Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Claim

Getting Car Insurance is a way to protect the insured car from any unforeseen events like accidents, theft, or damage from natural calamity and otherwise. In case of any such unforeseen events, the insurer will compensate for the damage to the insured car.

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Royal Sundaram car insurance claim offers benefits that ensure the claim process is hassle-free and provides an optimum amount. The filing process for both the claim and purchasing of the insurance is easy and quick. The claim can be settled in both cashless and reimbursement methods.  

Royal Sundaram car insurance has full-time assistance that helps the customers in multiple scenarios, including roadside assistance. Also, the insurer has 3,300 plus network garages that make the claim settlement easy. Thus, buying the Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Claim proves to be very advantageous for the insured.  

Documents Required for Claim Settlement

For the claim settlement to be approved, the insured needs to provide certain documents. The documents are as follows:

  • Filled and signed claim form
  • The original car insurance policy
  • Self-attested copy of the Registration Certificate of the insured vehicle
  • Self-attested copy of the driver’s driving license
  • A copy of the PAN card for claim amounts exceeding Rs 1 lakh
  • Duly signed DV (Discharge Voucher) or SV (Satisfaction Voucher) 

Copy of FIR in case of third-party death/injury or theft

Without the proper documents, the settlement procedure may not move forward.

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Claim Process

There are two ways to get the Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Claim settlement- cashless and reimbursement.

Cashless claim 

1. Informing the insurer: the insurer needs to be informed about the accident to initiate the claim. It can be done through contacting them, visiting the website, using the mobile application, or sending a text.

2. File an FIR: in case there is the involvement of a third party, then file an FIR at the local police station. And get a copy of the FIR.

3. Towing of the car: call for a towing service provided by the insurer and get the car repaired at a network garage to get a cashless claim.

4. Surveying and documentation: a surveyor from the insurance company will arrive to inspect the damage and cost. They will also process the documents required to settle the claim.

5. Claim settlement: the damages will be repaired at the network garage and the claim will be disbursed directly to the garage.  

Reimbursement claim 

1. Initiating the claim: use the contact details or website to reach out to the insurer and inform them about the accident and the damage/loss.

2. FIR and medical assistance: if a third party is seriously injured then immediately call for medical help. Also, file for an FIR at the nearest police station for third-party liabilities or theft.

3. Estimating the damage repairing cost: the insured can send an estimated repairing cost to the insurance company. Also, the company will send a surveyor to inspect the damage.

4. Finishing repair and payment: get the car repaired at the local garage and pay for it. Keep the original copy of the repairing bill and any other important document.

5. Reimbursement: lastly, after all the documents are submitted and formalities are finished, the insurer will reimburse the claim amount. In case the amount is more than Rs.1 lakh, then the insured will also have to submit a passport size photo and a copy of their PAN card. 

How To File the Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Claim?

To file for the Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Claim, the insured will first need to get in contact with the insurance company and inform them about the accident/event. They can use the following means:

  • Contact number: 1800-568-9999
  • TEXT messaging: <MOTORCLAIM> at 567675
  • App: Royal Sundaram’s Mobile App m-Chatra 
  • Online: by visiting their official website

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance FAQs

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