BMW X1 Car Insurance



BMW X1 is luxury compact crossover launched by BMW worldwide. Being a BMW product, X1 also promises the best available luxuries to all the drives an unforgettable and luxurious experience. X1 has similar style with BMW X3 based on the patterns of BMW 3 series. X1 is a mid-sized five doors wagon and is bit smaller and affordable than BMW X3, its affordability made it more popular and raised the sales worldwide.


BMW X1 is a SUV with high roof which creates extra space in the interiors and the optional x-line extras in sanitized aluminum body enhances the athletic look of the car. The shear appearance of the car awakens soul of discovery. Recognizing a BMW in the darkest of the nights, from a far distance is very easy, with its intelligently designed head lights and tail lights with led lights. These lights are synced with the system to be used for different features of the car. The strong and stylish glass roof, floods the car with natural light. The roof can be open and gives the extra space and experience of open ambience.


BMW X1 being of the most familiar car has `these touch panels to reduce the hassle of buttons. The exceptionally fine material is used in the car, the leather, aluminum and the wood. Leather covers seats are designed to give utmost comfort with plenty of leg space. The central console of the car with the roller covers the cup holders and gives ample space to freedom and underline the versatility of the interiors.

Power and Performance

The 1,500 Kg weighted car remain intact to the train and gives a jerk free experience even on the rough terrain. The suspensions of X1 makes sure and absorbs all the jerks and made this car apt for all endless trips, right from hilly areas to the highways.


Displacement: 1,499 cc

Maximum Speed: 204 km/h

Maximum torque: 220 Nm @ 1,250 rpm

Maximum Power: 100 kW @ 4,400 rpm

Engine: three cylinder and four valves air cooled engine

What to Opt

Insurance plans are very important in case of vehicles, as the roads are being the most uncertain now days. With the increasing population the number of accidents is also increasing. The Government has also made insurance a legal obligation to safeguard the population from the risk involved.

Comprehensive Insurance plans: In comprehensive insurance plans all the car parts expenses are covered and advisable for all the expensive cars. Personal Accident Insurance plans: everyone should to opt for opt for personal accident insurance plan first, to cover all the expenses of hospitalization at the time of accident.