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Porsche is a German auto maker that specializes in sports cars, powerful street sedans and SUVs. The company’s head quarters are located at Stuttgart in Germany. The company was founded by Austrian engineer Ferdinand Porsche in the year 1931 in Austria but later on mover their headquarters in the centre of Stuttgart. The main factory of the auto maker is located in Zuffenhausen in Stuttgart but Cayenne and Panamera models are produced at Leipzig in Germany.

Cars in the Indian market

  • PORSCHE BOXSTER: Porsche Boxster has an electronic roof which opens in nine seconds roadster; with metal body which is available in a wide range of colours selected by the master of car designers. The vertical intelligently designed headlamps with Led lights are designed to give day light effect in dark as well. The low seats inside the car are designed to give utmost comfort while driving the car, similar to the sports cars of Porsche.
  • PORSCHE CAYMAN: The Porsche Cayman is a stylish car, Cayman name had been derived from caiman (a reptile from the family of alligator) so is the design of the car looks like sleek and elongated. The Porsche Cayman being a sports car has interiors meeting all the aspects of racing track car. Porsche Cayman has electronic engine enabling the car to give optimum engine performance
  • PORSCHE MACAN: Porsche Macan has the three dimensional arrangement of the controls which lends the interior of a cockpit-style layout. It has the sporty front seats which convey a sense of height above the road without any loss of intimacy with it. Sound and navigation systems follow the ergonomics philosophy.

Latest News about Porsche Car

  • Porsche 911 Previewed Ahead of its Launched

    Porsche 911 is all set to be launched this year, but the car manufacturer wants to keep its buyers and fans excited. While its first-look is still some time away, the German car manufacturer released 3 camouflaged photographs of the prototype of the Porsche 911. The sports car is going to be an upgraded version of the current model; it will also adopt a hybrid powertrain in future.

    While Porsche has not disclosed any details regarding the latest 911, the automaker stated that it wouldn't be an electric sports car but could be so in a possible future.

    As far as the design is concerned, it is expected that 2019 Porsche 911 will grow mildly in dimensions since the automaker wants to retain its "evolutionary" design aesthetics. The latest Porsche 911 is based on MMB platform. The car manufacturer is using aluminum and steel in the construction of its latest model. The cabin would be digitally connected with the latest technology and a will have a technologically advanced user interface.

  • Porsche is All Set to Launch an Electric Vehicle in Early 2020 in India

    As per official reports, the Luxury car manufacturer Porsche, partner of Volkswagen group, is all set to launch an electric vehicle in India in early 2020. Porsche started its operations in India in the year 2012 and has been selling imported cars as the company does not have any assembling or manufacturing units outside Germany.

    The Director of Porsche India, Pavan Shetty, stated that the launch of this electric vehicle in India will follow the global launch which is scheduled to happen in the last quarter of 2019. Adding to his statement, Mr. Shetty said, “This is a part of the Mission-E of the company.”

    In 2016, 401 automobile units were sold by the company in India which further hiked up to 434 units in 2017(Jan-Dec).  The company is expecting a stable growth in India despite the difficulty in analyzing external conditions like exchange rate fluctuations.

    Porsche holds a market share between 1.2% and 1.5% in the luxury car segment, which also comprises the super luxury brands.

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