SBI General Car Insurance - SBI General Motor Insurance Plan

SBI General Insurance Company limited offers Private Car Package Policy that allows you to enjoy your journey rather than getting worried about accidents or thefts while you are driving. SBI helps you with fast cashless settlement and easy online renewal policy procedure. It provides add-ons like NCB protection, roadside assistance, bi-fuel kit, loss of personal belonging, nil depreciation and return to invoice, etc.

It is a comprehensive plan designed to cover the compulsory third party liability together with loss or damage to vehicle itself. Personal accident cover is also included in the policy. By paying extra premium, one can get additional cover for paid driver and employee. If the insured does not make a claim during the policy period, a No Claim Bonus (NCB) is offered on renewals. A further discount on the premium is available if you opt for a Voluntary Excess in addition to the compulsory excess. Depreciation loss, mechanical breakdown, normal wear and tear of the vehicle are not covered under the policy. 

SBI car insurance claims are very easy to make and are settled by in-house team. Moreover, comparison can be made online between SBI car insurance plans and insurance plans provided by other players in the market.