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Porsche Cayman is a hindmost mid-engine two seater sport car launched by Porsche AG of Germany. Germans are the experts of manufacturing the cars, and Porsche Cayman is one the most reliable and renowned car in the world. Porsche name is itself well known for the deluxe and contented in car manufacturing for elite class population of the entire world.  The Porsche Cayman is a stylish car, Cayman name had been derived from caiman (a reptile from the family of alligator) so is the design of the car looks like sleek and elongated.


The wing designed front for which Porsche is renowned worldwide, with stylish headlights inspired by Porsche racing heritage from 1960 and 1970. The unique and massive air intake pipes which cool down the engine and the led headlights which give the daylight effect even in night and other weather conditions. Side door has the extremely stylish rimless window glass which enhances the look of the sports car. The Porsche Cayman is available is huge and wide variety of colors which are selected carefully by the experts of designing.


The Porsche Cayman being an sports car has interiors meeting all the aspects of racing track car, it’s called ergonomics. The interiors of the car is designed to make the driver comfy, with low seat which helps the driver to concentrate on driving, with the feeling of open space and freedom to move freely. The steering and gear changer has designed close to the driver seat which enables the drive give utmost comfort while driving on high speed. Steering to the seats, all possible accessories has been cover by the leather of premium quality.

Power and Performance

Porsche Cayman has electronic engine which enables the car t give optimum engine performance almost all the time. The light weight chassis makes the drive with Porsche Cayman a way more easy and comfortable at speeds.


  • Engine: Mid-engine
  • Wheelbase: 2,475 mm
  • Maximum Torque: 290 Nm at 4.500 – 6.500 rpm
  • Maximum Power: 202 KW @ 7.400 rpm

What to Opt?

Insurance is utmost import part of today’s life, the uncertainties and the probity of accidents is increasing drastically with the robust population. There are varieties of insurances available in the market with different features according to the prevailing needs of the customer. Even the government made insurance a compulsory legal obligation for the vehicle owners to safeguard from the risk involved

Comprehensive Insurance plans: It is advisable to opt for comprehensive insurance plan in case of expensive cars, as the insurance plan covers all the expensive parts of the car.

Personal accident insurance plan: All hospitalization charges of the insured personal are covered under personal accident insurance plan in case of accident.

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