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Buying a Health Insurance Plan for your Family? Here are the Things you should know

Shopping is fun for many people. For the remaining, shopping is their own personal version of hell. It could be because of the crowd, the chaos, the variety, the time wastage or maybe because of money. Online shopping is a blessing for people who hate going out for shopping. Now they are able to buy anything online in a few clicks.

But even those who love to shop till they drop don’t like to shop for a few things. Like insurance. Buying clothes is fun, but buying a mediclaim policy for family is not. You can have a wardrobe full of clothes but not a single insurance plan.


Huge finances are involved in an insurance plan. You must select an insurance plan, carefully and without any rush. A single mistake can threaten your financial planning. But we can provide you some tips that can help in the selection of a policy that befits you and your family.

If you are buying a health insurance policy, you ought to be aware of the following factors.

Individual Health Policy

As the name suggests, this plan caters to a single individual. The insurance premium of an individual health policy is computed while keeping in mind the individual’s age, medical history, current health condition and inherent health risks. If you opt for individual health insurance for your family, you will have to buy health insurance for every family member.

Family-Floater Policy

A family-floater policy is specially formulated to fulfill the health insurance needs of your entire family. The amount assured is shared by all the family members. A family-floater policy caters to the proposer, spouse, dependent parents and dependent children.

To understand this better, let’s suppose you buy a family-floater plan that offers you Rs. 5, 00,000 as the sum insured. Due to a medical emergency, your wife has to be hospitalized. She gets an insurance coverage worth Rs. 5, 00,000. Her hospitalization bill is calculated to be Rs. 1, 50,000. It will be deducted from Rs. 5, 00,000 and the remaining sum assured will be Rs. 3, 50,000.

Total coverage- Rs. 5, 00,000

Billed Amount- Rs. 1, 50,000

Remaining Coverage- Rs. 3, 50,000

5, 00,000 - 1, 50,000 = 3, 50,000

Are you purchasing the Right Policy?

Purchasing an insurance plan is not a child’s play. Rather, it is an important financial decision. But then, how to buy the right plan? It isn’t difficult to find the right plan if you know your insurance requirements.

Here are two categories of health policies that will make this decision easier for you.

1. For Salaried Employees

In case you are a salaried employee, then perhaps you are covered by your employer’s corporate medical insurance policy. Generally, it covers your family members including your spouse, dependent children, and dependent parents. Some employers cover even the parents-in-law.

The insurance coverage offered by the corporate medical insurance policy is very basic, and it doesn’t follow a futuristic approach. The plan lapses the moment you quit your organization, or if your organization fails to renew the policy for any reason.

Insurance experts recommend supplementing such plans with your personal medical insurance. A family-floater plan is perfect for you. It offers customizable comprehensive coverage.

2. For Self-Employed Individuals

In case you are self-employed or you happen to be an entrepreneur, then it’s crucial to have a comprehensive insurance coverage for your entire family. If you are concerned about insurance premium then you can go for a basic health plan and supplement the cover with either a top-up or super top-up according to your needs.

Irrespective of your income, your family needs insurance protection. If anyone in your family comes across a medical emergency, in no time this situation can turn into a financial emergency. Buy a good health policy such as a Bajaj Allianz health insurance plan, so that a medical emergency doesn’t wash off your savings in a single go.

Summing it up

We have no control over certain situations and a health emergency is one of them. Regardless of whether you have a healthy diet, proper sleep schedule, and daily workout regimes, you can contract any number of illnesses. The possibility cannot be ignored.

Don’t buy the first insurance plan that you see. In order to come across the right insurance plan, you ought to compare various insurance plans and find the one plan that fulfills your insurance expectations.

Buying an adequate insurance coverage is a sure-shot way to neutralize all the healthcare-related risks and ensure the safety of your health as well as finances. 

When it comes to buying insurance, early bird indeed catches the worm. When we are young, we have minimal pre-existing illnesses and so we can get maximum insurance coverage at minimum insurance premium.  


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