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      Surat (GJ05)
      B/S Krushi Mangal hal, Near Majura gate, Ring Road, Surat
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      RTO West Bengal

      Regional Transport Office or RTO West Bengal is a government organisation that facilitates the issuance of registration certificates (RC) and driving licenses to vehicles plying in West Bengal. Find RTO West Bengal details and office address by simply entering your car number.

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      List of West Bengal RTO Code

      West Bengal has more than 97 RTOs that carry out all transport-related activities in the state. Below is an RTO West Bengal list along with their respective RTO codes.
      RTO City RTO Code
      Kolkata WB01, WB02, WB04, WB05, WB06, WB07, WB08, WB09, WB10
      Barrackpore WB03, WB23, WB24, WB24
      Barasat WB11, WB15, WB25, WB26
      Howrah WB12, WB13, WB14
      Hooghly WB16, WB17, WB18
      Alipore WB19, WB22, WB69, WB70
      South 24 parganas WB20
      Basirhat WB21
      Bangaon WB27, WB28
      Tamluk WB29, WB30
      Contai WB31, WB32
      Midnapore WB33, WB34, WB36
      Kharagpur WB35
      Asansol WB37, WB38, WB44
      Durgapur WB39, WB40
      Burdwan WB41, WB42
      Kalna WB43
      Rampurhat WB45, WB46
      Bolpur WB47
      Birbhum WB48, WB53, WB54
      Jhargram WB49, WB50
      Nadia WB51, WB52
      Puruliya WB55, WB56
      Murshidabad WB57, WB58, WB94
      North dinajpur WB59, WB60
      Balurghat WB61, WB62
      Cooch behar WB63, WB64
      Malda WB65, WB66
      Bankura WB67, WB68
      Jalpaiguri WB71, WB72
      Siliguri WB73, WB74
      Darjeeling WB76, WB77
      Kalimpong WB78, WB79
      Raghunathpur WB81, WB82
      Chanchal WB83, WB84
      Mathabhanga WB85, WB86
      Bishnupur WB87, WB88
      Kalyani WB89, WB90
      Islampur WB91, WB92
      Jangipur WB93
      Baruipur WB95, WB96
      Diamond harbour WB97, WB98
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      Documents Required for Permanent Registration in West Bengal RTO

      It is necessary to get your vehicle permanently registered in West Bengal RTO. You will need the following documents for the same:

      Sale Certificate in Form 21

      Valid insurance certificate

      Roadworthiness certificate in Form 22

      Original Sale certificate

      Proof of address

      Pollution Under Control Certificate

      Temporary registration, if any

      Custom clearance certificate

      Appropriate fee as per rule 81

      Specified tax as per West Bengal Motor Vehicles Taxation Act

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      How to Get a Permanent Registration Certificate in West Bengal?

      Follow these instructions to get a permanent RC for your vehicle from RTO West Bengal:

      Fill in Form 21 for permanent registration

      If you have temporarily registered the vehicle, then apply before the temporary registration expiry date

      If the registration involves hypothecation, refer to Hypothecation

      Now confirm the type of registration number

      Confirm smart card related requirements

      Pay appropriate fees as per the West Bengal RTO

      Pay required tax as per Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989

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      How to Renew Registration Certificate in West Bengal RTO?

      As per the rules, a motor vehicle is registered for a maximum of 15 years after which it has to be renewed. For the continuous use of a motor vehicle, a vehicle's registration certificate is required to be renewed within 60 days of its expiry date. Here is how you can renew your registration certificate in West Bengal RTO:

      Fill the Form 25 to apply for the renewal of RC to the respective RTO

      Submit all the necessary documents

      Pay vehicle taxes if any

      Pay appropriate renewal fees as per the Central Motor Rules

      The vehicle will then be inspected at the zonal office for its roadworthiness. If found fit, the re-registration certificate will be issued.

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      Documents Required for Registration Certificate Renewal

      Mentioned below are the documents required to get your registration certificate renewed in West Bengal:

      Application in form 25.

      Registration certificate in original.

      Proof of the payment of up-to-date road tax.

      Copies of the insurance certificate.

      Pollution under control certificate.

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      Documents Required for Ownership Transfer

      Usually a vehicle’s ownership is transferred in three major scenarios. These include the death of the owner, theft of the vehicle, or during the normal sale of the vehicle. For transfer of ownership of a vehicle under the West Bengal RTO, you will be required to submit the following documents:

      Registration Certificate in original.

      Duly filled Form 29

      Duly filled Form 30

      Copy of valid insurance certificate

      Copy of address proof of buyer

      Valid Pollution under Control Certificate.

      Copy of PAN card

      Prescribed fee.

      Tax token

      Duly filled Form 34 and Form 35 in case of hypothecated cases.

      Permits surrender slip from S.T.A./R.T.A. (For commercial vehicles).

      Offer Letter in the buyer's name (For commercial vehicles).

      Valid Fitness certificate (For commercial vehicles).

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      Vehicle Registration Charges in West Bengal

      A vehicle owner is required to pay certain charges to get their vehicle registered in West Bengal. The registration charges for different vehicles in Bengal are:

      Two-wheelers: Rs. 300

      Four-wheelers: Rs. 600

      Heavy goods vehicle: Rs. 1,500

      Medium goods vehicle: Rs. 1,000

      The charges for obtaining a duplicate registration certificate would be half of the registration fees mentioned above, depending upon the type of vehicle.

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      How to Know RC Status in West Bengal?

      A vehicle owner can also know the status of his/her RC in West Bengal by following the steps mentioned below:

      Visit VAHAN official website

      Select “Online Services” dropdown on the home page

      From the dropdown, select “Vehicle Related Services.”

      On the next page, choose the state as “West Bengal.”

      On the next page, select your RTO and enter your vehicle number if required, Click on “Proceed

      Now select the "Know your application status" option.

      Enter your RC application number and Submit

      The details of your RC will be displayed.

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      How to Check Vehicle Owner Details in West Bengal?

      Check Vehicle Owner Details

      To check the status of the vehicle owner in Delhi, you can follow these steps:

      Visit the official website of Parivahan Sewa

      From the “Informational Services” dropdown, select the “Know Your Vehicle Details” option

      Now login to your account or create a new account

      Enter the OTP received and click on the “Verify” button

      Now, enter the vehicle registration number and hit "Search."

      Once the verification is complete, the vehicle owner's and other necessary details will be displayed.

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      West Bengal Road Tax for Different Vehicles

      The road tax for different types of vehicles in West Bengal is:

      One-Time Tax for 5 Years:

      Cars Engine Capacity Road Tax on New Car Registration (whichever is higher)
      800 cc 5.5% or Rs 17,500
      800cc to 1490cc 5.5% or Rs 25,000
      1490 to 1999cc 5.5% or Rs 35,000
      Above > 2000cc 5.5% or Rs 45,000

      For two-wheelers:
      Engine capacity in cc Road Tax in West Bengal
      Upto 80cc Rs 1,560
      80cc and 170cc Rs 3,125
      170cc and 250cc Rs 4,685
      Over 250cc Rs 6,250

      How to Pay West Bengal Road Tax Online?

      Here is how to pay Road tax online in West Bengal online:

      Visit the official website of Parivahan Sewa

      Enter your vehicle registration number and proceed

      Click on the "Pay your Tax" option

      Now login via entering your mobile number and OTP

      Verify the details regarding owner, tax info, permit details , etc.

      Update any detail if required

      To know tax details, enter month/quarter or year info

      Soon after selecting your tax mode, your vehicle road tax will be automatically calculated

      Click on the "Payment" button

      Select the online payment method and pay your tax online.

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      You can also pay road tax offline by visiting the nearest West Bengal RTO.

      Fine for Non-Payment of West Bengal Road Tax

      In case you fail to pay the road tax in West Bengal within the offered 15 days of grace period, you may have to pay a penalty upon its expiry. The rates of penalty for delay in payment in road tax are as follows:

      25% for delay in payment from the 16th day to 45th day after expiry

      50% for delay in payment from the 46th day to 75th day after expiry

      100% for delay in payment after the 75th day after expiry.

      Endorsement of Hypothecation in West Bengal

      If your vehicle is on loan or hire purchase, it is mandatory to get such hypothecation added to your registration certificate.

      Here are the documents you will need for the endorsement of hypothecation in West Bengal:

      Registration certificate in original

      Form no.34 duly filled (for endorsement of Hypothecation) in duplicate

      Copies of valid vehicle insurance

      Pollution under control certificate

      Prescribed fees

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      Termination of Hypothecation in Delhi

      A termination of hypothecation can be done when the loan on the vehicle is repaid in full. After termination, you get the complete ownership of the vehicle and the lender’s name is replaced with your name on the vehicle’s RC.

      The following documents are required to terminate hypothecation in West Bengal:

      Form no. 35 duly filled (for deletion of Hypothecation) in duplicate.

      NOC from financier for having retained full dues from the financier (for deletion case only)

      Original Registration certificate

      Copy of Driving License

      Copy of vehicle insurance policy

      Copy of PUC

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      Hypothecation Charges in West Bengal

      The cost of hypothecation of endorsement in West Bengal is as follows:

      Motorcycle: Rs. 500

      Three-wheeler/light motor vehicle: Rs. 1500

      Medium and heavy vehicles: Rs. 3,000

      For the removal/cancellation of hypothecation, a fee of Rs. 100 is charged.

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      Applying for a High-Security Number Plate in West Bengal Online

      To curb the incidences of theft, the Government of India, made it mandatory for every vehicle to have a unique high security number plate. This number plate shall be linked electronically to the vehicle once it's fixed on the vehicle.

      If you are purchasing a new vehicle in West Bengal, then the dealer will give you an HSRP number plate. However, if you have an old car make sure to get an HSRP plate affixed.

      Apply for High-Security Number Plate

      Here is how you can do so online:

      Visit the official website of Book My HSRP

      Select the option "High-Security Registration Plate with Colour Sticker” from the homepage

      Fill in the details of your vehicle such as registration number, chassis number and other relevant information

      Enter the captcha and proceed

      Choose a fitment location and book an appointment

      Now verify rest all the provided details

      Once the payment is received, download the payment receipt for future reference.

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      Checking the Status Of HSRP in West Bengal Online

      Here is how you can check the status of your High Security Registration Plate application in West Bengal:

      Visit the Book My HSRP portal

      From the homepage, click on the Track Your Order” option

      Now, choose your Order no., vehicle registration no., and captcha

      Click on “Search” option

      The status of your HSRP in West Bengal will be displayed.

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      Driving Without Car Insurance Fine in West Bengal

      To ensure compliance with motor laws in West Bengal and to protect your vehicle financially from any unforeseen damage, it is mandatory to have a car insurance policy in the state. Failure to produce a vehicle insurance policy, when asked by the traffic police, will lead to heavy traffic challan.

      Driving Without Car Insurance

      Rs 2,000 and/or 3 months of jail imprisonment, community service (For the first offence)

      Rs 4,000 and/or 3 months of jail imprisonment (For repeated offence)

      How to Buy Vehicle Insurance in West Bengal?

      Every vehicle owner in West Bengal must have a valid motor insurance policy for his/her vehicle. Third-party insurance is mandatory coverage while comprehensive vehicle insurance is the recommended one.

      To purchase a car insurance policy for a vehicle registered in West Bengal, you can follow these steps:

      Visit the official website of Policybazaar Insurance Brokers Private Limited and select

      Select the ‘Car Insurance’ page from the homepage

      Enter your car number on the given form and proceed further

      From the list of RTOs in West Bengal, find your RTO

      Select your car’s make, model, fuel type, variant and registration year

      From the given four-wheeler insurance plans, choose the desired policy along with additional covers

      Select rest of the details like NCB reward, claim details, and

      Pay the premium amount as per desired payment mode.

      The policy copy will be sent to your registered email address.

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      Frequently asked question about RTO

      Purchasing car insurance in West Bengal is a very simple process if you do it online. All you need to do is visit Policybazaar.com and purchase the car insurance plan after comparing multiple plans online.

      You can visit Policybazaar.com to find the list of RTO codes of your RTO in West Bengal. You can also visit the West Bengal Transport Website for the same.

      To download a soft copy of your insurance papers, you can visit the customer portal on your insurer’s official website. If you have purchased insurance from us, you can easily download a copy of your insurance papers from your account dashboard on Policybazaar Insurance Brokers Private Limited.

      To change your address in your vehicle’s RC, you must apply to your RTO with the respective documents:

      • Registration Certificate in original
      • Form 28 (NOC in duplicate)
      • Form 20
      • Copy of address proof (original to be produced).
      • Copies of valid insurance/pollution under control certificate
      • Fitness certificate
      • Tax Token in original
      • Garage Address proof (in case of transport vehicle)
      • N.O.C. from financier, where required

      Yes, you can calculate the premium of your car insurance before purchasing one with the help of the Car Insurance Premium Calculator. It is online that allows you to calculate the premium and IDV of car insurance based on the model and other details of your motor vehicle.

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