at the authorized network of garages.
  • The insurance plan can be bought or renewed online through an easy and fast application process. The customer simply has to visit the company’s website and choose ‘motor insurance’ tab under which car insurance plan and commercial vehicle insurance plan is offered under different categories.
  • Depending on the number of claim-free years, the customer will be entitled to a No Claim Bonus of up to 50%. In case the customer is transferring a car insurance policy for the first time to Future Generali, they can be sure that the company will retain the number of claim-free years that has accumulated under the previous policy.
  • Availability of 24*7 customer support so that all customer queries and concerns are taken care of expeditiously.
  • Timely and automated reminders are given to the customers so that they never forget to pay their insurance premiums.
  • In case the accident takes place within the city limits, towing services are provided.
  • All claims are resolved within seven working days from the receipt of all concerned documents.

Features and benefits of Car Insurance plans sold by Future Generali

The features and benefits of the car insurance plans provided by Future Generali auto Insurance are discussed as under:

  • The policy is provided to the customer instantaneously with the least amount of time and effort spent, and with minimum documentation as well. Car insurance plan issuance is practically instantaneous as it is an online process.
  • There is a vigorous cashless claim settlement across the country at Future Generali Insurance certified chain of workshops/garages, which amounts to 2000 plus such garages
  • The claim assistance facility is provided to customers on all days of the week at all hours, i.e., 24*7. The claim assistance is provided by a highly trained and professional team of customer support specialists
  • Applying for the car insurance has never been easier with online application for the same. With just a few clicks, a customer can purchase a Future Generali car insurance plan online, with no need to submit documents or for verifications.
  • The company provides free and timely reminders to the customer for the policy to be renewed
  • Add-on covers under the plan which can be opted by a customer may be taken in order to enhance the coverage of the car insurance plan

Future Generali Car Insurance Plans:

Scope of coverage

The features and benefits of the car insurance that is provided Future Generali are discussed as under:

  • Loss or damage to the car due  to natural calamities like fire, explosion, self-ignition or lightning, earthquake, flood, typhoon, hurricane, storm, tempest, inundation, cyclone, hailstorm, frost, landslide and rockslide.
  • Loss or damage to the car due  to man-made causes like burglary, theft, riot, strike, malicious act, accident by external means, terrorist activity.
  • Any damage while the car is in transit by road, rail, inland waterway, lift, elevator or air
  • A Personal Accident cover is provided to the driver or owner of the vehicle while driving the vehicle, in case of death or permanent total disability. The coverage under the plan is provided for, up to an amount of Rs.1 lakh.
  • A third party legal liability cover is provided which includes legal protection from death or injury claims from third parties due to damages causing a permanent injury or death of a person and damage caused to the surrounding property including occupants of the vehicle, cost and expenses incurred without the prior consent of the company and personal accident benefits for the proposer, paid driver and the occupants of the vehicle.

Add-on covers with pre-defined bundles offered by Future Generali

Future Generali car insurance has two options for car insurance plans, one is Future Express and the other is Future Express+. Future Express is ideal for those customers whose priority is on repair service, customized service and reduced costs. Future Express+ is for those customers who place emphasis on instant loss assessment, claim finalization, as well as the option of choosing the workshop of their choice for the repairing of the vehicles. Apart from Future Express and Future Express+, Future Generali has add-on covers with pre-defined bundles that customers may opt for with their car insurance plans. These are as follows:

  • Silver – that offers IDV, Depreciation Cap and consumables add-on covers
  • Gold – that offers the same covers as with Silver, plus, Personal Accident cover, Loss of Personal Belongings cover and Loss of keys add-on cover.
  • Platinum – Along with the above-mentioned covers, Platinum offers Inconvenience Allowance cover and Personal Liability cover.

Explanation of the Add-on covers available under Future Generali car insurance plans

By paying an additional amount of premium, a customer can opt for additional Add-on covers in the base plan to enhance the coverage on the vehicle. The following five types of additional covers are available under the Car Insurance plans offered Future Generali:

  • A depreciation cover may be provided, which protects the customer against the depreciating value of the vehicular parts and ensures that he or she gets the full amount that is claimed.
  • There is an IDV cover  where customer gets access to IDV that is insured value + registration + road tax + insurance.
  • The customer has the option to purchase an additional personal accident add-on cover for the passengers. The coverage that is provided is for a maximum amount of Rs. 2 lakhs per person in case of death or permanent total dismemberment.
  • A personal accident add-on cover may be purchased where the coverage is up to Rs. 50 lakhs to the registered owner of the vehicle.
  • There is a Loss of keys cover where the owner is insured against the loss of keys of their own vehicle. The compensation amounts to Rs. 50,000.
  • An additional cover may be purchased by the customer for covering the medical expenses of the driver and the passengers in the car.
  • An Inconvenience Allowance cover may be purchased where if the vehicle breaks down, the customer will not have to worry about transportation as this cover entitles them to a daily allowance of Rs. 3000 for fifteen days.
  • A Personal Liability cover may be purchased where a coverage of Rs. 5 lakhs is provided for the registered owners.
  • There is an add-on cover for the Loss of Personal Belongings, where if personal belongings in the vehicle is lost, the customer gets compensated for up to Rs. 50, 000.

Additional features provided by Car Insurance Plans offered by Future Generali Insurance

  • A discount on premiums is provided for installing an anti-theft device as well as voluntary deductibles.
  • A No-Claims Bonus of up to 50% is given upon renewal.
  • There is a network of garages that is associated with Future Generali. The claims at these authorized garages are completely cashless.
  • If the customer is a member of a recognized automobile association within the country, then they are eligible for discounts on their premium amount.
  • The features and benefits of the car insurance that is provided by Future Generali General Insurance are discussed as under:

The Insured Declared Value or the IDV of the car is fixed by Future Generali as follows:

  • Up to 6 months – 5%
  • 6 months to 1 year – 15%
  • 1 to 2 years – 20%
  • 2 to 3 years – 30%
  • 3 to 4 years – 40%
  • 4 to 5 years – 50%

Exclusions – what the car insurance plan of Future Generali does not cover

  • The natural and general aging of the vehicle, which results in wear and tear, is not covered by the Future Generali Car insurance plans.
  • The car insurance plans of Future Generali are valid for the use of the car within the country only.
  • If the car is being driven without a driving license, it is recognized as a cognizable offence. Hence, the company will not accept any claims for accidental damage or liabilities that are caused by drivers without a valid license at the time of the accident.
  • The company urges its customers to never drive while they are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any intoxicants. Therefore, the company will, not accept any claim for accidental damages or liabilities that are caused by drivers while under the influence of drugs, intoxicants or alcohol.
  • The car insurance plan provides coverage to the customer for damages to the vehicle that have occurred as a result of accidents only. The company will not cover any expenses that occur due to electrical or mechanical breakdown.
  • If there is loss or damage that occurs to the vehicle due to nuclear fission or radioactive contamination, the company is not entitled to cover it.

Applying for the Future Generali Car Insurance Plans from Future Generali General Insurance

The Car insurance plans offered by the company can be applied to through multiple channels like:

  • Individuals who are interested in purchasing car insurance plans from Future Generali can log on to the company website and get a quote, as well, as purchase their car insurance plan online.
  • Individuals desirous of availing any plan can simply call the Sales helpline of the company at 1860-500-333 or 1800-220-233 and speak to the customer service representative.
  • Interested customers may write directly to the company at fgcare@futuregenerali[dot]in  
  • Customers may send a message to 9222211100 using certain keywords.
  • They can chat online with a customer service representative from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM.
  • They can also request a call back from company by leaving their name, mobile number and email ID on the company website.
  • Lastly, customers may also visit the company’s branches or get in touch with an agent to buy the plans required.