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      RTO Haryana

      Regional Transport Office or RTO Haryana is a government organisation that facilitates the issuance of registration certificates (RC) and driving licenses to vehicles plying in Haryana. Find RTO Haryana details and office address by simply entering your car number.

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      List of Haryana RTO Code

      Haryana has more than 97 RTOs that carry out all transport-related activities in the state. Below is an RTO Haryana list along with their respective RTO codes.
      RTO City RTO Code
      Ambala HR01, HR37, HR54
      Jagadhri HR02
      Panchkula HR03, HR68
      Naraingarh HR04
      Karnal HR05, HR45, HR75
      Panipat HR06, HR67
      Kurukshetra HR07, HR65
      Kaithal HR08, HR64
      Gulah HR09
      Sonepat HR10, HR69
      Gohana HR11
      Rohtak HR12, HR46
      Jhajjar HR13, HR14, HR63
      Meham HR15
      Bhiwani HR16, HR17, HR48, HR61
      Loharu HR18
      Charkhi dadri HR19, HR84
      Hisar HR20
      Hansi HR21
      Fatehabad HR22, HR59, HR62
      Tohana HR23
      Sirsa HR24, HR25, HR44, HR57
      Gurgaon HR26, HR55, HR72
      Hissar HR27, HR39, HR74, HR80
      Ferozepur jhirka HR28
      Faridabad HR29, HR38, HR51
      Palwal HR30, HR50, HR73
      Jind HR31, HR56, HR90
      Narwana HR32
      Safidon HR33
      Mahendragarh HR34
      Narnaul HR35, HR66
      Rewari HR36, HR43, HR47
      Assandh HR40
      Pehowa HR41
      Ganaur HR42
      Kalka HR49
      Hathin HR52
      Adampur HR53
      Yamuna nagar HR58, HR71
      Samalkha HR60
      Pataudi HR76
      Beri HR77
      Shahabad markanda HR78
      Kharkhoda HR79
      Bawal HR81
      Kanina HR82
      Kalayat HR83
      Rai HR85
      Sonipat HR86
      Badkhal HR87
      Kundli HR88
      Badli HR89
      Gharaunda HR91
      Radaur HR92
      Punhana HR93
      Kalanwali HR94
      Sampla HR95
      Tauru HR96
      Ladwa HR97
      Badshahpur HR98
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      Documents Required for Permanent Registration in Haryana RTO

      It is necessary to get your vehicle permanently registered in Haryana RTO. You will need the following documents for the same:

      Sale Certificate in Form 21

      Proof of address

      Valid insurance certificate

      Original Sale certificate

      Roadworthiness certificate

      Temporary registration, if any

      Custom clearance certificate in case of ex-army vehicle

      Appropriate fee as specified in rule 81

      Proof of fitment of Fastag specified in rule 138A

      Proof of citizenship

      Proof of legal presence in India in addition to proof of residence in case of foreigners

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      How to Get a Permanent Registration Certificate in Haryana?

      Follow the steps mentioned below to get a permanent RC for your vehicle from RTO Haryana:

      Fill in Form 20 and submit it to the RTO Haryana

      If you have temporarily registered the vehicle, then apply before the temporary registration expiry date i.e. within 7 days of expiry

      Submit rest of the documents

      Confirm the type of registration number you require

      Confirm HSRBP requirements

      Pay appropriate fees

      Pay required tax as per CMV rules

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      How to Renew Registration Certificate in Haryana RTO?

      As per the rules, a motor vehicle is registered for a maximum of 15 years after which it has to be renewed. For the continuous use of a motor vehicle, a vehicle's registration certificate is required to be renewed within 60 days of its expiry date. Here is how you can renew your registration certificate in Haryana RTO:

      Fill the Form 25 to apply for the renewal of RC to the respective RTO

      Submit all the necessary documents to the respective authority

      Pay vehicle taxes if any

      Pay appropriate renewal fees as per the Central Motor Rules

      The vehicle will then be inspected by the concerned inspector. If found fit, the renewed registration certificate will be issued.

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      Documents Required for Registration Certificate Renewal

      Mentioned below are the documents required to get your registration certificate renewed in Haryana:

      Application on Form 25

      Original Registration certificate

      Proof of the payment of up-to-date road tax paid

      Attested copy of insurance certificate.

      Attested copy of PUC

      Payment of tax dues if any

      Prescribed fee

      Attested Copy of PAN card or Form 60 & Form 61 (as applicable)

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      Documents Required for RC Ownership Transfer

      Usually a vehicle’s ownership is transferred in three major scenarios. These include the death of the owner, theft of the vehicle, or during the normal sale of the vehicle. For transfer of ownership of a vehicle under the Haryana RTO, you will be required to submit the following documents:

      Registration certificate in original

      Form 29 duly filled in duplicate

      Form 30 duly filled in duplicate

      Attested copy of valid insurance certificate

      Attested copy of address proof of purchaser

      Attested copy of valid PUC

      Prescribed fee

      Attested copy of PAN Card or Form 60 and Form 61

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      Vehicle Registration Charges in Haryana

      To get a vehicle registered in Haryana, you will be required to pay the following registration charges at the RTO:

      For two-wheeler: Rs. 300

      For car/light motor vehicles: Rs. 600

      The charges for getting a duplicate registration certificate for a two-wheeler would be Rs.150, and for four-wheelers, it would be Rs. 300.

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      How to Know RC Status in Haryana?

      A vehicle owner can follow these steps to know the status of his/her RC online in Haryana:

      Visit the Parivahan Sewa portal from your browser

      From the Online Services dropdown, click on "Vehicle Related Services."

      Choose vehicle registration RTO and "Proceed."

      Now select the status tab. From the given multiple options, select the ‘Know your application status’ option

      Now enter the RTO application number

      Click on the "Submit" button

      The status of your RC application will be displayed.

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      How to Check Vehicle Owner Details in Haryana?

      Check Vehicle Owner Details

      In case you wish to know the vehicle owner details in Haryana, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

      Visit the Parivahan official website

      Select the "Know Your Vehicle Details" tab from the Informational Services dropdown

      Login to your account using the verification code sent to your mobile

      If you don't have an account, create one

      Enter the OTP and verify

      Now enter your vehicle number and captcha

      Click on "Vahan Search"

      The details of your vehicle, along with the owner, insurance details and other details, will be displayed.

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      Haryana Road Tax for Different Vehicles

      The Haryana road tax for multiple vehicles is calculated based on the vehicle’s ex-showroom price. The table below shows the one-time road tax charged in Haryana:

      Road Tax for two-wheelers:

      Ex-Showroom Price Road Tax in Haryana
      Upto 0.75 Lakh 4% of the cost
      Rs. 0.75 Lakh to Rs 2 Lakh 6% of the cost
      Above Rs. 2 Lakh 8% of the cost

      Road tax for four-wheelers:

      Ex-Showroom Price Road Tax in Haryana
      Upto Rs. 6 Lakh 5% of the cost
      Rs.6 Lakh to Rs. 20 Lakh 8% of the cost
      Above Rs. 20 Lakh 10% of the cost

      How to Pay Haryana Road Tax Online?

      Follow these steps to pay road tax online in Haryana:

      Visit the Parivahan Sewa website

      From the "Online Services" dropdown, select "Vehicle Related Services" option

      Now select your vehicle's RTO state from the list

      Click on Proceed

      From the list of services, select the "Pay Your Tax" option

      Make the road tax payment online

      Download the payment receipt.

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      Fine for Non-Payment of Haryana Road Tax

      If the vehicle is kept in Haryana or driven without the payment of road tax, then the penalty charged for non-payment is @0.5% of the lump sum one-time tax payable.

      This will be charged on a per-day basis, w.e.f 31st day from the date of purchase of the vehicle.

      Termination of Hypothecation in Haryana

      When a car owner has repaid his/her car loan in full, they can get their hypothecation terminated under their registration certificate. Once the hypothecation is terminated, the complete ownership of the vehicle comes under the car owner.

      Mentioned below are the documents required to terminate the hypothecation on the vehicle in Haryana:

      Form No. 35 (filled and duly signed by the financier)

      Registration certificate of the vehicle

      Valid motor insurance certificate

      Proof of fitness

      Proof of up-to-date road tax/passenger tax/goods tax

      Prescribed fees and tax

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      Endorsement of Hypothecation in Haryana

      An addition or endorsement of hypothecation in Haryana is required when you have purchased your vehicle on lease/hire purchase or loan. So, make sure to get the vehicle hypothecation endorsed in your RC.

      Here are the documents needed to get hypothecation added to the vehicle’s registration certificate:

      Form No.34 (filled and duly signed by the financer))

      Registration certificate of the vehicle

      Proof of fitness and

      Proof of up-to-date road tax/goods tax/passenger tax

      RC Book

      Attested copy of PAN or Form 60 and 61

      Valid insurance certificate

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      Hypothecation Charges in Haryana

      Whether you get hypothecation endorsed or terminated, you are required to pay certain fees to the RTO. The fee for hypothecation endorsement is Rs. 1500 in Haryana.

      On the other hand, the fee for hypothecation termination/cancellation is Rs. 100.

      Applying for a High-Security Number Plate in Haryana Online

      HSRP or High-Security Registration Plate is a mandatory number plate that every vehicle owner in Haryana must get affixed to his/her vehicle. Even if it's a new vehicle or an old vehicle, make sure that you have applied for a high-security number plate.

      Apply for High-Security Number Plate

      This plate helps curb the incidences of vehicle theft by using a laser identification code and other useful features such as snap-on locks and security inscript.

      Here is how you can apply for an HSRP number plate online in Haryana:

      Visit the official website HSRPHR, i.e. High-Security Registration Plate Haryana, on your browser

      From the homepage, select the High-Security Registration Plate with Colour Sticker tab

      In the booking form, fill in the registration number, chassis no., engine no. and captcha code.

      Next up, select Fitment Location

      Book an appointment slot and get your booking summary

      Now verify all the details and make the final payment

      Download the final payment receipt.

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      Checking the Status Of HSRP in Haryana Online

      To know the status of your high-security number plate application, follow the below-mentioned steps:

      Visit the official website of HSRPHR

      Click on "Track Your Order" from the homepage

      On the given form, enter your order number, vehicle reg number and captcha

      Click on Search

      The status of your HSRP will be displayed on the screen.

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      Challan for Driving Without Car Insurance Fine in Haryana

      With a huge amount of traffic which is growing manifold, Haryana’s traffic rules and regulations are stringent. Driving without insurance in Haryana is also a traffic rule violation and can impose heavy traffic challan if caught by the traffic police. The fine for no car insurance in Haryana is as follows:

      Driving without Car Insurance

      Rs 2,000 and/or 3 months of jail imprisonment, community service (For the first offence)

      Rs 4,000 and/or 3 months of jail imprisonment (For repeated offence)

      How to Buy Vehicle Insurance in Haryana?

      Every vehicle owner in Haryana must have a valid motor insurance policy for his/her vehicle. Third-party insurance is mandatory coverage while comprehensive vehicle insurance is the recommended one.

      To purchase a car insurance policy for a vehicle registered in Haryana, you can follow these steps:

      Visit and select the ‘Car Insurance’ page from the homepage

      Enter your vehicle number on the given form and proceed further

      From the list of RTOs in Haryana, find your desired RTO

      Select your vehicle make, model, fuel type, variant and registration year

      From the given vehicle insurance plans, choose the desired policy along with additional covers

      Pay the premium amount via desired online payment mode like cards, UPI or bank account

      Once you have paid the premium, your vehicle insurance policy will be issued. You will receive a soft copy instantly at your mail address.

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      Frequently asked question about RTO

      You can check the status of your four-wheeler insurance policy online from the insurer’s official website or from

      Yes, you can compare motor insurance plans online on and choose the plan that suits your needs and budget.

      You can download the RC of your vehicle in Haryana by visiting the PARIVAHAN portal or from the official website of Haryana Transport.

      To get the address of your vehicle’s RC updated, you will need the following documents:

      • Form 33
      • Original Registration Certificate.
      • Attested copy of valid insurance.
      • Attested copy of address proof of the registered owner.
      • Attested copy of valid pollution under control certificate.
      • Attested copy of PAN Card or Form 60 & Form 61(as applicable)
      • Regarding the change of address in the Registration Certificate, where the hypothecation is endorsed in the Registration Certificate,
      • No Objection Certificate from the financer is needed to get the address changed in the Registration Certificate.

      In case you have lost your original registration certificate, you can easily get a duplicate one from the respective RTO. Following are the documents that you will require:

      • Application on Form 26
      • Original copy of the F.I.R/N.C.R.
      • Attested copy of valid insurance policy
      • Attested copy of PUC
      • Attested copy of address proof
      • Prescribed fee
      • Challan clearance from traffic police & Enforcement wing in commercial vehicles.
      • Tax clearance for commercial vehicles
      • Attested copy of PAN Card or Form 60 & Form 61

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