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RTO Bangalore

The Transport Department of Bangalore enforces the provision of following rules and acts:

  • The Central Motor Vehicle Act (CMV), 1989
  • The Motor Vehicle Act, 1988
  • The Motor Vehicle Rules for Karnataka, 1989
  • The Karnataka Motor Vehicles Taxation Rules, 1957
  • The Karnataka Motor Vehicle Taxation Act, 1957

The primary objective of the Regional Transport Office Bangalore is to provide on road safety, tax collection, and control noise and air pollution in the city of Bangalore.

Functions of Bangalore RTO

The Regional Transport Department Bangalore is mainly involved in fulfilling the following duties:

  • To Issue Motor Vehicle’s Registration Certificate: The RTO Bangalore is responsible for:
    • Issuing temporary Registration Certificate
    • Issuing permanent Registration Certificate to the new vehicle and issuing B-register extract (Registration Details).
    • Transfer of ownership of the vehicle.
    • Renewal of non-transport vehicle’s registration.
    • Issuing a duplicate registration certificate
    • Cancellation of registration certificate and scrap
  • To Issue Driving and Conductor’s License: The RTO Bangalore is responsible for issuing learner’s as well as driving license. To issue a duplicate license and renew the existing driving license and provide an international permit to drive are another functions of RTO Bangalore.
  • To Collect Motor Vehicle Tax: To collect different taxes from the vehicle owners such as Green Tax, Lifetime, Quarterly, Border Tax, etc.
  • To Maintain Road Safety: To enforce traffic rules and regulations.
  • To Implement Motor Vehicle Rules and Acts: To make sure that the Motor Vehicle Rules and Acts are enforced.
  • To Provide Pollution Under Control Certificate: Checking air and noise pollution to manage and maintain rules and regulations.

List of RTO Office in Bangalore

RTO Name RTO Code RTO Address  RTO Contact Details
Bangalore Central KA-01 BDA Complex, 3rd Block, Koramangala, Bangalore - 560034 080-25533525
Bangalore West KA-02 Rajajinagar Shopping Complex, Bangalore - 560010 080-23324388
Bangalore East KA-03 2nd Floor, BDA Complex, Indiranagar, Bangalore – 560038 080-25253726
Bangalore North KA-04 Railway Station Road, Yeswanthapura, Bangalore - 560022 080-23376039
Bangalore South KA-05 Jayanagar Shopping Complex, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore - 560011 080-26630989

Types of Vehicle Registration in Bangalore

There are two types of registrations of the vehicle available in Bangalore:

  1. Temporary Registration: This registration type is commonly provided by the vehicle dealer at the time of purchase. However, temporary registration of any vehicle is valid for a specific period of time, which generally is one month. Therefore, one is required to take the permanent registration within this time frame.
  2. Permanent Registration: No vehicle in India is allowed to run on the roads without a permanent registration certificate. In Bangalore, the Regional Transport Office is responsible for providing registration numbers.

Procedure to Register New Vehicle in Bangalore

After purchasing the vehicle, the applicant should use the internet and access the website of the “Transport Department” of Karnataka to use its online service to fill the application for the registration of the new vehicle very carefully. After duly filling this form, the applicant must submit it for getting the Vahan Over Web Identity (VOWID) number and hence generate Form-20 and then can get the acknowledgment slip. The VOWID number, Form 20, and acknowledgment slip must be duly signed and submitted to the Registration Authority of Bangalore with the following documents:

1. Form – 20 (In duplicate, if the vehicle comes under Lease/Hypothecation/Hire Purchase Agreement, then obtain the signature and seal of the financer).

2. Certificate for roadworthiness of the vehicle in Form-22.

3. In Form – 21 sale certificate

4. Form – 22 of Central Motor Vehicle Rules provided by the bodybuilder.

5. Address proof.

6. Insurance certificate of the vehicle.

7. Temporary Registration Certificate issued by the registration authority of Bangalore, if any or the trade certificate given by the dealer of the vehicle.

8. Proof of residence in India, if the purchaser is a foreigner and proof of the legal presence of the purchaser in India.

9. The vehicle should be taken to the RTO Bangalore for inspection.

10. If the vehicle is imported, then one should have its Customs clearance certificate with bond and license, if any.

The application with above-specified documents should be presented before the Registration Authority of Bangalore. After the inspection of the vehicle, if the authorities find it in compliance with the requirements of Motor Vehicle Rules and Act, the registration mark is assigned then.

Procedure to Transfer the Ownership of the Vehicle within the Same Office in Bangalore

In this case, the application and documents must be produced and fees should be paid at the cash counter of RTO. The list of required documents in this case is:

  • Form – 29
  • Proof of address
  • Two passport size photographs

Procedure to Transfer the Ownership of the Vehicle within Karnataka

Application in:

  • Form – 29
  • Form – 30

Procedure to Transfer the Ownership of the Vehicle within Karnataka

The application must be given to the Registration Authority with the following documents:

  • Clearance certificate given by the previous authority of registration, except for the registration certificate of the two-wheeler.
  • Insurance certificate
  • Proof of paid tax
  • Certificate for Pollution Under Control
  • For transport vehicles, witness certificate.
  • Fees as mentioned in Form 81.
  • In the case of transport vehicles, fitness certificate.

Procedure to Transfer the Ownership of the Vehicle Migrated from Other State

Application in the following Forms:

  • Form – 29
  • Form – 30
  • Form – 27 of CMR
  • Form – 27 of KMR

With the following documents:

  • Valid insurance certificate
  • No Objection Certificate in Form – 28 of Central Motor Vehicle Rule.
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate
  • Proof for paid tax
  • Fees as prescribed in rule 81
  • In case of the transport vehicle, fitness certificate.
  • Address proof
  • In case of transport vehicle and locomotive vehicles Form – 60.
  • Self-addressed speed post envelope with the stamp for the dispatch of Smart Card Registration Certificate.

The application should be given to the concerned ARTO/RTO and the vehicle must be presented for the inspection.

Procedure to Transfer the Ownership of the Vehicle Bought in Public Auction

The application for the same must be presented in the following form with the mentioned documents:

  1. CMR Form – 32
  2. Valid insurance certificate
  3. Registration certificate
  4. Prescribed fees as per rule 81 of Central Motor Vehicle Rule
  5. Order confirming the vehicle's sale in the favor of the applicant. This order must also be duly signed by the authorized person of the auction.
  6. Certified copy of the Central Government’s or State Government’s order that authorizes vehicle’s auction.
  7. Address proof
  8. Two passport size photographs

The application with above-mentioned documents with the challans of the fees paid must be submitted at the concerned RTO. Apart from this, the vehicle should also be present for the inspection.

Issuance of Duplicate Registration Certificate

In order to get the duplicate registration certificate, an applicant must provide an application in the following forms and give the below mentioned documents:

  • Form – 26 of Central Motor Vehicle Rule
  • An affidavit showing the loss of original registration certificate.
  • In the case of RC loss, police complaint must also be presented.
  • Two passport size photographs of the owner.
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Fitness certificate of the transport vehicles
  • Proof of tax paid

An application with the above-mentioned documents must be submitted at the concerned RTO of Bangalore.

Procedure to Re-Register the Registration Certificate of the Vehicle

All the vehicles migrating from other states to Bangalore must get re-registration mark of the state of Karnataka within one year of the date of migration to Karnataka. If the vehicle is kept un-registered for more than twelve months in Karnataka, then an application must be made before the jurisdictional office for the assignment of registration mark of Karnataka. The following applications and documents must be produced for the same:

  • NOC in CMVR Form number 28 or a postal acknowledgment regarding sent ‘NOC' to the concerned Registration Authority.
  • Tax card
  • Registration certificate
  • Application in the CMR Form number 27
  • Valid insurance certificate
  • Consent of the financer if the vehicle is covered under hypothecation
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate
  • Fitness Certificate

How to Get the Insurance of the Vehicle in Bangalore?

Among the metro cities of India, Bangalore is the capital of the state – Karnataka. The city is considered as one of the best cities for IT professionals as it is the hub of multinational software companies and hence it is also many times referred to as ‘Silicon Valley of India’

Like any other city of India, it is illegal to drive any vehicle (having engine) without registering it with the RTO Bangalore. Having third-party vehicle insurance is a must in Bangalore. This is because third-party insurance safeguards the owner of the vehicle against third-party damages (be it third-party property or person) occurred due to an accident by the insured vehicle.

However, there are comprehensive insurance plans available as well. They not only provide third-party coverage but also offer coverage against loss and damage to the insured vehicle.

One can get motor insurance online or offline, however, taking an online insurance plan is always good as it saves both time and money. Moreover, one can compare different policies online on web aggregator and get the most suitable choice.