Travel Insurance for Hong Kong from India

Hong Kong is one of the most thrilling holiday destinations with unlimited fun and entertainment activities to engage in. With swanky malls, legalized casino, iconic skyline, gadget markets, lush green nature, and no service tax, Hong Kong should be on the must-visit list of every traveler.

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Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

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    Hong Kong is one city that never ceases to amaze its visitors: Hong Kong has it all. If you are a foodie then this place has a lot to dig in. It offers nature loves various options to immerse themselves in nature. For shopaholics, it’s a paradise. A number of rooftop bars and what not!

    A large number of Indians visit Hong Kong every year for a different purpose. And while you are traveling to Hong Kong make sure that you cover your travel risks with an adequate Hong Kong travel insurance policy.

    Fast Facts about Hong Kong

    Currency Hong Kong Dollar
    Official Language Chinese and English
    Regional Language Cantonese
    Population  7,484,610 ( 2019)
    Driving side left
    Calling code +852
    Climate Sub-tropical climate

    Entry Essentials to Hong Kong

    Indian nationals are eligible to visit Hong Kong without a visa if they have successfully completed their Pre-arrival Registration (PAR) online. It is easy to file a PAR application and is free-of-charge.

    Simply feed the required information, which will be automatically processed by the computer system and you will instantly get the results. The registration is valid for 6 months and you can visit Hong Kong for a span of 14 days for multiple journeys.  You simply need to furnish the printout of the PAR notification slip and use your Indian passport for the registration.

    If you have planned your visit to Hong Kong, then it is suggested that you apply for PAR 4 to 6 weeks in advance. You can easily do it online if you: 

    Holds a  valid Indian passport valid for a minimum of 6  months

    Planning to visit the HKSAR for not more than 14 days

    The validity of PAR Registration

    Pre-Arrival registration is valid for six months.  On each visit, you can stay in the HKSAR for up to 14 days.

    If you are planning to stay in Hong Kong for more than 14 days or your PAR application is not successful, then you can apply for a Hong Kong visa directly with the Hong Kong Immigration Department.

    Types of Hong Kong Visa

    The type of visa you need to enter Hong Kong will depend on the purpose of your visit. Mentioned below are the various types of Hong Kong Visa:

    Work Visa for Hong Kong

    To get a work visa in Hong Kong your employer should be willing to provide you a work permit. The employer needs to prove that you possess the required skills for the job, and a local could not fill the vacancy.

    The visa application needs to be submitted by your future employer. The organization has to submit the employment offer letter, proof of salary package, medical, accommodation, and educational provisions, and any other relevant information.

    The visa application process is usually completed in 4 to 6 weeks.  Work visa holders can apply for residency for their children and spouse. The VISA is usually valid until the employment tenure or a maximum of 2 years. After that, it would need renewal.  Work visas cannot be transferred from one employer to another. And the intra-company transfer is only valid once you have worked for more than 12months overseas.

    Dependent Visa for Hong Kong

    All the business and work visa holders can apply for a dependent visa for their spouse and children (lesser than 18 years old). The VISA is only valid until your employment tenure. It is also valid to get a dependent visa for your parents older than 60 years.

    A dependent visa requires your birth certificate of the family members, passports and a marriage certificate (as per the case).

    You need to submit a proof to the Immigration Department that you can financially support your family and have no criminal record. Dependent spouses can also apply for a work visa.

    Permanent Residency Visa

    People who have been staying in Hong Kong for more than 7 years can apply for a permanent residency in Hong Kong. Your residence permit will be invalidated once you have left Hong Kong for more than 3 years.

    Student Visa for Hong Kong

    Procedure for Student visas is more or less similar to work visas. It is applied by your sponsoring educational institution on your behalf.

    Required Documents for Hong Kong Visa

    Here are some of the documents that you would require:

    Required Documents for Hong Kong Tourist Visa

    For tourism and business purposes you may require the following documents:

    • Passport of the applicant
    • Visa application form 
    • Two passport size photographs
    • Employment certificate or business certificate as supporting financial documents
    • Cover letter from the company with an invitation letter from the trade fair, international conference, or company in Hong Kong
    • Tourism itinerary with accommodation details in Hong Kong
    • Personal details of relatives and sponsors along with their contact details

    Required Documents for Hong Kong Student Visa

    • Duly filled and signed Form ID (E) 936
    • For applicants below the age of 18, would need a consent letter from their parents or guardian
    • Letter of Acceptance from the university where the applicant is going to study
    • Proof of sponsor’s financial ability with an employment certificate, bank statements, passbook, and tax receipts
    • Enrollment and accommodation proof
    • Other documents as per the case may be

    Depending on your purpose of visit the visa document requirements will vary.

    Hong Kong Visa Payment and Fees

    Normal visas usually cost INR 1200 and can be collected within 4 working days of submitting the documents and the application. For Urgent visas, the applicant has to pay INR 2100, which can be collected within 2-3 working days. The fees can be easily paid through a demand draft, drawn from an overseas or national bank in New Delhi. The draft has to be in favor of the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi. Make sure that you mention the contact number and full name of the drawer on the back of the DD.

    Hong Kong Visa Procedure

    If you hold an Indian passport then you don’t need a visa to visit Hong Kong. There is free entry for Indian passport holders and the passport is stamped for a period of 14 days stay in the city.

    In case of any visa-related queries, you can visit the Indian Consulates or Embassy in Hong Kong and also check on their website.

    Here is a list of Hong Kong Consulates and Embassies in India:

    Consulate/ Embassy Contact Details Address Website Working Hours
    Embassy of the People’s Republic of China 098103 41609 50, Shantipath, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, Delhi: 110021 Mon to Thurs
    (9:00AM  to 4:00PM) Friday 
    8:30 AM to 3:30 PM)
    Chinese Consulate General, Kolkata 033 4001 0210 EC-72, Sector 1, EC Block, Salt Lake City, Kolkata, West Bengal: 700064 Mon to Friday 
    (10:30AM to 11:30AM)
    Chinese Visa Application Service Centre 011 3001 3601 Connaught Place, Shivaji Stadium Metro Station, Baba Kharak Singh Marg, New Delhi: 110001  

    Hong Kong Travel Insurance

    It is important to buy an overseas travel insurance policy while traveling to Hong Kong if you want to enjoy your trip in a peaceful manner. Mishappenings such as an unplanned hospitalization, baggage delay can ruin your entire trip. And if you have a Hong Kong travel insurance policy in place, you can enjoy your journey and trip without any worries. Some of the known benefits of Hong Kong Travel insurance include:

    All-Risk Coverage

    A comprehensive Hong Kong travel insurance policy would cover all the major risks that may arise during an international trip such as emergency medical expenses, personal accident expenses, medical evacuation cover, trip cancellation, and theft. There are various add-on benefits that one can opt for.

    Medical Cover and Personal Accident Cover

    There are different Hong Kong travel insurance plan options and you can opt for a specific sum assured for medical cover and personal accident cover in Hong Kong. The best part is that you are offered 24/7 assistance for all the emergency situations.

    Trip Cancellation/Curtailment Cover

    It also covers expenses incurred due to trip cancellation or delay due to specific events that are covered in the Hong Kong travel insurance policy.

    Natural Calamities

    Natural disasters like an earthquake, flood, and landslide can impose serious risks. In such cases,  a Hong Kong travel insurance policy would offer you immediate help.

    Theft Cover

    Hong Kong travel insurance plans also cover theft during a trip. And also house burglary attempts while you are off to Hong Kong.

    Global Assistance Round-the-clock

    It includes 24*7 global assistance to help you out of an emergency situation such as accidental injuries in Hong Kong.

    The coverage benefits usually differ from one Hong Kong travel insurance  plan/company to another.

    Hong Kong Travel Insurance Limitations

    Most of the overseas or Hong Kong travel insurance plans do not cover the following expenses whilst on a vacation:

    • Hong Travel insurance plans do not cover pre-existing medical conditions. If you have any pre-existing health conditions you can look for a plan that covers the same. However, most of the plans cover life-threatening emergencies due to pre-existing illnesses.
    • Any willful attempt resulting in loss or damage to passport or baggage is also excluded
    • Involvement in Adventure sports activities is also not covered
    • Health emergencies arising due to mental disorders and depression are also not covered

    The limitations vary from one Hong Kong travel insurance plan to another. Make sure that you do not miss out on reading the policy wordings for the same.

    Best Time to Visit Hong Kong

    Hong Kong has different weather conditions round the year and during the rainy season, the city is prone to typhoons as well. The city is located in the Subtropical region, which makes it suitable to visit round-the-year. However, summers here can be too hot and humid and you can skip visiting during this time if possible. Winters are generally dry and cool, and it is the perfect time to be in Hong Kong. And autumn is also a manageable time to visit.

    From March to May there is Spring season and it is the ideal time to experience the beautiful weather, try out outdoor activities, and go to numerous shows and fests. It is also the perfect time to enjoy the Hong Kong beaches.

    From June to August there is summer and you can visit during this time to enjoy rains but outdoor activities might be a challenge. You can enjoy indoor activities such as visiting theme parks, museums, etc.

    It is fun to visit the city during September and November as the skies are clear and low humidity makes it suitable to indulge in Outdoor activities. There are many festivals that the city celebrates during this season, which makes it all the more worthwhile. There is a 3-day Wine and Dine Festival is during this time. There is a lot to indulge in such as carnivals, food classes, etc. during these months. Tourists also prefer to devour on food delicacies during the two-day Lan Kwai Fong Carnival that is held in November and there is wine, beer, cocktails, and the list is endless.

    During mid-November, the city enjoys the Winter Fest and the celebrations continue till the New Year’s Day. It is definitely one of the best time to visit Hong Kong.

    Hong Kong shines bright during December, the city is vibrant and lively, and if you really want to make the best of your trip then December is the best time to be there. Also, you can visit the city in January to enjoy the outdoors. It is also the best time for hiking lovers.

    Transportation in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong’s transport system is suitable for its tourists. You can get around the city with taxis, buses, MTR (Mass Transit Railway), trams and minibuses. There are ferry services to get to the nearby islands.

    MTR is the best means of transportation to easily get to most of the tourist spots in the city. For the rest of the places such as Stanley market, Ocean Park or repulse bay, you can easily go by taxi and buses.
    For those who plan to stay in Hong Kong for a few days, it is a good idea to buy an Octopus card. It is used to pay for rides on almost all modes of public transport.

    International Airports in Hong Kong

    Name of the Airport Location
    Hong Kong International Airport Chep Lap Kok

    Weather in Hong Kong

    March to May is spring season in Hong Kong

    • Temperature: During the afternoon the temperature shoots to 28 degrees but on an average, it ranges around 18 degrees.
    • Weather: Pleasant weather with misty mornings and Slight drizzle make this city look even more beautiful. There are humidity and heat during the month of March but the weather is mostly pleasant and that is why it is one of the best seasons to be in Hong Kong. The temperature touches 29 degrees sometimes. And May is the summertime in Hong Kong and the temperature can range up to 31 degrees.

    June to August is the Summer Season in Hong Kong

    • Temperature: It usually ranges between 26 degrees and 34 degrees
    • Weather: It is one of the wettest months and there is a lot of rain during this time. The weather is humid too. It more hot and rainy during the month of July and the temperatures usually rise to 34 degrees.

    September to November is Autumn in Hong Kong

    • Temperature: It usually ranges between 22 Degrees and 24 Degrees
    • Weather: Tourists love this time of the year as there is less humidity and the temperature also dips down to 22 degrees. By the month of October, there is less rain and the evenings are pleasant as the temperature usually ranges around 26 degrees.

    December to February is Winter in Hong Kong

    • Temperature: It usually ranges between 15 Degrees and 19 Degrees
    • Weather: It is mostly dry and the temperature keeps fluctuating. The maximum temperature touches 20-degrees in Decembers. January is the coldest time of the year with the temperature dripping down to 15 degrees. It is also a dry month like December. The weather is almost similar during the month of February and the temperatures start rising to 25 degrees.

    Top Tourist Spots in Hong Kong

    When in Hong Kong these are some of the places that you must keep on your itinerary:

    • SAI Kung Peninsula: High Island Reservoir East Dam:
    • Central District: Peak Tram
    • Kowloon: Hong Kong Museum of History
    • Lantau: Po Lin Monastery & Big Buddha
    • Lai Chi Wo: Sha Tau Kok
    • The Peak & Northwest Hong Kong Island
    • Man Mo Temple
    • Kowloon: Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple

    Best Places for Shopping in Hong Kong

    When in Hong Kong shopping is a must.  There is something for everyone, for every season and every style.  Here are some of the best places that you can visit for shopping when in Hong Kong:

    • Landmark Hong Kong
    • Kowloon Shopping Street
    • Harbor City
    • Temple Street Kowloon
    • Pacific Place
    • Jade Market
    • IFC Mall
    • Stanley Market
    • Elements Hong Kong
    • Ladies Market Hong Kong

    Eating Out in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong is a true food paradise; the city is a melting pot of flavors that caters to different taste buds. From authentic Hong Kong cuisine, traditional dim sums, baked treats to Michelin-starred restaurants, fusion cuisine and some of the best cocktail bars in the world.

    Hong Kong is called as one of the top culinary capitals and offers delectable Sichuanese, Cantonese, French and Japanese cuisine. Hong Kong will fulfill your gastronomic desires. There are multiple options ranging from freshly steamed dim sum, a bowl of wonton noodles, tasty prawns, pineapple bun with butter, and what not.

    • Yue Kee Roasted Goose Restaurant in Tsuen Wan (Cantonese)
    • Aberdeen Fish Market Yee Hope Seafood Restaurant in Aberdeen & South Hong Kong Island (Cantonese Seafood)
    • Ap Lei Chau Market Cooked Food Centre in Aberdeen & South Hong Kong Island (Seafood)
    • Tim Ho Wan in Kowloon (Dim Sum)
    • Duddell's in Central District (Cantonese)
    • Kam's Kitchen in Wan Chai & Northeast Hong Kong Island
      Chi Lin Vegetarian in Kowloon (Vegetarian Chinese)
    • Kau Kee Restaurant in The Peak & Northwest Hong Kong Island (Noodles)
    • Rōnin in the peak & northwest Hong Kong Island (Japanese)
    • Sun hing restaurant in the peak & northwest Hong Kong Island (Dim Sum)

    Best Hotels in Hong Kong

    Hotel cancellations due to a trip delay can cost you a lot. This is why you should save yourself from an unforeseen situation with a Hong Kong travel insurance policy. Some of the best hotels in Hong Kong, including boutique hotels, luxury hotels, and budget hotels are listed below.

    • Intercontinental Hong Kong
    • Dorsett Wanchai, Hong Kong
    • Regal Oriental Hotel
    • Dorsett Mongkok
    • Novotel Century Hong Kong
    • Ramada Hong Kong Harbor View
    • The Imperial Hotel Kowloon
    • Park Hotel Hong Kong
    • Royal Plaza Hotel Hong Kong
    • California Hotel

    Things to Do in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong is definitely a paradise for tourists and if you have a Hong Kong travel insurance policy in place you can enjoy your vacation or trip in the most secured manner. And to make it worthwhile here are some of the things that you should not miss out:  

    • Hong Kong Harbor Night Cruise and Dinner at Victoria Peak
    • Madame Tussauds in Hong Kong
    • Small-Group Hong Kong Island Food Tour
    • Worship at the Man Mo Temple
    • Hong Kong Pink Dolphin Watching Cruise
    • Shenzhen Sightseeing and Shopping Tour from Hong Kong
    • Lantau Enlightenment Afternoon Tour
    • Hong Kong Sham Shui Po District Food Tour with Tastings
    • Hong Kong Disneyland Admission with MTR Transportation
    • LanLantau Island Tour: Cable Car, Giant Buddha, Tai O Boat Ride
    • Hong Kong Shore Excursion: Full-Day City Sightseeing Tour
    • Hong Kong Travel Pass with MTR, Ngong Ping, Big Buddha Tour
    • Skip the Line: Hong Kong Ocean Park Admission

    Top Hospitals in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong has both public and private hospitals. If you are planning to stay in Hong Kong for more than 180 days then you must for a Hong Kong ID card. Using that you can avail treatment at discounted prices in public hospitals. Private insurance is also available to expats. It is important that you have a travel insurance policy as it will cover the major expenses.

    The treatment in public hospitals is good, but the only drawback is crowd, waiting time, and lack of efficiency. The hospitals are modern and the doctors are well-qualified in private hospitals. Most of the staff in private hospitals are English speaking and offers personal attention to patients. Some of the best hospitals for visitors and expats in Hong Kong are:

    • Adventist Hospital
    • Canossa Hospital
    • Matilda and War Memorial Hospital
    • Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital
    • One Lower Albert Road, Central

    You can call on 999 for an emergency, and the ambulance will take you to the nearest public hospital.

    Money Saving Tips in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong is among the most expensive cities in the world. Here are some important tips that you can follow to save money while you are in Hong Kong:

    • Instead of Airport Express, you can take the airport bus to get to the city if you are carrying luggage. This is a good option if you are not in a hurry.
    • Get an Octopus card from the arrival hall at the airport as it can be used in MTR (metro), buses, and can also be used in many shops like McDonald’s. Octopus card usually costs around HK$150. You get HK$100 credit, from which HK$50 is refunded and there is a handling fee of HK$7 handling fee, also depends on your duration of usage. You can refill this card at in MTR stations, Circle-K, and 7-Eleven outlets.
    • The cheapest way to get around the island is tram. You can ride truly like a local.
    • There are some outdoor adventures like Tai Mo Shan and Dragon’s Back and Hong Kong UNESCO Geopark that can be visited without any cost.
    • Instead of Hong Kong Island, you can stay in Kowloon
    • Lan Kwai Fong offers you the cheapest and buzzing nightlife
    • Visit their temples or Buddhist Monastery
    • Avoid visiting the outlying islands on a Sunday

    Embassy Information in Hong Kong

    You can contact the Indian Consulate in Hong Kong in case of an emergency situation involving political upheavals, natural calamities, loss of passport and other emergencies. The details are given below:

    Consulate/ Embassy Address Working hours Email Contact details
    Consulate of India 95 Queensway, Central, Hong Kong Monday to Friday 
    (9:00AM to 5:30PM) +852 2528 4028


    • Q: What are the benefits offered under a Hong Kong travel insurance policy?

      Ans: The coverage offered in a Hong Kong travel insurance plan are listed below:

      1. Bodily injuries or accident leading to death or permanent dismemberment

      2. Any medical expense incurred on treatment of sudden illness or accidental injuries on a foreign land.

      3. Any loss or destruction to your checked baggage is covered under Hong Kong travel insurance plan.

      4. The cost of acquiring duplicate copy is assured, in case; it is reported to the local police authorities within 24 hours of the event

      5. Any hijack attempt or detention on the aircraft

      6. Delay in arrival of checked-in baggage for more than 12 hours.  

      7. Emergency cash assistance

      8. Connecting flight delay

      9. House burglary cover

    • Q: What are the different types of Hong Kong travel insurance plans?

      Ans: While travelling to Hong Kong you can also buy Asia or Overseas travel insurance plans. However, the different types of Hong Kong travel insurance plans that you can look at are as follows:

      1. Single Trip Hong Kong Travel Insurance Plans-if you are taking up a single international trip then this one is suitable for you.

      2. Annual Multi-trip Hong Kong Travel Insurance Plans-If you travel frequently to Hong Kong then it is advisable to buy a multi-trip Hong Kong travel insurance plan. It is valid up to 1 year for as many trips during the policy period. However there is a limit to the duration of the trip.

      3. Family Hong Kong Travel Insurance Plans- Have your spouse and children covered when travelling to Hong Kong with this plan.

      4. Student Hong Kong Travel Insurance Policy- If you are planning to study in Hong Kong then it is essential to buy a student travel insurance plan for Hong Kong. Make sure that is in line with your universities guidelines.

    • Q: Is loss of checked-in baggage covered under Hong Kong travel insurance policy?

      Ans: A Hong Kong travel insurance policy would offers compensation in case your checked-in baggage gets permanently lost while travelling in a common carrier.
    • Q: What are medical covers under Hong Kong travel insurance policy?

      Ans: Medical expenses usually include expenses incurred on health emergencies in a foreign land. It includes the hospitalization cost, doctor fees, dental cover, and medical evacuation costs in case of accidental demise. As medical treatment in Hong Kong is expensive, it is always better to opt for a higher sum insured when buying a Hong Kong travel insurance policy.
    • Q: What are non-medical covers under Hong Kong travel insurance policy?

      Ans: Non-medical covers in a Hong Kong travel insurance policy imply a delay in trip, loss of passport, flight delay, baggage loss, etc.