Travel Insurance for Jordan

Jordan is an Arabic country that is located on the Eastern bank of the Jordan River. The country precisely in the Middle East and is bordered by Syria to the North, Iraq to the North-East, Saudi Arabia to the East and South, and Israel to the West.

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    It is one of the off-beat destinations of the world where one can find the perfect mix of new and old through its architecture, buildings, cuisine, and national reserves.

    Despite our preparation for travel to Jordan from India, things can go haywire. To deal with any kind of medical and non-medical emergencies, there are travel insurance plans for Jordan provided by various insurance companies.

    Most insurance providers offer different types of travel insurance plans for Jordan like travel insurance for family trips, senior citizens, solo travelers, etc.

    Fast Facts About Jordan




    Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy


    98% Arab, 1% Circassian, Chechen, less than 1% Armenia


    95% Islam (official), 4% Christianity, 1% Baha, Druze


    10.71 Million


    A hot, dry climate with dry, long, hot summer and cool, short winter.

    Entry Essentials to Jordan

    An Indian passport holder can obtain a visa on arrival at Jordan from all crossings and borders. However, one can also opt for a tourist visa for Jordan before his/her arrival. Having a travel insurance policy is mandatory for all passengers traveling to Jordan.

    If the purpose of one’s travel to this country is meeting with family and friends or tourism, he/she should opt for a tourist visa to Jordan. While if the purpose of the visit is business, then one must apply and obtain a business visa for Jordan. One has to make sure to apply for a valid visa type for Jordan before visiting this country. Besides, one should have a valid travel insurance policy before applying for a suitable visa type for Jordan.

    Types of Jordan Visas for Indians

    Broadly, there are two types of Jordan Visa offered by the Embassy of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Those who are intending to visit Jordan should apply for an appropriate type of Jordan visa as per the purpose of his/her trip. Given below are the different types of visas for Indians:

    • Tourist Visa: This visa type should be obtained by travelers who are willing to visit Jordan solely for leisure. This visa is provided to foreigners and tourists who want to visit their family and friends residing in Jordan. One can opt for a tourist visa on arrival to Jordan or can go for a prior visit tourist visa.
    • Business Visa: The sole purpose for obtaining this visa is business. This visa should be obtained by those who want to visit Jordan for business purposes. The process that one should follow for a business visa is mostly before arrival and its validity may vary as well.

    These visa types are based on the purpose of one's visit to Jordan and the duration of his/her stay in this country. Despite the type of visa, one must opt for a valid travel insurance policy for Jordan.

    Documents Required for Jordan Visa

    The requirement of documents for getting a Jordan visa differs according to the visa type. The commonly needed documents as per the type of visa are mentioned below:

    Documents Required for Visa on Arrival:

    • Indian passport with the validity of at least six months.
    • Confirmed return tickets.
    • Accommodation proof such as invitation letter, confirmation from the hotel, etc.
    • Proof of sufficient funds in the account of the applicant.

    Documents Required for Visa before Arrival:

    • Indian passport with the validity of at least six months.
    • One passport-size photo.
    • Cover letter
    • Duly filled and signed visa application form
    • Hotel reservation proof
    • Confirmed return tickets
    • Tour itinerary on day to day basis
    • Detailed tour plan
    • Purpose of visit proof such as invitation letter, etc.
    • Sufficient fund proof like bank statement of at least last six months

    Documents Required for Business Visa:

    • Indian passport with a validity of at least six months
    • Jordan business visa application form that is filled and signed
    • Copy of the passport
    • Documents to prove sufficient funds in the bank account of the applicant like his/her bank account statement for the last six months or salary slips
    • Accommodation proof like hotel booking details
    • Flight booking details for Jordan
    • Applicable business visa fee for Jordan

    Jordan Visa Procedure

    An Indian citizen traveling to Jordan for leisure purposes does not need to apply for a visa. He/she can get a Jordan visa on arrival. However, for business visas and those who want to get a prior visa have to apply through the embassy. The steps for these applications are mentioned below:

    Steps to Apply for Jordan Visa on Arrival:

    One can apply for an arrival visa in Jordan at the international airports as well as at the border crossings except for Allenby Bridge/ King Hussein. A traveler has to follow the below-mentioned steps on his/her arrival at the airport or entry port and does not have to do anything beforehand.

    • One has to approach the visa on arrival counters. Generally, there are two immigration officers at this counter. One asks questions related to the trip to the traveler. While the other verifies all the documents and stamps the visa.
    • A traveler has to hand over his/her passport, hotel reservation, return trip tickets, and pay the visa-on-arrival fee to these immigration officers.
      • These officers may ask the traveler about sufficient funds for sustaining him/herself in this country. So, one must keep his/her bank statements with him/herself.
    • As soon as the visa is stamped, one can enter Jordan.

    Steps to Apply for Jordan Visa at an Embassy:

    If one wants to apply for Jordan visa at the Embassy, then he/she must approach the nearest Jordan Consulate/ Embassy and then follow the below-mentioned steps:

    • Email or call the Jordan Consulate or Embassy to inquire about the requirements of visa application.
    • Then one has to collect all the required documents and submit them in person at the Consulate/Embassy. One can also email the required documents to the Embassy or Consulate.
    • One now has to wait for the visa to be processed and can go to pick it up. If one has applied for the visa by mail, it can be emailed back to him/her.
    • Now, one can travel to Jordan within the validity of this visa.

    In case of any emergency one can contact the consulate or embassy of Jordan directly:


    Working Hours

    Contact Number


    Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

    Monday to Friday 9.00 AM to 04.00 PM

    0091 11 26497031/2

    N 14, August Kranti Marg, Panchsheel Park North, New Delhi - 110017

    Jordan Travel Insurance

    Even though the country is completely safe and is serving as the center of humanity since the emergence of civilization, it is advisable to get insurance for the trip to this country. Moreover, it is mandatory to have a travel insurance policy before traveling to Jordan. A travel insurance policy provides peace of mind and safeguards the valuables.

    Apart from non-medical issues, a travel insurance policy also provides medical protection to its policyholders. Suppose, one encounters any water or food-borne disease in Jordan, which is very common in any country. If due to any such disease one needs to get hospitalized in Jordan, a travel insurance policy comes as a rescue for him/her. The reason for the same is very clear, it provides financial help in case of a medical emergency.

    Besides, pickpocketing is common in the crowded market of Amman, if one is not conscious. Such an instance can increase the trip budget. Getting robbed or losing a valet while traveling can create a panic situation, especially when one does not have any backup plan. The best way to deal with such unexpected circumstances is a valid travel insurance policy for Jordan. Travel insurance for Jordan covers all these uncertainties that lead to loss of finances.

    Whether a person is traveling to Jordan for studies, leisure, work, or business, he/she should opt for a valid travel insurance policy for this country.

    A Jordan travel insurance policy covers travel-related medical expenses as well as other various kinds of adversities that one can face while traveling to this country or before starting the journey. Some examples of these coverages are - personal accident, medical emergency, loss or delay of check-in baggage, missed connecting flight, repatriation of mortal remains, loss of passport, flight or trip cancellation, etc.

    Indian insurance companies offer different types of travel insurance policies for travelers to Jordan. These travel insurance plans are as per the age, trip, frequency of trip, and travel destinations. Mentioned below are different types of travel insurance policies provided in India:

    Best Time to Visit Jordan

    The best to visit Jordan is fall (September to November) and spring (March to May). The days are warm with the temperature that ranges from 61degree F to 91degree F, whereas the nights are cold. However, it is never very hot to go hiking or exploring various sites, especially at places that are full of fauna and flora.

    Transportation in Jordan

    Even though public transport like buses is available in Jordan, but at some most visited places have inaccessibility of public transports. As per some travelers, the best way to travel around this country is by renting a car. Some say the bike is also good to commute but it is not comfortable for all. Here are the best options for transportation in Jordan:

    • Bus: It is one of the common ways to get around Jordan. Generally, there are fifteen or eighteen-seater minibusses. Some large buses with air-conditioners are also seen in Jordan for public transport.
    • Domestic Flights: Traveling around Jordan by domestic flight is easy and not very expensive. One can travel easily by this mode across the cities of Jordan.
    • Car: Jorden is very well connected by road. So, it is easy to rent a car here and move around the city or across the country with it.
    • Taxi: Taxis are also common and are generally yellow. They are one of the inexpensive ways of traveling around Amman.
    • Bike/ Cycle: Traveling around any city in Jordan by bike is a pleasant experience.

    International Airports in Jordan



    Queen Alia International Airport


    King Hussein International Airport



    One must make sure to insure his/her trip to Jordan with a suitable travel insurance plan to avoid the losses incurred due to any unwanted instances such as flight delay, baggage loss, etc.

    Jordan Weather

    The climate of Jordan is mixed but it sees all four seasons, which are:

    • Spring - March to May
    • Summer - June to August
    • Autumn - September to November
    • Winter - December to February

    Top Tourist Spots in Jordan

    Jordan is one of the offbeat travel destinations. The country has a history that dates back a thousand years. With the crumbling cities of Romans, Ottoman charm, and treasures of Persia, one can enjoy so many beautiful places here. Some of the best places that a tourist must visit in this country are:

    • Petra
    • Dead Sea
    • Wadi Rum
    • Jerash Ruins
    • Aqaba
    • Romans Ruins in Amman
    • Ancient Mosaics of Madaba
    • Wadi Mujib
    • Mount Nebo
    • Bethany Beyond the Jordan
    • Dana Biosphere Reserve
    • Aljoun
    • Irbid
    • Zarqa

    Rating Out in Jordan

    Jordan due to its geography has culinary influence from the Northern part of Africa, Persia, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East.

    Rice, bread, lamb, olive oil, olives, tahini, yogurt, pickles, onion, mint, and sage are the major ingredients that one may experience in the food of Jordan.

    Some of the common dishes of this country are Falafel, Moutabel, Hummus, Fattet Hummus, Labneh, and Galayet Bondra.

    Things to Do in Jordan

    With a large number of tourist attractions, in Jordan one can do the following things:

    • Visit Petra: This is one of the most unique attractions of Jordan. Petra is believed to be first inhabited in the 4thC.
    • Go for Adventure Sports in Aqaba: Aqaba is situated on the banks of the Red sea, so one can enjoy various water sports here.
    • Enjoy the Leisure Time at the Shores of Red Sea: Red sea is one of the majestic water bodies of the world. Its shores have many resorts, hotels, beaches, etc. that attract guests.
    • Visit Bethany Beyond the Jordan: It is also called as Al-Maghtas and is situated only 55 kilometers from Amman. This is the very place where Jesus was said to be baptized. It also has one of the oldest Churches in the world, which is Saint John near the Jordan River.  

    Indian Embassy Information in Jordan

    In case an Indian traveler faces any problem during his/her stay in Jordan, he/she can contact the Indian Embassy at Jordan. The details of this embassy are given below:


    Working Hours

    Contact Number


    Embassy of India, Amman, Jordan

    Sunday to Thursday 09.00 AM to 5.00 PM

    00-962-6-462-2098 / 4637262

    No 24, Al-Hidhab Street (corner of Abu Bakr Al Banani Street), Abdoun, Amman, Jordan. PO Box Number 2168, Amman 11181, Jordan