Future Generali Comprehensive Car Insurance

Future Generali India Insurance (FGII) is one of India's largest insurance businesses with a strong presence in the retail and fashion sectors. The Company offers many car insurance plans, including third-party insurance policies and comprehensive car insurance, to help one protect one’s vehicle following an event or injury.

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Future Generali comprehensive car insurance policy covers one’s vehicle as well as third-party liability. Future Generali's Comprehensive Car Insurance, known as the ‘Secure Plan’, covers an individual’s vehicle completely.

This covers damage to the insured’s vehicle caused by an accident, natural disaster, man-made disaster, theft, or any other unintended event. One may choose from a variety of add-on coverage with the Future Generali Secure Plan, including exhaust system, consumables cover, zero depreciation cover, among others.

Benefits of Future Generali Comprehensive Car Insurance

The Future Generali comprehensive auto insurance plan offers subscribers several advantages, which are detailed as below:

  • All third-party obligations are covered under the policy. The obligatory component of an automobile insurance coverage is included in a comprehensive insurance plan. It includes third-party bodily harm or property harm done by the insured vehicle.
  • Reimbursement for damages to the insurance policy as a result of an accident. A vehicle accident may be catastrophic on an emotional, physical, and financial level. A Comprehensive plan, apart from a Third-Party Liability coverage, also covers damages to the vehicle. As a result, if one’s automobile is damaged as a result of an accident, the insurance will cover the costs of restoring the vehicle.
  • Processes for policy issuance and renewal that are both online and hassle-free.
  • For assertion-free years, the NCB offers a reduction of up to 50% on its damage rates.
  • A broad range of add-on covers is available, such as NCB Protection, Zero Depreciation, and so on.
  • Future Generali partner garages provide simple claim start and cashless payout processes.
  • Personal accident insurance of up to Rs 15 lakh and for insured and Rs. 2 lakh for nameless co-passengers is available as an option.

Claim Process of Future Generali Comprehensive Car Insurance

To claim Future Generali Comprehensive car insurance, follow the below steps:

  • On the Future Generali website, go over to ‘Car Insurance
    ,' choose the ‘Motor Claim' option.
  • Fill out the needed information, and click the ‘Respond' button to start a claim. One will get an email and a text message confirming the start of the claim procedure.
  • Following the filing of a claim, Future Generali will dispatch a surveyor to the accident scene to check the insured vehicle and determine the level of damage.
  • One must provide the appropriate documentation to the surveyor, together with the legally signed claim form and FIR, when the survey of one’s automobile is completed (if applicable).
  • Future Generali car insurance will organize a towing service for such damaged cars when one has submitted all of the appropriate documentation. Up to Rs. 1,500, the transportation service is free. If one tows the automobile on their own, they are eligible for a Rs 1,500 compensation from the insurance company.
  • The insurance will pay the garage the full value of the accepted claim for the repairs. The insured will be responsible for only paying the deductibles, both mandatory and optional (if chosen).

Future Generali Comprehensive Car Insurance FAQs

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