Future Generali Third Party Car Insurance

Future Generali Third Party Car Insurance comes in to guard against eventualities leading to third-party liabilities on the insured. Additionally, having third-party car insurance is essential as per the Motor Vehicles Act. It stipulates that a vehicle owner must have insurance that covers third-party injury and property damage and accordingly offers compensation in the case of an accident.

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Benefits of Future Generali Third Party Car Insurance

Future Generali 3rd Party Car Insurance provides many benefits. The details are given below:

  • Bodily Injury Compensation: The third party insurance plan provides total compensation for bodily injuries of a third party.
  • Limb and Eye Loss Compensation: There are four scenarios that one must consider here:
    • Single Limb: 50% Compensation
    • Single Eye: 50% Compensation
    • Both Limbs: 100% Compensation
    • Both Eyes: 100% Compensation
  • Property Damage Compensation: This reimburses the third party for any damages that they suffer. The amount can go up to Rs 7.5 lakh.
  • Death Compensation: This covers the entire amount in case the third party dies. This is covered under two circumstances.
    • When a third party was in another vehicle
    • When a third party was walking on the road
  • Lower Cost: Since this particular add-on to the insurance covers only the third party as mandated by law, it is cheaper than standard comprehensive car insurance.

How to Claim Future Generali Third Party Car Insurance?

Future Generali Third Party Car Insurance has a simple claim process. Please follow the steps given below:

  • Contact Insurer: The first important step concerns contacting the Future Generali car insurance. These details are on the company card, which also mentions their telephone number. One may also prefer to do this process online. The insurer will advise on the next steps and documentation. It is ideal to call from the accident spot. On confirmation, the insurer will also provide a dedicated surveyor for the case, who will be responsible for inspecting the vehicle and evaluating the claim.
  • Provide Information: There are certain documents that one must provide for seamless processing. They are:
    • Accident location, date, and time
    • Policyholder name and contact details
    • Passengers, Drivers, and Witnesses names and contact details
    • License copies of all drivers
    • Insurance policy copy that mentions start and end date of the car policy
  • Claim Evaluation: This is the job of the assigned surveyor. They are there to examine the genuineness of the claim and the evidence of damage and injury. Accordingly, they will approve and suggest two methods of getting the claim:
    • Reimbursement: The concerned third party can pay the garage and then submit the bills and receipts to the surveyor. The company reimburses this amount.
    • Cashless: The concerned person goes to an approved workshop. The company pays for the workshop directly. The person need not pay anything.

FAQs About Future Generali Third Party Car Insurance

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