Chola MS Comprehensive Car Insurance

Car is among the proudest assets for a person that provides travelling convenience. However, like other materialistic things, cars are also vulnerable to damages due to personal or natural causes.

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No matter how safely one drives, there are always chances for an accident due to another person's fault or circumstances beyond the control of any human. The preferred way to overcome such uncertainties is to secure the car through an all-in-one insurance plan. Chola MS Comprehensive Car Insurance plan guarantees protection against accidents, thefts, and natural calamities like fire, flood, etc. 

Benefits of Chola MS Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

There are numerous benefits of purchasing the insurer's comprehensive car care plan. It secures cars from a wide variety of damages and allows plan holders to customize as per their needs.

Here is the list of all the advantages that come with the Chola MS Comprehensive Car Insurance plan:

  • Competitive premium rates for all customers. One can check the premium rates for themselves on the official website of the insurer. 
  • IDV or Insured Declared Value is the amount that one will receive in case of damages that cannot be repaired or if a car gets stolen. Insurer allows plan holders to customize their DIV amount as per their requirements. 
  • The comprehensive plan covers road accidents, self-ignition or lightning, fire explosion, burglary, housebreaking or theft, riot and strike, terrorist activity, malicious acts, earthquake, natural calamities like typhoon, flood, storm, hurricane, cyclone, rockslide or landslide, or damage while in transit by road, rail, inland waterway, air, or elevator. 
  • There are no restrictions on the number of claims to be made. One can make as many as claims they want until their DIV is exhausted. 
  • The claim process is totally hassle-free and swift. As soon as the plan holder contacts for the claim, the process starts instantly. 
  • If due to some reasons, the plan holder cannot take the car to the insurer for repair, the insurer provides the service of doorstep pickup, repair, and delivery. 
  • Once the person opts for a comprehensive plan, they also become eligible for a discount from pharmacies and services in leading Diagnostic Centres spread across pan India. 
  • Plan holders will also get discounts if there were no claims made in the last year. 
  • The plan also compensates if the car accidentally damages another's property or injured any person or caused their death.

Claim Process of Chola MS Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

The claim process of Chola MS Comprehensive Car Insurance is very convenient and fast. Car insurance holders can follow the given steps for making their claim. 

  • Evaluate the situation of accident or theft 
  • Call the insurer at 1800-208-5544 or file a claim on the insurer's official website
  • The person will come from the insurance company for the survey 
  • After the completion of the survey, the documents will be verified
  • The policy claim process will start 
  • At last, the settlement will take place

Chola MS Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy FAQs 

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