Rolls-Royce Phantom Car Insurance


Rolls Royce Phantom is a product by Rolls Royce Motors of United Kingdom. Rolls Royce is a subsidiary of BMW, which is again a very big and well-known name in luxury car manufacturers. Rolls Royce Phantom is a car for the population who admires the classy and timeless designed cars.  Rolls Royce Phantom is not only about the design and luxury but also about powerful and comfortable driving experience.


The Rolls Royce Phantom like other Rolls Royce defines royalty; personalize the exterior of the royal car with choice of the color. The headlamp and tail lamps are intelligently designed with Led lights to give day light effect even in night. The lights are very much effective in extreme weather conditions like fog, heavy rains etc. Rolls Royce Phantom has the smart and sturdy alloy wheels and blade design from the side angle of the car. The car is available in wide range of selective colors.


Being foremost manufacturer of Luxury cars Rolls Royce has all the interiors of the car handcrafted. The leather fittings of the cars are hand stitched and the leather go through a special process of tanning to give the leather aroma. Personalize the interiors with Phantom logo on the dash board as well as the seats, with your choice. The interior of the car has seven layers of paint which involves a process of around seven days.

Power and Performance

The Rolls Royce Phantom comes in four versions with slight different of dimensions and other features. Phantom has 6.75 liters V12 engine which generates a power of 453 bhp


Maximum Power: 338 KW

Kerb weight: 2,550 Kgs

Wheelbase: 3, 571 mm

What to Opt

Insurance absorbs all the financial risk involved in a situation for which the customers are not prepared; this is the reason that insurance has become the basic necessity for everyone. In case of vehicles insurance is a legal obligation by Government due to the increasing numbers of accidents on the roads

Comprehensive insurance plan: The lavish and deluxe cars involves huge monetary peril while driving on roads, it is wiser to opt for comprehensive insurance plans. Comprehensive insurance plan covers all the expenses of the damaged parts of expensive cars and even the expenses of third party property damage as well in case of any accident

Personal insurance plan: Apart from the expensive cars, human life is even more important and precious. Get personal insurance plan and cover all the medical expenses under the insurance policy at the time of accident.