Lamborghini Car Insurance

Lamborghini is a dream car for people across the globe. It is an Italian company that manufacturers one of the most luxurious sports cars in the world. Lamborghini cars are known for their gorgeous design, speed and powerful performance. If you are one of those lucky people who can afford a Lamborghini car, then you must protect it against any harm in the world. The best way to keep your precious car safe is by getting it covered under a car insurance policy.

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Lamborghini car insurance is a four wheeler insurance policy that provides financial safety to Lamborghini cars in case of any unforeseen loss or damages arising out of accidents, theft, manmade disasters, natural calamities and sudden fire. It also protects the car against any third party liabilities and provides its owner-driver with a personal accident cover.

Best Lamborghini Car Models (with Car Insurance Price)

The table below represents the various Lamborghini car models and their insurance cost:   

Lamborghini Car Models(2019 Registration) Estimated Lamborghini Insurance Price(1-year Comprehensive Car Insurance)
Lamborghini Aventador Rs 1,90,678 onwards
Lamborghini Huracan Rs 1,77,799 onwards
Lamborghini Urus Rs 1,56,498 onwards

Disclaimer: The Lamborghini insurance cost for different car models may vary as per the model variant, RTO, registration year, insurance coverage type, claim history, etc.

Types of Lamborghini Car Insurance

Lamborghini car owners can buy two types of insurance plans:

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance

    It is the type of Lamborghini insurance that covers the car against any third party liabilities, theft and damages due to accidents, manmade disasters, natural disasters or fire. It also provides accidental death or disability coverage for the owner-driver of the Lamborghini car.

  • Third Party Car Insurance

    It is the type of Lamborghini insurance that covers all legal liabilities of the car owner resulting out of accidental death, disability, bodily injuries or property damages to third parties caused by the Lamborghini car.

Reasons to Buy Lamborghini Car Insurance Policy

Buying a Lamborghini car can cost a fortune. It is only logical to keep the car safe under four wheeler insurance and stay prepared for any unfortunate events. Besides, Lamborghini car insurance can also be beneficial for vehicle owners in the following ways:

  • It allows the Lamborghini car owners to fulfil the mandatory legal requirement of having a third party insurance cover for every car in India.
  • It covers any loss or damages caused to the Lamborghini car due to accidents, fire, natural disasters, theft and manmade calamities.
  • It pays off any accidental legal liabilities of the car owner for causing property damages, bodily injuries, disability or death of third parties by the Lamborghini car.
  • It pays compensation to the owner-driver of the Lamborghini car in case of accidental death or disability.
  • It comes with a wide range of add-on covers, such as engine protector cover, passenger cover, etc., to enhance the safety of the Lamborghini car.
  • It provides the opportunity of availing cashless repair facility at a network garage of the insurance provider.
  • It can be easily purchased or renewed online.
  • It comes with hands-on customer support that takes care of any grievances of the insured car owner.
  • It settles the claim quickly and pays the claim amount to the car owner at the earliest.

Lamborghini Car Insurance Policy Inclusions

Every Lamborghini insurance policy comes with the following coverage:

Own Damage Cover - It covers any loss or damages caused to the Lamborghini car due to:

  • Accidents
  • Theft
  • Manmade calamities, including vandalism, riots, malicious acts, etc.
  • Natural disasters, including cyclones, landslides, earthquakes, etc.
  • Fire

Personal Accident Cover - It pays compensation to the owner-driver of the Lamborghini car in case he/ she suffers from a disability or dies in an accident involving the car.

Third Party Liabilities - It covers all legal liabilities of the car owner in case the Lamborghini car causes accidental:

  • Death or bodily injuries to third parties
  • Property damages to third parties

Add-On Covers Under Lamborghini Car Insurance Policy

A Lamborghini insurance policy comes with certain add-on covers that help to enhance the policy coverage in exchange for a higher premium. Take a look at the most common add-on covers available under Lamborghini car insurance:

  • Zero Depreciation Cover - It enables you to get an Insured Declared Value (IDV) or claim amount equal to the market value without factoring in the depreciation on your Lamborghini car.
  • Passenger Cover - It provides personal accident cover to the passengers travelling in the Lamborghini car along with the vehicle’s owner-driver.
  • Return to Invoice Cover - It allows you to get an IDV equal to the purchase value of your Lamborghini car instead of the current market value of the vehicle.
  • No Claim Bonus (NCB) Protector - It protects the No Claim Bonus of the policyholder even if he/ she makes a claim under Lamborghini insurance policy.
  • Engine Protector Cover - It covers the cost of repairing any non-accidental damages to the engine of the Lamborghini car.

Lamborghini Car Insurance Policy Exclusions

Certain situations and risk are not covered under a Lamborghini insurance policy. Here is the list of exclusions under Lamborghini car insurance:

  • Wear and tear of the Lamborghini car
  • Car damages caused while carrying out illegal or non-authorized activities
  • Damages caused while driving the Lamborghini car without a valid driving license
  • Consequential loss of the car
  • Damages caused to the Lamborghini car outside India
  • Car damages arising out of contributory negligence of the driver
  • Damages caused while drunk driving the Lamborghini car

How to Buy Lamborghini Insurance Online?

Anyone can easily buy Lamborghini insurance for his car online. Follow the steps given below to purchase Lamborghini car insurance online:

  • Visit the website offering Lamborghini insurance, such as
  • Select ‘Motor Insurance’ on the menu bar and click on ‘Car Insurance’
  • You will find a form asking for your Lamborghini car number.
  • Enter your car’s registration number or proceed without doing so by providing other details including car make & model, registration year, RTO, etc.
  • Fill in your contact details, including name, email id and phone number
  • Select your previous policy expiry date and if you made a claim
  • You will see Lamborghini insurance price from various insurers
  • Select the plan you want to go ahead with and review the details
  • Pay the Lamborghini insurance cost online via credit card, debit card or net banking
  • The motor insurance company will issue the policy and send your policy document

How to Renew Lamborghini Insurance Online?

Every Lamborghini car owner should timely renew his/ her four wheeler insurance to maintain the protection on the car. In fact, you can easily renew your Lamborghini insurance online. Here is a step-by-step procedure to renew your Lamborghini car insurance policy online:

  • Go to the website offering Lamborghini insurance renewal
  • Select the ‘Renewal’ tab on the menu bar and choose ‘Motor Renewal’ option
  • Enter your Lamborghini car registration number
  • You can also skip providing your car number and instead provide other details, such as RTO, car make & model, registration year, etc.
  • Provide your requested contact details, including email id and phone number
  • Choose if you have claimed your current policy and the policy expiry date
  • Lamborghini insurance price from various insurers will be displayed
  • Choose your previous insurer’s plan and switch to a new insurer
  • Pay the Lamborghini insurance cost online
  • Your insurer will renew your Lamborghini insurance policy

Lamborghini Car Insurance Claim Procedure

In case of damage or loss of your Lamborghini car, you must make a claim with your motor insurance company to get financial aid. You can either make a cashless claim or a reimbursement claim with your insurer depending on the network garage you choose. Take a look at the claim procedure for Lamborghini insurance policy:

  • Contact your insurer and inform them about the unfortunate event
  • In case of theft or third party claim, file an FIR with the Police
  • Your insurer may send a surveyor to assess the damages sustained by your Lamborghini car
  • Submit all the required documents to the insurer
  • After the survey is complete, send your car to a network garage for cashless repair
  • Once the repair work is complete, your insurer will pay the bill directly to the network garage
  • In case you send your Lamborghini car for repair at a non-network garage, you will be eligible for reimbursement claims only
  • Pay the entire repair bill after your car has been repaired at a non-network garage
  • Send your repair bill and other documents to your insurer
  • Your motor insurer will verify the documents and pay the claim amount

Documents Required by Lamborghini Car Insurance Claims

At the time of making a Lamborghini insurance claim, you may have to submit the following documents:

  • Car insurance claim form
  • Lamborghini insurance policy document
  • Copy of Police FIR in case of theft and third party claims
  • Driving license of the Lamborghini car’s owner-driver
  • Registration Certificate (RC) of the Lamborghini car
  • Lamborghini car repair bills
  • Receipts of bill payment

Lamborghini Car Insurance FAQs

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