IFFCO Tokio Comprehensive Car Insurance

IFFCO Tokio Comprehensive Car Insurance is one of the perfect solutions for those who are looking for car insurance. Comprehensive car insurance is an extensive vehicle insurance plan covering the policyholder against own damages and third-party liability. In addition, comprehensive car insurance covers any unforeseen events. When it comes to third-party insurance, policyholders will be protected against liabilities arising from injuries, damages, or losses caused to the third party in case of a road accident. IFFCO Tokio Comprehensive car insurance is all-rounded protection that your vehicle needs against all kinds of risks.

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IFFCO Tokio Comprehensive Car Insurance Benefits

Comprehensive car insurance provides insurance against accidents or theft and loss of the vehicle due to natural disasters or fire. IFFCO Tokio Comprehensive Car Insurance has many benefits, which makes it a perfect kind of insurance for those who are protective about their vehicle and want to give it complete protection. Below are some of the benefits of comprehensive car insurance.

  • This comprehensive car insurance provides the highest level of protection to the car.
  • If the policyholder is a defaulter in any road accident, then the policyholder can claim losses incurred in accidents.
  • Comprehensive car insurance also covers lawsuits which include legal fees brought against policyholders.
  • Comprehensive car insurance offers financial aid in case the car is written off.
  • It covers damages caused to cars during accidents.

IFFCO Tokio Comprehensive Car Insurance offers services from 4300+garages.

IFFCO Tokio Comprehensive Car Insurance Claim Process

IFFCO Tokio comprehensive car insurance provides all-around protection to your vehicle. Comprehensive car insurance covers both policyholders and third-party damages. Below are steps to claim the insurance from the insurer.

Steps for Own Damage Claim

  • Inform the Police: In the event of injury, death, third party property damage due to malicious act, riot, accident. Immediately inform the concerned police station.
  • Fill the Form: Submit the claim form with complete and correct details.
  • Verification Process: Policyholders will have to submit all the required documents and copy of FIR along with the photocopy for verification.
  • Assessment of Damages: All damages/losses will be assessed, and admissibility of the claim and mode of settlement is decided after the assessment is completed.

Steps for Theft Claim

  • Lodge a Police Complaint: If a car is stolen, the first step is to complain.
  • Notify Insurer: Notify the insurance company after a police complaint. It will also be helpful in case of some damages in case of theft. The insurance company will not process the claim if a police complaint is not filed.
  • Provide Complete Details: When notify the insurance company, provide them the complete details of any loan of your car along with the FIR.
  • Provide Complete Details: Provide them with a description of the car, mileage, service record, if any. Along with the automobile, give a list of stolen personal belongings.
  • Inform RTO: It is essential to inform your RTO about the theft.
  • NTC (Non-Traceable Certificate):If the vehicle is not recovered, police provide a Non-traceable certificate.
  • Claim Settlement: After providing complete documents, the insurer will settle the claim on the insured declared value.

IFFCO Tokio Comprehensive Car Insurance FAQs

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