Ford Car Insurance

When it comes to buying a car, everyone prefers a sturdy, performance-oriented, stylish and luxurious car. These adjectives can be best used to describe a car by Ford India, which is India’s sixth-largest car manufacturer. Whether you buy an SUV from Ford or a hatchback, it comes at quite a price and thus, should be protected from all sorts of dangers. If you wish to shield your car from any unforeseen damages or losses, then get yourself a Ford car insurance policy.

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Ford car insurance is a motor insurance policy for cars manufactured by Ford India that protects the vehicle from unforeseen dangers, such as fire, accidents, third party liabilities, natural calamities & manmade disasters, etc. It also provides compensation to the owner-driver of the Ford car in case he suffers from bodily injuries in a car accident.

5 Best Ford Car Models (with Car Insurance Price)

Take a look at the top five Ford car models along with their car insurance costs below:

Ford Car Models(2019 Registration) Estimated Ford Insurance Price(1-year Comprehensive Car Insurance)
Ford EcoSport Rs 7,507 onwards
Ford Figo Rs 5,429 onwards
Ford Endeavour Rs 20,120 onwards
Ford Mustang Rs 49,782 onwards
Ford Aspire Rs 5,355 onwards

Disclaimer: The above Ford car insurance prices will vary as per the car’s model, engine CC, RTO, registration year, policy coverage type, claim history, etc.

Types of Ford Car Insurance

Two types of car insurance policies can be purchased for your Ford car:

  • Comprehensive Ford Car Insurance – It is the type of car insurance that provides complete safety to your Ford car from unforeseen risks of third party liabilities, fire, theft, accidents, natural calamities as well as manmade disasters. It also covers the owner-driver of the vehicle against personal accident.
  • Third Party Ford Car Insurance – It is the type of car insurance that covers the owner of the Ford car against any liabilities arising out of causing accidental property damages or bodily injuries or death to a third party person. This cover is a prerequisite to legally drive a Ford car on public roads as per the motor vehicles laws of India.

Reasons to Buy Ford Car Insurance Policy

Car insurance is extremely important to keep your Ford car safe and helps you to pay for any damages to the car & recover the losses incurred. If you want to know why you must buy Ford insurance for your car, take a look below:

  • It allows you to buy either comprehensive policy or third party liability insurance for your Ford car
  • Its own damage cover will protect your Ford car from a wide range of unfavourable incidents that may cause loss or damages
  • It is compulsory to buy motor insurance for all Ford cars in India
  • It provides accidental death & disability cover to the driver-owner of the Ford car
  • It gives you the option of getting your Ford car repaired on the cashless mode
  • It can be purchased effortlessly online and is issued instantly
  • It allows you to expand the protection on your Ford car through additional covers, such as roadside assistance, zero depreciation cover, etc.
  • It helps you to save big by availing AAI membership discount, security device installation discount, etc.
  • It comes with an efficient customer support network to help you register claims

Ford Car Insurance Policy Inclusions

A Ford insurance policy includes coverage from the followings risks:

Third Party Liabilities

It covers the owner of the Ford car against third party liabilities arising out of:

  • Accidental third party property damages caused by the Ford car
  • Accidental death or disability of a third party person by the Ford car

Loss or Damage Protection

It provides loss or damage protection to the Ford car arising out of:

  • Natural disasters, such as earthquake, cyclones, etc.
  • Theft
  • Fire, explosion or self-ignition
  • Accidents
  • Manmade hazards, such as strikes, terrorism, riots, etc.
  • While the car is being transported via air, rail, road or water

Personal Accident Cover

It provides compensation in case the owner-driver of the Ford car gets disabled or dies in a car accident.

Optional Covers:

A car owner can also opt for the following optional covers while buying a Ford car insurance policy:

  • Personal accident cover for unnamed passengers, employees and paid drivers
  • CNG/ LPG kit installed in the Ford car
  • Legal liability to non-fee paying passengers of the car
  • Electrical/ non-electrical accessories fitted in the Ford car
  • Legal liability of the paid driver

Add-On Covers Under Ford Car Insurance Policy

Ford insurance offers add-on covers to car owners to enhance the protection level of the Ford car by paying a higher premium price. Here are some of the most commonly offered add-on covers under a Ford car insurance policy:

  • Engine & Gearbox Protection Cover – The engine & gearbox of the Ford car will be covered against any non-accidental damages or loss.
  • No Claim Bonus Protection – Even if the Ford car owner makes a claim during the previous policy year, his No Claim Bonus will not get affected.
  • Key Loss Cover – The duplicate key of the Ford car will be arranged if the original one is misplaced.
  • Zero Depreciation Cover – While calculating the IDV or insured declared value of the Ford car, the depreciation value of the vehicle will not be considered.
  • Return to Invoice – Instead of the market value of the Ford car, its invoice value will be fixed as the IDV.
  • Roadside Assistance Cover – Several roadside assistance services, such as towing, minor repairs, flat tyre change, etc., will be available for the Ford car owner.
  • Garage Cash Cover – While the Ford car is under repair at a cashless garage, its owner will receive a daily cash allowance for conveyance.
  • Consumable Cover – All the consumables used in repairing the Ford car, including coolant, engine oil, washers, screw, etc., will be covered by the motor insurance provider.

Ford Car Insurance Policy Exclusions

Ford insurance will not cover any claims arising out of the following situations:

  • Depreciation in the value of the Ford car
  • Damages to the Ford car while driving it after consuming alcohol
  • Expenses incurred due to gradual wear & tear of the Ford car
  • Damages caused while driving the Ford car without a valid driving license
  • Expenses incurred due to electrical or mechanical breakdown of the Ford car
  • Damages to the Ford car while being used for illegal purposes
  • Consequential loss to the Ford car
  • Damages to the Ford car outside the geographical boundaries of India
  • Non-accidental damages to the tyres of the Ford car
  • Damages to the Ford car due to nuclear activities
  • Damages to the Ford car due to war or war-like operations

How to Buy Ford Car Insurance Online?

A Ford car owner can easily buy car insurance online. The procedure to buy Ford insurance online is elucidated below in simple steps. Take a look:

  • Go to the car insurance page
  • Fill up the form on the page with the details of your Ford car
  • Enter your contact details, including email id and name
  • Choose between comprehensive and third party car insurance
  • Select your preferred car insurance plan amongst all the plans displayed
  • Pick the add-on covers you want
  • Pay the final Ford insurance price shown on the page online
  • The motor insurance company will issue Ford car insurance online

How to Renew Ford Car Insurance Online?

Every Ford car owner must timely renew his Ford car insurance policy to ensure the safety of his car. Ford car insurance renewal can be effortlessly done online. You just have to follow the procedure given below for Ford insurance renewal online. Take a look:

  • Go to the menu bar on the top and click on ‘Renewal’ tab
  • Select the option of ‘Motor Renewal’
  • Enter the required information about your Ford car
  • You will have to provide your contact details
  • Choose to renew the existing plan or choose a plan by another insurer
  • Review the coverage, IDV and Ford insurance renewal price
  • Pay the final price for Ford insurance renewal online
  • Your Ford car insurance renewal will be made effective

Ford Car Insurance Claim Procedure

In case of a mishap involving your Ford car, the owner of the car can raise two types of claims. The cashless claims can be made if the Ford car is sent for repairs at an approved garage of the insurance company. If the car is being repaired at a non-approved garage, the car owner can only file reimbursement claims. Take a look at their claim procedures below:

Cashless Claim Procedure:

  • Immediately notify the motor insurer about the mishap involving your Ford car
  • The insurer will send a surveyor to assess the extent of car damage
  • Provide the requested documents to the surveyor, who will submit a report to the insurer
  • Send all the required documents, including the claim form, to the insurer
  • Get your car repaired at an approved garage
  • Once repaired, collect your Ford car from the garage
  • Your car repair bill will be paid by motor insurer directly

Reimbursement Claim Procedure:

  • Inform the car insurance provider about the damage to or loss of Ford car
  • Let the surveyor, sent by the insurer, assess the damages to the car
  • Post inspection, send your Ford car for repair at a non-approved garage
  • After the repair work is complete, pay the repair bill amount to the garage
  • Keep all the bills & payments receipts and send it to the insurer along with other documents
  • The insurer will verify the documents with the coverage
  • The payment for claim amount will be released

Documents Required by Ford Car Insurance Claims

While filing a reimbursement car insurance claim, a Ford car owner may be required to submit the following documents:

  • Ford car insurance claim form
  • Ford insurance policy document
  • Driving license of the car owner
  • RC or registration certificate of the car
  • Copy of Police FIR (under third party liabilities and theft claims)
  • Ford car repair bills and payment receipts

Ford Car Insurance FAQs

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